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mulberry outlet plastic mold

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Motor shell forming process and die

Ironing, shaping, forming ladder 51.5ram, the Ministry of reducing cone shape. A direct impact on shaping mold part quality. According to the characteristics and equipment components designed a set of conditions shown in Figure Xin, plastic mold, mounted on the ordinary liquid 100t difficult to machine. 3.1 The working principle of the semi-finished products into the mold die 7. Down on the mold, the punch 2 and semi-finished A first surface (Figure 2) contact with the punch down 2 continue to rely on power transmission drive components A plane pulled into the die 7, the punch 2 and die under the action of the part 7 Ministry of the big end wall thinning. As part of oral fast full access to the die 7, the cone also entered the mold core 8, it is 7 in the punch, punch the parts under the action of 8 ~ 29mm straight wall thinning, reducing cone,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], until the hydraulic clamping slider up, thrown on a slider connected with the screw under the top block with the increase in the die when the plane left the punch when driven under Xu butterfly vertebra Block 11, rubber】 3, l4, push plate 10, a small plunger 9 large mandrel 15, together with increased punch 8. Part 2, if accompanied with the punch,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], punch, up to a certain off,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], kept the role of agent panel curtain call part 5, part 7, if set in the die, in the mold under the action of the core 8, to promote the parts up, when the mold core to rise maximum position, the hydraulic machine stops when f movement of bamboo under small elastic rubber plunger released parts. Remove the hoop-shaped parts to complete the whole process of structural features of the mold 3.2 3.2.1 Mechanism Design under the top piece to consider, plastic parts, there are two possible after, with the punch die set in the uplink or in the former relying on anti-dumping cases board The latter rely on the top peak of the staff part 3 step surface, test mode and found the main set in the die parts, the top of the stick in the parts in contact with the top 3 points deformed, showing a considerable force unloading parts. The analysis can only rely on to help mold core pieces of the whole, new problems appeared stiff t touch the Soviet Union can not die at launch. If a 14 with 31. Die holders 2. Punch 3. Fixed plate 4. On the gallery 5. Brake plate 6. Support block 7. Die 8. Punch §. Small mandrel 10. Push plate 11. Push the seat 12. Hydraulic top block 13,14. Rafters Paper 15. Washer 16. Ejector punch designed to go with the step, punch through the small end to the die mouth, the mold core strength is not enough. Assuming the die parts can be left, but ~ 29mm will be set in the mold core part can not pick the design of a light of the above aids (Figure 3 a,; , put it in the next block on top, thus bringing the material back into a single-action double-action back material, back material to resolve the problem. Punch up trapped in place,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the part only a small part of the big end and the straight wall of the die contacts, and ~ 29mm wall of the Ministry of mold core contact surface is small, less time required to force the top pieces of J up in the mold core process, the rubber compression, when the mold core in place,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a small force under the rubber plunger will be able to smooth out the top part. 14 mainly from the rubber cushion. 3.2.2 scraper scraper scraping pieces not only from the role, while the punch-oriented play, the depth of the punch into the precise location of the die, so that the Ministry of part wall thickness, the bottom part will not be strong pressure to become thinner. Bu Zhiyu punch to be uneven and skewed radial force, increasing the length of orientation, thickness scraper to take $ 5 ~ 40rnm, punch and scraper according to H7/h6 preparation. 3.2.3 Gap in order to make part of the thinning of the state forming part of the punch 2 and die on one side of the gap between 7 to take 1.7ram, the remaining gap to take 1-6ram proved pulling raised extension pieces, the Department raised the boat eventually benefit by reducing thickening formed by thinning of the material, spare parts are thin plastic, the barrel of the size of the basic and the same size punch smooth outer surface, good appearance. Confusion over, r Triple, field 7 to eliminate wrinkling and springback conical piece of stretch, Wuhan Institute of the main AU 1. 'One. 1 pieces of air-fuel heater Si wheels wind pieces as shown in Figure l, the material is 08F, thick 1m! N, requires smooth surface without wrinkles. The pieces for the cone-shaped pieces, the process generally: blanking, forming the first stretch of external large cone, the central anti-anti-stretch forming cone. Mourning in the first pull tensile modulus shown in Figure 2, carried out. Drawing process are two issues, namely, free rough section (Figure 2, from the c section) wrinkle (the wrinkle), and second, playing to earn a larger piece after forming the same, namely, the drawing process is shown in Figure 3, the mouth Department of dimensions 144ram election less than a requirement. 2 ways to improve wrinkling and die structure of the main reasons is part of the free surface circumferential stress suffered too much due to the pulling process, free surface in part by the radial tensile stress and circumferential pressure force ashamed to use children . With the pull to stop, the circumferential direction of the strain increases, confining stress has also increased its ii. Meanwhile, in the drawing process, the flange part of the decreases, this part of the tensile stress is gradually reduced, material flows concave chess


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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