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mulberry københavn blanking

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Motor stator and rotor from the layers of the Progressive Die Design

A smooth finished product sent from the mold, must be designed to separate station from the control of special electrical control cabinet skate that solenoid drive a bump separation station leopard punch downward, the layers. Static buckle rushed. Hao l 5,8 gluttonous all seized equipment design safety review of the mold must be designed to sad devices to protect the safety of die. Sent is not in place when the strips,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], guide being struck off contact, micro switch to immediately work, press trip. 5.9 Hydraulic design of the tray and putting air in the mold laminated stator and rotor, there must be a stable stack of pressure in order to ensure the stability of quality layers. Rotor with hydraulic system tray, the tray from the injection pump to be pressure in the hydraulic cylinder,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], through the constant pressure regulator valve, when the punching die,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], will keep down the rotor, when the set number of pieces, respectively, the hydraulic cylinder decreased rapidly drive tray in place, putting a high pressure air into the cylinder immediately launch their product and then reset the stator and rotor, to complete a cycle of work. 5.1o rotor design of the die driving mechanism rotates the rotor speed by the gear system, shown in Figure 8. When the machine is in Hong slider 0. 90. , Fixed at the top of the die shoe - bar toggle mode fixed in the next seat in the ratchet gear box. Through the chain drive gear transmission system JJI blanking die rotor rotation angle 0,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], thus completing the automatic blanking of the rotor spinning. Home l A-A 【rattan ring 8 speed system management circle 1. Gear box 2. Ratchet lever 3. Gear 4. Sleeve 5. Gear 6. Sprocket] 'A5.1l mold designed to be electrical, hydraulic control system with electrical control system by cross design requirements by the electrical control of a professional factory custom, the design requirements are as follows: (】) stator and rotor were counted, with counting signal control wells Separation guide relays, hydraulic and air hydraulic system tray putter. (Festival of the word can easily single rotor leopard slices. (3) can be automated and manual control of the hydraulic system when out of control, the automatic alarm signal, so that the machine emergency stop. Hydraulic system uses a single anonymous cum,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], well and electrical control system of interlocking .6 Conclusion This mold design process, as much as possible to contact the actual production potential of the location for the stator and transport damaged part of the failure, in order to reduce costs, taking into account the 14 a I 'eyelashes cry Mou Jun , red drawer, Lei. ... pick the repair process. Therefore, in the overlying die automatically added based on the design of the stator slots 4 piece buckle. with installed capacity of the laminated stator core voltage. will waste the stator repair, and easy to ensure the restoration quality. just the design. If the monthly average of 35,000 units by computing the motor. there are 35 000 × 12x4 = 1.68 million units in the stator is fixed, and achieved great economic benefits. Second. The mold high precision. IT5 level raised to critical parts, the rotor of the die components are the main factors of the die life, its assembly and manufacturing the highest accuracy. In addition, the small punch carbide in the discharge board design inlayed guide should ensure that adequate safety and reliability, to prevent the process of mounting kits and blanking just fall off and cause an accident write-off. References 1 Writing Group Die Design Handbook. Die Design Handbook. Machinery Industry Press .1988 .2 million over stamping die design, China Zhi Tao Press .1983.3 Chen Yansi, GUO Jing instrument. stamping die design and manufacturing technology. .1991.4 Lytton the Beijing Publishing House. stamping technology. Machinery Industry Press, .1989. conductive film 10T position Progressive Die Design and Manufacture of Central Institute of Technology (Hunan Hengyang 421001, China) Feng Xiao obstruct l part process of Figure 1 shows the typical electrical products in the common parts conductive film, the material is 0.5mm ~ - the HB2 brass plate. the part The stamping process, including punching, blanking, bending, shaping, bending incision. In order to bending is required at both ends of the first part shape punching out, but the final step of blanking work hard to ensure the co-marks and the cut ends flush marks consistent aesthetic appearance of the parts. Therefore, taking into account the components are installed with the product components in Figure 1 Received from the conductive film on: January 22, 1996 distribution, only the middle one with the size requirements, Therefore, the width of the ends of slightly reduced size, the parts into the shape shown in Figure 2. Figure 2 slightly revised form part 2 Layout Design Division of the mold to send automatic feeding device, used in the automatic punch. From to ensure that the mold has sufficient strength, reasonable structure, to ensure the smooth with the material sent to and hold up, improve material utilization, quality assurance bend, bend direction and the direction of raw material of fibrosis was considered a certain angle, etc., using Figure 3 shows the layout program. Because the mold is used in the automatic punch, so specifically set up a test process step, with materials sent are not in place to prevent, you can automatically shutdown, to ensure the safe use of the mold. Suspense


ed hardy kleider h = b

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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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