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GHD RARE Styler Cuisheng students. With her work

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<td class=\a pair of her is like \Shoulder-length hair checked off the eye of many men. We are colleagues, she was a full-year-old ego. Everywhere I go, she can shed all the way to laughter. It is easy to know each other, but the acquaintance to acquaintance, and she gave me the impression that I did not go into her world. When I was crying for the departure of her boyfriend, she said coldly, you have tears? My tears gone. She gave me the impression that cold. We finally know each other. She took me to her house, a four walls of the house. She showed me a photo of a handsome man off mountain, above the stained marks, she said it was her tears. Although her father was killed has been more than a decade, she said she can still feel the warmth of father gave him.
  day, a beautiful middle-aged woman with a trolley to the unit to pull sawdust, I watch the women pull Yan difficult, they came forward to help, I noticed a woman in a complex that looked at her, sigh breath. People's hearts softened told me that it was her real mother. I was surprised. Asked her, she nodded and said nothing.
  I also found that there is always a fat little man to the unit to find her, look at the way they are ambiguous, I feel they are not as a lover, and she said yes, and have been together for over five years. She said that because he did not want to marry her and rush her recent Jiadiao mother, relationship thrown stiff. I asked her why she would not marry him, gently sank her eyebrows, that men are the same thing, and I surprised a girl just in his early twenties, say, then how so heavy.
  shortly before her mother finally married, a widowed woman who has more than ten years, nothing wrong. But that moment, I found her sad look, like a lost sheep, arouses pity. She said she was looking for a genuine and honest people, to myself Jiadiao, I asked her to dinner, told her that right to marry my brother. Did not think she should answer, I really appreciate your kindness, but I do not want to, but can not. Because you are my friend, I can not. Brother said that she like bright peony, everyone wants to pick, and he can not feed. This let the matter rest, and soon I have forgotten.
  Later, I transfer unit, we can not always together. One day she came. Jiao an egg yellow shirt, coupled with sky-blue jeans, walked the room, Splendid, charming and elegant. Bloom for a long time not seen his face a smile. She invited me to walk, full of thick plum flower river, she said she and the fat worship, and then find the object, she only said he was rich. I said,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], rich people bad Yeah, when one day you keep a man keep his availability, but in the outside arm around another woman to sleep, Nannvzhiqing is exclusive, you will balance? She said she did not care. Young and bold look at her, I did not know. She asked me, a divorced man is about to marry her, she would not agree, I never thought, raised his hands, I oppose, I say out loud. This is most likely a trap. I always feel that a married man to a depth of inexperienced girls play games, just Pediatrics. I said that I doubt the man's name, she denied.
  A few days later, it was said, she and others ran away, I doubt the man is.
  Lee is also a flower blooming season, I rode my bicycle on the road, Suddenly, one person shouting my name, looked intently, her.
  reunion, joy and loneliness, she have to drag me into her home to eat dumplings, put off, however, go. Big her house, and even some open, but very clean, can see the hostess well, detailed.
  dumplings she has the speed, deft hands and feet, I asked her why so fast, she said that I chase, and took a bunch of silver rings is, and then she told me, from childhood to cook. Cooked.
 , I often go to her house, I often see that two years older than the men. Talk to him, I glance, the \
  Later, his family more than a paralyzed mother to let her serve, They are often at odds because of his mother, and then later, the man accompanied his mother to travel, people throw her a big house. I went to see her, the tears shining. She asked me, she is not frigid, why do so hate that kind of thing. I said I do not know, I'm not a doctor, not a psychologist.
  Later, she leave the country. We do not have the contact. A few years later, hearing people say, she came back, brought back a beautiful boy. One day, I was not at home, with a beautiful woman to me, according to a neighbor's description, I guess her.
  did not take long, there are rumors that she was divorced, the man returned to his ex-wife beside him, she married a rich old man.
  accident, I heard two strangers in conversation, talking about her little girl had been raped before, the ex-boyfriend fat Hen Henqiao the man money. I am silent.
  I wish from the heart, the young girl all the way, forget about that part of the pain now, it is not your fault.
  (b)
  She is my friend, look not surprising, and not white, but quite interesting. I am most attention is her eyes, called a watery bright eyes, love to flashing. Followed by the sound, relic from the radish, Cuisheng students. With her work, always happy and agile, the word \her favorite. I can not remember who said, rather choose a flaw in jade, stone and not smooth, I agree. According to my observation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I never found her any indiscretion in life,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], just listen to people say She gained through love and virginity. hate the man stink of their evaluation is, silently love others, such as me. We can talk about anything, but I've never asked this, and I know that To her, is a scar. I have heard a more fair evaluation of her, saying she was sixteen, seven met a friendship between generations, so that friends can help her children to school and since then I do not know loud noise, she went so far as the friendship between generations, and she turned her face and spread all over her and his men went to bed, her face spotted the mark down is abortion. I know that woman, that is not a discount bitch. curse the effort enough to kill people. have heard anecdotes about her a, the root of his men fell ill, need surgery, the hospital's nurses for scraping ***, perhaps too beautiful nurse, he went so far as that thing Shan up, you guessed how, she was the nurse shouted seduce her husband, not unreasonable? I really sorry for my friend, how can turn in such people.
  her age, it would not be the father. to Her taste inconstancy of human premature. makes her later work, show tolerance, wisdom, generosity are extraordinary. but only the reputation of this Shizhen gray head and gray made her face. When she re-select a man, how many times love all die a natural death. because she wants to find a respectable family, and sub-human, however, her deep concern. I have gas, however, as she introduced the two objects, but also suffered the above results. Later, she finally found a life and death marry her man, married, married for six months after birth to a cute boy. the story here should have a perfect happy ending, unfortunately not. the child is born and he changed the face, made a salary, from the do not give it to her domination, where the money thing, he always told her conceal it. His mother cents to spare no effort, its dumb. This marriage just because of her innocence, and do everything possible to stop his son's mother, at this time really come in handy. She told me to tell when the face of frustration. I said, how can do this, we have a woman to her husband's money, not only requires that he should bear some responsibility on the family. More important is the need His trust in us, you should strive for. She said, I do not need his money, anyway, I have the ability to support themselves and their son. looking at her angry look, I am dumb. I think people are feeling on the marriage is \said she was divorced because his mother came, she did not buy food, then later heard she remarried. amassing later, she called me and said the old lady go, she is, her son Ye Hao, They are a good family.
  (c)
  often surfaced in my mind that plot, the availability of a unoccupied house. there are two all mediocre men and women, that sweet talk a man to the woman, then it hands and feet. At first, she also resist, then, is the fear and trembling to her knees. enough to cut through the memory in a burst of screams, she ended body of jade. She No regrets, because she felt she the most precious things to him, the man - her lover. He should better understand her really, how excited he was the ah. but she was wrong. He silently smoking , silent. He said she did not bleed, he did not care, as long as she could well enough for him. but she is very frustrated, as she felt wronged by the great, there are mouth Nanbian. like a sleepwalker, a clear evidence that the time was out to kill people, nothing to say. she was not happy. A few days later she was in that house, they found a used towel, then top with Yin little bit of blood erythema classes. She understood that it was her, she asked him, he whispered. He said that he wronged her. But since then, has cast a shadow of the love they had clear skies. Later he told her that his mother told him the blood of a virgin is a red, your not. she was silent, she knew, this is really knocking the wolf in sheep's clothing. One would like to get to eat lamb but blame the sheep dirty drinking water is the wolf. She left the firm, Mr. Wolf, even though she had been bitten off a piece of his flesh, but she also glad, my heart has not been good news is that he eats. chagrin are like a snake, tightly wrapped around her. many many years, she always love to do a strange dream that she went to him and his family's door tightly shut, she sat on the floor crying, until awoke crying. She hated his own lightly. She used to think like a cat people themselves, to their beloved pets, but why give the guy in Guangdong. She well regret. but she can not say. Language is a tool for human expression of feelings, but not everything can use language to describe. occlusion in that small village, say it is equivalent to suicide. She want to die, want to live, but also to live better. she gave her very hard to marry. People vague, more or less guess what. good man encounters with her acquaintance, she did not dare pick up that shot to the 丘比特之箭. She chose to get to know a barber, he is poor, not handsome. but he can self-reliant and considerate. only this, she felt sufficiently satisfied. joy did not last long, he missed appointments are no longer here. one asked what he seemed to hear. He would not come see her, but I want her to look for him. She did not go, she felt that this story does not end is the best. did she know the fate of a homely man, the first time we met, she asked him, you heard me, you have to the people about me ? he said no. She asked, why not? and his reply also made her surprise, he said, complicated world too much, have a pure heart is enough.
  and her into the marriage hall is his. wedding night, she was uneasy.
  She also thought about whether to pose with a bottle of red syrup, but in the end did not do, she decided to say nothing. He only silence for several days. Now he has to live with her for a whole decade, even in the most intimate moments, she asked how he did not think the wedding night. She thought he might know it, may not know . she only knew, he told her good, and makes her almost to tears, she only knew that he and she are the same, the two can co-exist in the lamb.
  bird she can hit the road wolf in sheep's clothing, a small, wretched man, it is perhaps only she knew a wolf. She no longer dodge the brave meet her, but is he, but rather as far as the renowned escape hound . She knew that he later had the courage to marry a prostitute wife, but no real face of her nerve.
  (d)
  annual festival, a grave, a woman. She Unlike the others from the burning paper as always adopt a mouse spent in there, and it is one of my familiar, but the woman did not know where I buried a well-known people. Later, I learned about her story.
  her divorce, she and him passed in the northern town of storm. She knew, she and he signs between the surface and many, many non-conforming can say a bunch of outsiders. but the substance it? because she knew that the wedding night, there is no \graduates, and why? is because they have no life that thousands of men are important films. She knew that he was not the kind of woman who is not from the treasure. She had a favorite of men, women university students, like-minded, youth passion and allows them in a \with them. Several years later, they want to face reality. at the urging of their parents. She put on a wedding, a seemingly part and honest, but I do not know what kind of person inside. That day, she cried. on the marital front of the car that moment, and that night, he trusted her all tied to something that means chastity. She could see that he cares, he was angry, but the physiological desire to picked up the smile left him. she thought, than his own pretty insignificant large eyes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], graceful and luxuriant. their own culture than he himself than his manual dexterity, fried, fried, cooked, fried everything line, weaving, hook, pick, staining everything do have, access to be material people also can not find fault, child extremely patient, very gentle to him, he should be satisfied, he should smile grows. However, not so. she just physically uncomfortable, does not satisfy him, he made the excuse Thunder. Whether big or small, right and wrong, he had to hoodwink the public, she could not refute. Otherwise, the non-fight that is cursed. She further education, he disturbed. her to work overtime if he disturbed. She could see he was such a lack of trust in her She felt his heart full of fear,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is not it less because of their own that thing? her tears. Is this alone will be able to determine who the United States, ugly, good and evil it? numerous times, she washed out of the house, questioned why, can be days without response.
  dire days, finally ended after her bitter experience. She led her daughter to live alone, over the years, she thought to remarry, she was afraid. but every year clear, she always came to a grave where buried with a love she harmed her man.
 


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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