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Fan is about to become extinct

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Aion gold is very important to go to the world of Kung fu. I started playing most of the time when martial arts is like a fan, and began to attract the most because of my fans to look good than any other weapons.
I was very happy to play a rise of about 20 levels and did not find any inadequate until it was found FB playing defense attack super low fan to your level of FB is higher than any other weapons, so you should save the nature anti-blood.
A fan can not spend more than four cheap aion gold, so few people are willing to brush the strange group of fans, a fan group of the fan is rubbing feeling experience and expensive red and medicine have died poor.
To save people in a state of non-combatants, and concept notes are now also cheaper. We can get more blood fan, but now the drug plus a pile of blood, such as subsistence pills, plus some time back, but also no less than fan assisted functions plus the blood.
However,wow gold, it is not a fan criticism after the fan 70 is invincible, but the rhetorical questions, who will train buy cheap aion gold of a previous attack low defense, and practicing 20 times a fan, will take the time inside the game who is not their own,buy aion gold, and who want to blame the brush tool, if GM does not improve the skills,aion gold, it will not have obvious characteristics.

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