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abercrombie et fitch 1989 -

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Mold Electroforming Process

And changes into the cast layer is to improve the quality of an important aspect. Figure 4 shows the average current density in the same conditions were used to direct current and pulse current electroforming layer by the stress of the casting. It can be seen from Figure 4, obtained under the pulse current level of internal stress in the casting (curve 1) than in direct current conditions, the cast layer by the stress (curve 2) is smaller, and the average current density of about to 8A / stress is zero when the cast layer. From the above we can see a small module in the pulse 4 plastic gear mold cavity Electroforming test small module plastic gears complex requirements of a higher surface roughness, so the processing of the mold cavity is very difficult. Electroforming solution using the new formula and the pulse current supply of small module gear to test the manufacture of the mold cavity. Test electrode, the gear core mold configuration shown in Figure 5. Will be a gear made of insulating material on the mandrel between the two electrodes, the electrode insulating outer circumferential coat plexiglass cover. Imposed in the processing of the voltage between the two electrodes, the metal ions deposited on the stainless steel plate cathode,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], rather than deposited on the mandrel in the gear. Shielded by the insulating material of the cathode parts of gear, no metal deposition. With the continuous electroforming process, the metal casting layer thickens. The inside of the tooth along the gear core mold growth, when a sufficient thickness, the power will be out of gear core mold, cast metal layer and the cathode separation. This has left the gear shield hollow gear contour. Thus the necessary gear to make the mold cavity inserts. Castability Pian Jing Mo Dali lack of one by one handed butterfly canthal Xie vii ix iron pot, 6 The total liquid flow left foot almost 196 Yang L motor Figure 5 cathode and anode and insulating materials, casting gear configuration process from the above get the gear the inner surface of the mold cavity inserts are superior accuracy and surface roughness and complexity of using direct current electric cast Liquid formulations are casting cavity quality. And because the cast layer of fine grains,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the cavity of the hardness, density and corrosion resistance were all improved. And because only a very small cast layer of stress, the mold cavity after the ejection and subsequent processing and use of the process does not distort. 5 Conclusion 4 completed a stare State tests showed that the pulse current electroforming can grain refinement significantly improved the quality of electroformed layer,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in practice good results obtained. Deposits (in particular nickel-cast layer) physical indicators and the pulse parameters are closely linked, in-depth systematic study of pulse parameters and physical properties of cast layer, and to explore the mechanism of pulse electroforming, casting layer for improving the quality and broaden the Ni electroforming mold in the range of important practical significance. References 1 Zhu Di, the cloud is Akira and so on. Small module gear cavity Electroforming technology. Nanjing Aeronautical Institute of Technology. 1992,24 (3) 2 spring bearing industry. State special processing technology fatty Industry Press, l995.3 Zhao Jianfeng. Test pulse current electroforming of Nanjing University of Aeronautics graduate dissertations. 1996.4KMBahedr_A ~. Lin Chun, etc. can be translated. Electroforming industry. Weapon Industry Press, 1991.5Bat 'keyDPRoughnessdevelopmentinmetalelee-tn ~ tion-JEleetn ~ hemSee, 1989 -, _, steel, still account specifications, side die steel production problems and mold on the China Light Industry Association (Beijing 100740) Cao Zhenping mold manufacturing mold steel is the main raw material, its quality, variety and supply of cycle and so is the specification of an important factor in mold levels. Therefore, in addressing mold design,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], manufacturing technology and enhanced promotion of the means must also attach importance to mold steel technology development, popularization and application of production, marketing, research, work with market integration. To form the perfect one-stop manufacturing the mold, the mold industry in our country within a short period of time to catch up with the world advanced level. At present the following problems of mold steel. A variety of specifications are incomplete or inadequate application Received 13: 1 March 1996, l2 policy Tctt ~ 2. Station has long been China's mass production of steel, 8, 7 of which followed the former Soviet Union steel the old 50's steel, although many units in China in recent years developed a number of new steel grades, as poor promotion, publicity and technical guidance to insufficient or improper use,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and investment can play the role of the new steel, , 40cr steel is still widely used, many of which are forged with a bar restructuring, resulting in energy, processing time to waste, to become useful rates also affected the mold cycle. No messy due to the use of steel, so the lower die life and some large, complex, precision molds, steel (such as the washing machine drum mold piece) still had to be imported from abroad.


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

mulberry helsinki qualified casting

Mulberry outlet we can see from Figure 1

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