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alexa mulberry P21-2 failed homemade pieces

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Mold design and manufacturing process Petri net model

All paper and related materials; P6 purchased mold; P7 qualified mold; P8 purchased standard parts in all; P9 failed mold; P10 to improve the feedback information; P11-made pieces of rough; P12 process card; P13 Finished 17 / l prepared thematic forums silk carp IIMould & dieproject2005. No1, 2 on the part of a total 46/47; PI4 semi-finished part one; PI5 programmed; P16 finished part two; P17 semi-finished part two; P18 electrode map; P19 passing electrode; P20 finished part three; P21 qualified for a home-made l pieces; P21-2 failed homemade pieces; P22 initial installation or repair of the mold; P23 mold test feedback; P24 qualified mold; P25 mold to reach the user units. T class diagram representing the process stage of the content and working time; P class represents the material flow can reach the process; at some point, black point of arrival which P circle,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], on behalf of the process of the system has been running into this process that the material flow has reached this position. 2Petri network model features (1) the use of symbols under the chart, according to the progress of design and manufacturing process in order to describe or create a system of global functional model, that is, the system functional activities and their relationship to the expression of the mold perfectly accurate design and manufacture of the entire process and operation mode, for mold design and manufacturing process design, or reconstruction, analysis and synthesis, monitoring and control to provide support and assistance. (2) the use of this graphic description of the excellent accuracy and precision with 18 points, and can fully express the relationship between the interface between each process, so modelers can design and manufacture a comprehensive description of the whole process to find the system at any time The run to the location. (3) According to the Petri net can be a reasonable division of the staff,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], timely deployment. 3 Conclusion enterprises in the fierce market competition and thrive in an invincible position, the key is to have a group in the enterprise market development, innovation, new product development, new project development,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], product quality levels, productivity and other key personnel in the important work? kind of person not only has the professional knowledge, and should understand the theory of systems engineering, manufacturing technology and management techniques, and integration of multidisciplinary knowledge. To adapt to the modern enterprise integrated engineering and technical problems to solve management problems and needs. Mold mold design and manufacturing business is no exception, as inseparable from the important management techniques, Petri net model is the mold design and manufacturing process of a good management. Base your opinion on this spot have any comments. Please send parts to the publication JlI. ~ U: pf126 Nang on uoomPetriNetModelofDieandMould. . sDesignandProduceProcessChunlan-machineJiangsuLTD. , Jiangsu225300Abstract ~ Accordingasthecharacterisicofdieandmouldmanufacturecorporation, Akindofthemanageofdieandmould. Sdesignandproduceweresummarize-Petrinetmodel. Keywords: dieandmould; process'Smanage; Petrinetmodel, Editor rapid prototyping technology is recognized again after following the numerical control technology revolution. Although the advent of time is not Bodhisattva long, but because of the tremendous benefits of its manufacturing industry makes this technology more widely. Especially to the mold design and manufacturing has brought a leap. Due to the rapid prototyping and manufacturing of this new technology,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so that the mold design and manufacturing. The trend in the number of manufacturing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], rapid. To shorten the cycle in mold manufacturing. Cost reduction process. Significant step forward. I believe that through current forum articles. Rapid prototyping technology enables you to apply the principles and have a system of understanding. Of course. As a new technology. Interdisciplinary. A great many things. Impossible in the limited space in all of the problems described clearly. Topics do not perfect. But always be a recognition and improve the process. Hope that readers can work or study in the problems encountered and what areas you need to know information such as feedback to us. More welcome aspects of production and application of technical articles, easy to readers we held closer to the topic forum. Edit Hotline 0755-83108029


mulberry københavn

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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