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The story of my prince

<td class=\Reach out and actually did not take the clothes fall, it abandon me, the ... ...
  Today is a very good weather, the sun, the wind is very small, standing before the glass only to feel the warm sunshine in touch my body, so comfortable, so comfortable.
  Frog Prince story that has surfaced in my mind, if I'm the beautiful princess, and if you're bird enchanted prince, the story of how to begin? How to end?
  I was beautiful, it goes without question, because I saw those eyes and those disgusting amazed confession. Rhetoric struck a pile of text is not proud of my heart. I'm waiting, waiting for my own poison,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is my love. Although I know that love is a luxury for me, my position does not allow me to have their own feelings, I am waiting for a prince to marry him, because our combination will make us more powerful race. Whether he is high or low? The United States is ugly? This is not important, as long as he is a prince. But I still in my heart to have a deep-seated longing for the love.
  I want out of this palace, out of this loneliness, this can not be selected out of prison. Dressed in white skirt I wear, as usual, like a wizard-like dance in my garden, dreaming of Health will rib wings, like butterflies that fly out of the wall.
  finally tired of my jump, my arms outstretched lay down on the grass and green that, but saw a pair of journeying with the eye watching me. God, a frog, a frog would like people loving. I laughed: \I once caught a curious young at heart: \some pain.
  it is helpless, like me, cough, sighed: \want to have a pain I love my man with my life, and do not care that he is not give me wealth, I will give him a bunch of our children students. night, we sat in a rocking chair with the stars, the children around our noise, it must be the world's most beautiful music. \
  not sure how long, when I woke up still in my pair of journeying around the eye blink. Cute frog, if you are an individual,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I will love you, do you the most beautiful bride.
  thought, a smile could not help floating on my mouth, \fainted, and I blushed, the heart actually \How I was? It's just a frog, how could I want to kiss it? How can such a violent heartbeat?
  hand, slightly closed my eyes: \sit in my hand, it is like me? Love me? Good magic! No longer hesitated, since I can not choose my love, I love it why not meet?
  my lips gently boiling my head its snout ... ...
  dazzling burst of light flashed before my eyes went so far as a tall, handsome man, and I usually see men are so different.
  He smiled gently to my lips and snout soft hair: \You are God's curse, for you are willing to bear all the suffering. \This is really a frog in front of me into a man.
  \eyes, your eyebrows, your sweet laughter, and your melancholy eyes, call me crazy, call me fresh. I can not do a frog, and I want one! because I want to get you, I want to give you happiness, I want your life filled with laughter. My dear princess, I am not a prince, I do not have a proud royal status, only the stars I love your heart.
  just now, when Your lips snout my head, I cry in my heart, I want people, no matter what the price to pay,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], whether we can come together, let me do individuals, to stand in front of you to say - I love you! \Gently, I say \. Just walked to his side, holding his arm, said firmly: \ In this way, we were driven out of the court, and the poor in the eyes of those who regret,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I happily go with you ... ...
  Later,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], his father's face to the palace, they heard me, and a Frog Prince story. After the story is different though, it may end is the same - that is, from this, we are happy to live in together ... ...


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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