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mulberry helsinki or tooling industry

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Mold Design dark cover laminating machine

In the processing of guarantee parallelism and flatness requirements (≤ O.02ram), and can outline a clear plastic parts. However, the main features of the mold design is 10ram arc treatment. Can be seen from Figure 1, mold plastic parts in the direction of the king is above the highest point on the radius of the center R10mrn (above 1.G3mm), R10mm arc direction in the mold side there 0.14ram Au,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which may have several solutions: (1) the overall slope slider side parting} (2) Rl0mm inside the arc (ie R8.5ram) length of plastic parts in the vertical slider ramp, side parting . Plastic worms point Zhu prince Yu 1. A mandatory ejection} (3) R10mm inside and outside the arc length of plastic parts in the vertical direction while the slider backward inclined type. For the first scenario, the overall design of the side pumping, on the one hand is bound to increase the die size, on the other hand because the exhaust is not good, there may be less injection, and once to increase the injection pressure and injection volume, and may also create l into char, rather than the head of plastic parts, or tooling industry, No. 10 Total l523 plastic shrinkage rate of the local over-density differences cause the plastic surface to bend scale. For the second scenario, the strong La extrusion of plastic parts,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], plastic parts may cause distortion of the line can not meet the degree of plastic, and almost stopped flatness requirements. The many angles, using a third design (see Figure 2). This program enables smaller die size,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], mold glare from too small. Since only 0.14ram concave side, so long as more than 0o'14mm _ side of the pumping requirements to meet the mold,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 'the design of I to the displacement 0.5ram. Injection, ramp slide 6,13 and dynamic model insert clamping force by the lock. Mold, with the move, scheduled to die in separate ramp springs 6,13 pushing the slider to make a lateral displacement, which in the plastic extrusion from the fixed mold, plastic parts according to their own package attached to the tightening force dynamic model, the open mold after the plastic parts from top to top off the stalk. Figure 21. Moving the template 2,8. Screw 3. Dynamic model of addiction board 4. Dynamic model asserting the block 5. 6,13 fixed cavity plate. Inclined slider 7. Limit block 9. Stationary flat 1O. Compression Spring l1. Limit screw l2. 3 fixed mold plastic mold making notes as thin and long pieces, so the uniformity of thickness of the molding of plastic parts a great influence in the processing of moving home must ensure that the cavity mode corresponding parallel relationship. 6,13 slider on the diagonal and dynamic mode 4 insert clamping surfaces among the three processing by line cutting, so you can ensure accurate and die sets to avoid flash. In addition, we can see from Figure 1, the cavity surface is a surface of the water almost a point of the surface, so the push rod must be directed against transfer to ejector woolen rug will not turn injection plastic parts caused by the defects, and also facilitate the maintenance of the mold. Flow gate has been processed and are particularly important, since a two-cavity mold, so the flow should be symmetrical, the gate size should be as consistent as possible so that the filling is basically the same speed, the speed difference will not be filling a large leaving uneven density caused by plastic deformation. 4 injection molding of plastic parts due to the flatness, parallelism very high demand,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so in addition to the processing of the boat to ensure accuracy of processing the cavity, the adjustment of the injection molding process is also an important issue in order to get qualified plastic parts , when we try to do a lot of effort mode, at first I cho foot plastic parts is the main direction in the length of the bend, which does not match the flat, parallel perilous racing requirements. After several tests and found that the injection pressure and crabs shoot children, plastic parts injection speed on the quality of grass large enough to pupa, and the requirements of the cooling water is not high. : Based on past experience, rival ABS plastic pure bending of the Games with the following adjustments resin supply several children t 'improve the village shooting pressure to extend the molding cycle, pressure resistance among extended warranty' lower barrel temperature, lower mold temperature. Obviously only the first two measures in the search for solutions, the latter will be extended in several ways and even into the villa cycle. Honey the simple assault increased injection pressure and injection speed is too low, the material temperature during the filling loss of large, cavity heat cold material Division pushed forward, will inevitably result in over-dense material near the gate, so this part of the contraction is different from other part, leading to plastic parts in the molding process caused by internal stress generated in the bending of plastic parts, this was tested in possession of their crop has been confirmed. To avoid this situation, you should raise the same injection pressure resistance. Appropriate to reduce the core speed up the injection rate of injection volume, so that the hook material to the cavity distribution is Mu: uniform, which greatly reduces the bending deformation, flatness of the plastic parts of a parallel sets two measures fully comply with drawings marked to scribe. Real government, we will increase the injection pressure, and injection time from 5s to ls, injection schedule has been shortened injection parameters are selected for similar reference in the molding of plastic parts t (1) type of injection machine t screw '(2) barrel temperature - after the section of 205 ℃, the middle


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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