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Rosetta Stone discount Agou drunk

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Agou drunk

<td class=\to a collective enterprises took part in the work. However, as the unit of recession soon bankrupt Agou back to the house and started the helpless unemployed career.
to make a living, Agou with your wife, opened a food and drink. Unexpectedly, this feature has been catering since the opening, especially the business is booming, booming day by day, out of control, the Agou sent out soon, less than the age of thirty, looks very rich state, with a paunch day shy , was placed in the street walking step, known as \
is often said that people face and wide change can be Agou not like to see people are always smiling, very friendly. Lavish hand, and Agou also generous, and often invited three friends five friends, drink together, talk about wasted the prime years, the long life of the future. However,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], when drinking, Agou decentralization often mentioned in the lake when the pepper to argue with the bull into the solution by the son of what the argument is unclear, in periods of heavy rain hit the mud floor of a dead frame, still no results the heart still remain extremely regrettable.
Agou curious nature, encountered problems, especially as the pepper into solution by the son of what such high-tech issues, always wanted to find an opportunity to explore what happens, find out what; one day, suddenly remembered tomorrow Agou is just bull's birthday, had an idea, why not take this opportunity to invite friends wasted a meal-together, to wish a happy birthday bull, also can be depressed for many years in the heart of the mystery solved. Agou snickered out of cell phone and dialed the phone bull.
\man to see into people? Although we in the country by the son of what to Zhenglunhujiao solution into the death of playing a frame, but that was academic contend, will not involve personal feelings to affect your birthday is tomorrow, do you think we do not remember the Friends of consultation you? \
\Friends Restaurant consultations' see. \
to \\Into the restaurant, is the \hanging hats, rain clothes, sickles, etc., every, every detail, are naturally brought back memories of the people.
consultations after another faithful in attendance, the group's opening dinner bell rung, consultation members would have lifted the cup!
\argument failed then the \Agou cleared his throat and raised his glass, exclaimed: \Friends of timely rescue consultations before without incident. Today, the King you a glass, thanks! the same time, I believe, so many years, like the pepper into solution by the son of what such a problem, the bull should be clear, right? Please Mavericks pointing. \
\Today is unclear engage mound, or a dog please brother exhibitions, as a fight, I think of it free today! \
Agou now have to drink a lot of wine, very excited, also seemed a little drunk, but he still insisted to ingratiate themselves with the bull drink wine.
\it ... ... \Members interested in is strong, have talking about the Agou drunken joke.
one time, but also consultation meeting friends, riding a bicycle to the Agou was drunk, consultation faithful to send him,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but he insisted that he not drunk, ride a bike and leave. Friends do not trust consultation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], has been followed by, followed by followed to find that Agou hurried off, and then carried the car step forward two steps, then ride, and back, said: \\Consultations friends stepped forward and saw the shadow of the original is the street poles, reflected in a long black ground.
Agou fortune just when, but also drunk again. Day, drunk after Agou fear on the road unsafe, pulled out a stack of pocket money, giving out money, one hundred, let a taxi home, who do not, to whom he was anxious to see him say brother dogs do not come, wait for them to beat people meal. Can next morning, he piteously Paodao people one by one in front of grievances, said: \time, consultation faithful drinking wine, go back straight in,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], walked, Agou gone, consultation faithful worried Agou drunk accident, he sent the bull to find; Soon Agou back, proudly telling everyone he met,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], \Soon as he finished, the bull back, angrily said that he Baotoushucuan Agou wrecked with a brick.
another time ... ...
we are happily said, Agou suddenly woke up, stood up and said: \I said there or be square's. man, I'm sorry, I go first. \Agou out of the \it? I saw the driver start the motor, rang for a minute, but did not start, and then Agou said: \Today, speeding, and after you had better pay attention to safety Oh! \, cross straight pin down let go, to late, Monastic ... ... \, Agou but could not recognize one also.


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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