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mulberry sverige see Figure 3 11

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Progressive Die Design motor bracket

6. Cutting punch 40. Die insert 44. Single-pillar seat 46,48. Destroy the positioning of the block 3.1 feed guide strip of material lifted off from the floating completion. Step away from the rough location by the introduction of Japan's small-scale implementation of the automatic air feeders, feeding accuracy up to ± 0.02ram. Because it uses a clamp-type structure, and castrated with a magnetic connection with the machine, and the direct control of the machine, it can coordinate and guide pins are used to eliminate the cumulative error of the purpose of feeding to ensure the delivery of material step accuracy, extremely easy to use. The fine positioning step guide is sold by the completion of an effective marketing-oriented part of the guide is higher than the stripper plate 1-1.2mm, with double-sided strip hole gap 0.02mm. 3.2 3.2.1 The main part design small round punch punch by step fixed, non-working part of the size increase,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to increase its strength. 26,27,28,31,34,39,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],42 shaped as a straight-punch, with riveting or screws, and shaped the direction of the punch 11,19,30,43 length of the straight edge of some non-edge dimension to increase (see Figure 3 11,19) to increase its strength,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and using the pin hangs fixed. Trimming punch pin 36 is also suspended by a fixed, in order to avoid punching the slip due to unilateral force, designed to punch the pilot punching back structure (see Figure 4), to ensure that the dimensions of parts requirements. 3.2.2 Figure 4, forming part trimming punch is easy to process and sizing, shaping parts are used inserts. Bending down to punch mounted on the mounting plate, with a fixed level, as well as to avoid the unilateral bending receive the uneven slippage, must be designed in the form of pilot bent backwards (see Figure 3 20) . In addition, to ensure 90. Bend size requirements, in particular bending inserts 21,32,45,47 leaving a wide 0.8ram, high-0.2mm stiffener (see Figure 5), and each equipped with mandrel, in order to facilitate stripping. 3.2.3 Au template N0.10 General 21217I-When replacement parts (see Figure 3 4O), insert blade height 4mm, hole size ratio of cutting edge materials to large 0.8ram (bilateral), aims to enable smooth flow of waste discharge, while the fork can reduce the expansion force of concave template. Au templates, fixed plate, stripper plate line cutting are used to ensure machining accuracy. 4 Note 『『 threatened slander PENGJIAKUANG cut under the red beam stiffener (1) Holes in the wall thickness of only 1.2mm 0.9ram, far less than 1.5 times the part thickness, design layout, you must first After trimming punching holes will be pulled or deformed. (2) Section 6-position cutting waste are more cleverly designed, can reduce the processing volume and a process step, but cut off the punch waste discharge location must be conducive to mold outside. (3) The longer the die, test mode pad at the other end must be an equal thickness of the material, in order to facilitate the balance of the mold. 5 Conclusion As a result of factors related to the thoughtful, making the mold design more reasonable, for the first time will come to a successful tryout. Waste discharge to make it easier and die a little more processing slant 1, to make it more perfect. The mold parts 850,000 have been produced, size, limited sets of Henan Electric Flight Division (Xinxiang, Henan 453002) I process of strengthening the board part of beams as shown in Figure I, the last two holes located in the center line on both sides of 3.5mm , and asymmetry. Original production process as a punching shear strip, cut off a bend in this production process, the two-hole asymmetry and the size difference is slight and difficult to identify, resulting in a high rejection rate. I designed this vice punching, cutting, bending composite mode. Not only reduces the rejection rate but also improve production efficiency. 2 die structure and working process of the mold shown in Figure 2 to reach the lower dead point of the diagram, which take 2 pieces of material bodies. Normal operation of the reclaiming bodies die or not is whether the working relationship between the key institutions in designing the reclaimer, the focus to consider the following two aspects: ① reclaiming bodies not stuck at work, otherwise it will create Received Date: April 10,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 1998 1 'model, r ∈ f) '2. - Into a mold damage or obsolescence; ② in the event of reclaiming bodies stuck half-way, to avoid damage to the extent of mold or mold damage to a minimum. Therefore, as shown in Figure 3 is designed to take material agency, its work process: the role of the push block 3, the guide block 21 in the guide plate 24 within the left movement as well as push rod guide blocks 21, 25 to the left lead. When the push block 3 to withdraw the force, the guide block 21,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], putting 25 under the action of the spring 18, moves to the right, introduced the workpiece, under the guarantee of a normal re-Ji Song Philippians by the cut-off red crescent bend, hole


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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