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ed hardy kleider to ensure the size of 90o bend

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Motor mounting plate Progressive Die Design

Bed slider down, the guide strip is guided positioning screw hole instantaneous asked ten patients in the Z model of a technical one by one punch of a m. Ⅲ Trinity = power 1O No. 1 Total 20,319,202】 die structure of Figure 3, Figure 1, Block 2,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the lower die plate 3 carrying material concave nail template 4 5 6 height limit pillar nail 7. Stripper plate 8. The height plate 9 fixed plate 10. On the plate 11 on the mold base l2, l3, 29,30,31,32,33. Round punch】 4. A conducting screw l5. Die handle 16. Bending punch l7, 18,19, such as 26. Bending material rod 21 inserts 22,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],28. Inflatable nail trimming punch 23,24 25. Top block 27. Ejector rod 34. Kidney-shaped punch 35,36. Week 4 of the die inserts under the inflatable nail solenoid valve, clamp release, so you can eliminate the accumulation of feed error, to ensure the accuracy of the feeding step. The fine positioning step is nails done by the guide. Nails driven part of the effective conductivity is higher than the stripper plate 08 ~ I. O ~ ren, sided with the hole strip gap 0.02mm. 3.2 3.2 the main parts of the design. 】 Punch punch for the r to ensure the strength,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the design length as short as possible other than by check, the red circle hole punch to make some non 【are used to increase +, and fixed and the trimming step is to use the pin punch 22,28 hang fixed, fixed plate 9 in the corresponding slot at the mill. To avoid trimming punch blanking due to unilateral force and slip, designed with the pilot punch punching back structure (Figure 51, the dimensions of parts required to ensure Ke Side punch Figure 5 3. 2.2 For ease of processing and forming part of the adjustment of size, shape parts are used inserts. I6 bending punch mounted on the fixed plate and use a fixed level, the same bending in order to avoid unilateral slip Shouli Bu balance must Pilot backward bending. In addition, to ensure the size of 90o bend,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], bending inserts 26 special leave width 05mm, 0.2mm high r stiffener shown in Figure 6), and fitted with two ejector rod 27, in order to de- material. To ensure the parallelism of parts required and must be plastic, the plastic and beading design on the same station, can reduce a process step. L Figure 6, the base bending inserts a The total skeleton 203 No1 filter paper round mold design, Changchun University (Changchun 130022, China) phase Hui Ping, He Ping Qu Shou 1 Introduction Figure 1 shows the filter part is the skeleton of a tractor, the village expected to 1O steel, the thickness of lmm. The part has 50 holes 8mm × 10mm of compressed uniformly distributed, so this part to be formed by blanking punch L, bending forming and other procedures supervisor to complete. The bending of the part, except for r to ensure that its shape and size, smooth outer appearance. Docking also requires one lap at a cylinder volume, therefore, rolling die design has become the key to bending of the part. 2 Process scheme calculation and determine the bending process calculation = 2.1 general sheet metal bending, the sheet metal thinner material thickness from the middle of the neutral layer move inward, while the skeleton for the filter j Lane is a long cylindrical pieces. In rolling, the material thickening, resulting from the material thickness in the neutral layer to the relocation question, that the neutral layer position coefficient ≥ 0.5, therefore, the theoretical value of the length of the rough start of a :+)-=- . : × 360. 122.52ram a 1 +. 'Because there is overlap in the amount of butt joints parts,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the rolling blank forming the actual length of the required amended to: L128ram. Received: May 23, 1997 2.2 Figure 1 Filter skeleton scheme for the realization of bending pieces of curved cylindrical shape monitoring program a lot, but the most common are 2 ways. One is the use of two simple bending mode 2 times, this method is suitable for high precision cylindrical parts, not suitable for mass production of the filter frame; Another way is to use a rolling die 1 times bending, this method of production of high efficiency, less investment in equipment. Forming process is simple, but the larger the filter frame forming rebound less precision, so formed by this method can meet the requirements, which can greatly increase productivity and reduce costs. Au 323 Au template using the template except inserts forming station, the punching holes diameter less than 2ram also used inserts, it is easy size adjustment and replacement of wear (Figure 3 35,36) blade height to take 4rr ~ n, L size than the cutting edge materials to large 08nml (bilateral) is intended to enable smooth flow of waste discharge, while at the same reduce the Au template expansion force. Au templates, fixed plate, stripper plate cutting line are used to ensure precision 4 Conclusion In view of past experience in the design, engineering plastic of the mold increased the step 1 test mode is basically a success, only next to the inflatable nail 23 added a small ejector pin, so that feeding is more stable. This mold has produced about 520,000, the use of good


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

ed hardy shop 01811270.6 Public number

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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