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mac makeup wholesale s the speed of stretching

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Motorcycle Tank bottom design of tensile modulus

Made more difficult. No. 1l total of 153 separated the selection of parameters 2.1 82 stretch stretch speed option as shown in Figure 1, parts of complex shape, the surface, arc very irregular change in the drawing process will undoubtedly result in non-equivalent deformation zone , prepared by the degree of work hardening is not the same, so the tension in the choice of equipment, in addition to considering the deformation rate of stretching, but also must consider the equipment should have sufficient tensile strength. } 21. 2 dozen bars. £ Ting 3. Top City 4. Au cross 5. Punch 6. Blank scoop 7. Plate 8. Screw 9. On the template l0. Screw n. Top rr12. The following template l8. Pad deformation rate on the forming of deep drawing considerable. Low strain rate forming of deep drawing and J, there is. If the deformation speed, high resistance to deformation of sheet increases, the deformation resistance increases, the plastic sheet is relatively lower. Therefore, 400t hydraulic press used 4.3mm, s the speed of stretching,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the stretch forming of the tank bottom is very beneficial. 2.2 The convex and concave mold gap choice!, Die r at a gap of choosing the right or not, affect the quality of parts resulting from the General Assembly asked the gap vessels too, the old gap is too small will cause the part surface scratches, or even crack scrapped parts. After several tests, convex and concave side cross should be the best space: z = (k1 ~】 .2) t No. 11 Total 15,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],372.3 BHF calculation of the stretching process, the blank holder will have on the deformation of sheet blank holder force, if too large, easy-to-thin sheet, so that part there is jointed, or partial rupture, if the Ju-holder force is too small, the lateral deformation of sheet increases, the flange and the straight wall of the Ministry of wrinkling. Therefore, the size of the blank holder force must be appropriate. Calculated bottom tension of BHF can be calculated as O = Fq press formula O - BHF,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], NF ~ blank holder and the sheet metal contact area, mq a unit of pressure, Pa, to take part in the pull g3MPa stretch forming, the shape of the saddle at (Zhu 1, B two), vertical and horizontal deformation of the tensile deformation at the same time, and only increase the tensile stress, the commandment of small compressive stress, can not fail to wrinkle forming part Thus, in the cross direction of the two saddle-shaped, blank circle above the other parts of the local 0.5 ~ 1mill, so forming a greater part of the BHF. This molding is also much simpler. Ju blank holder and die face grinding on the line just proves good effect 2.4 tryout to determine the die corner of a beating 7 R Ye die corner radius is too small for drawing parts of the surface quality and sheet metal deformation significant influence. When the mouth is too large, sheet metal deformation resistance, the metal flow is good, but relatively little of the pressure side of Bin effective area, so that part is easy wrinkle ∞ if the set is too small, the sheet metal deformation resistance increases,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], making parts easy to pull crack or strain. According to O8Al hope tensile strength ab = 250 ~ 330MPa, the design taking concave = 12t,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], test mode proved to be ideal. 2.5 Lubricant selection began when we use the common spindle oil lubricant, the effect is not ideal. Damage is higher. Deployment of lubricant after the switch (where 43% of spindle oil, cod liver oil 8, graphite 15, 8% of oleic acid, potassium soap 6, powdered sulfur 5%, water 15) to very good effect owl, the yield is almost one hundred percent (material cause excluded) despite the higher cost, but the scouring agent has sufficient strength fine and good adhesion, and die on the rough anti-corrosion material, is covered with pieces of deep pressure Pina ideal lubrication Jing. Through more than ten million years to produce the part is proved that the first drawing die design is correct, the bar Mu hinder the comfort benefits, T white bow [Abstract] After the cover gas furnace example jealous of Shu Tong's shell to be two-way process was comprehensive analysis of cases, selected the best option 7, and to the implementation of public ~ 2fl;, L *- ~ t line. Discussion. Figure 1p shows a single gas furnace after the furnace cover part drawing materials iCrl7, the thickness of 0.4mm. Its characteristics are as follows: ① complex structure, raised the opposite direction and turned the direction of J ③ hole larger size, material thinner j ⑤ 3mm hole of 6 holes have a certain tolerance requirements from downtown; ④ parts of the surface may not have indentations, scratches, burr collapse path. A process of forming a convex part of 1.1A at the possibility of an extension by the data rate was 1Crl7 6:21, so 0.758 = 15.75, after the calculation, (working a work) / L × loo% = 12 .2 <0.758, so the bumps can be a shape. 1.2B at the hole 2 hole turned the possibility of turning the two holes in Figure 1 for the long round, the icon size in order to meet the requirements to be pre-calculated hole size flange. According to deformation characteristics, pore size can be a simple flange Yuan curved near


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