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The gift that the girl likes

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Skąd: England

38 (3.8 women red-letter day) is knowing how come? Woman red-letter day is 1903 on March 8, the women of American Chicago to overthrow bourgeois exploit and oppress, they go on strike greatly in what undertake one day this and parade, successors with respect to a few years this festival, china also is was woman red-letter day surely 1949 on March 8...
38 gift, send a girl certainly, perhaps say the gift that is a woman, so be about from the woman or this respect goes to girl gift begin to choose,
So we are 38 gifts cent two kinds, very simple, one kind is the gift that gives a girl (the sweethearts that suits those returning to did not marry) it is the gift that gives a woman a kind (the gift of the old girl that had married) .
Say to do not have conjugal girl first:
The gift that the girl likes, I do not say you also can be thought out probably a few, do not say other gift first, with respect to the flower, every girl likes, so the flower also is 38 necessary gifts! Avoid by all means does not forget! Of course, sending a flower is without what new idea, know like me the girl likes a flower same,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], everybody also knows, ah, the present with better what does that still have? Have! Write love letter of a bamboo slip to her, had seen bamboo slip? Bamboo does,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], very of primitive simplicity, very sapid gift, do not tell me you won't write love letter! I am not acting write, additional, crystal is representing pure feeling, the crystal that writes down so that have look of a heart makes marine heart, the girlfriend's picture can be made above, touch the sort of gift of the girl very much! It is small condole of a few crystal drops again, can of DIY, of course, still have a lot of very wonderful presents, yourself wants gift net to go up to search slowly in me!
Say to give feminine gift besides:
With what send girl gift to differ be, the gift that gives a woman needs half romance, the in part is substantial, had not heard of foolish in foolish gas sends beautiful flowers and plants grass, the cuddle cuddle with great courage is held in the arms, the on the spot that has intense emotion is put...
Though be a woman, but I had said, flower or cannot little, this thing is opposite the flower for the woman, it is nuke, let you use accurate repeatedly! But divide in addition, the gift that you still can send has: Kitchen new facility, it is to reduce sunken hole to the madam of intensity (if you are in the home,cook, did not say this when me) , chance of more popular now cleanness of the vapour that send peace is very good,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], still have all sorts of headgear, jade article of bullion diamond gem is waited a moment, according to do according to one's abilities of individual economy condition!
What should you know to send the gift here? Content of give sb a present actually very simple, send the girl the gift especially simpler! The key is you want to think idea on the gift! Cannot buy a thing to send when the gift casually! Value of in that way gift even if is very high, but it is without how many affection among the gift, the gift also cannot bear the weight of your meaning! Gift of that is to say cannot achieve a gift to should express feeling originally the basic function of the gift of express the idea! In that way gift does not calculate real present!
The stand or fall of the gift! Not be corporeal discretion! Relevant Information:

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

not by ask a question

can be some closer year come

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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