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Supra Society / Ocean Blue Black

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supra shoes,Optimal ascend accomplishs <P>Best Climbing Event</P><P>   this award the activity that from inside year climb activity choose gives to have exploration spirit and vanward quality most and character, do not talk a hero with Supra Women Style and with height, do not make background with Supra Women Style and with personal details, of praise highly is true ascend. </P><P><FONT Style= "FONT-SIZE: 14px; LINE-HEIGHT: Optimal ascend of 1.5" Color=#000000 Size=3><STRONG> accomplishs: Peng Xiaolong and ancient high aspirations repeat mother-in-law Miao peak " free staircase " course. </STRONG></FONT></P><P><FONT Style= "FONT-SIZE: 14px; LINE-HEIGHT: Peak of Miao of mother-in-law of 1.5" Color=#000000 Size=3> is the system of beautiful and cone-shaped hill that makes by hard granite, also be scaler of wall of Chinese big rock people the target that tries Gao Hai the earliest to unplug much rope is apart from a course. On August 1, 2007, peng Xiaolong of civilian free scaler and Guji annals last a period of time 4 days (go up among Supra Skytop shoes uk climb 3 days, one day is removed below) wall of southwest of peak of Miao of the mother-in-law that finish " free staircase " 18 ropes of the course are apart from free ascend (length 1400 meters, difficulty: VI 5.10B) , use cliff plug uses protection with Supra Women Style and with a few piton. Because heavy rain is disturbed, unfinished climbs all ropes to be apart from, carried only camp bag and finite food, fuel. This is " free staircase " repeat of the course first, this course was 2006 Liu Xinan and Qiu river open up are over climb. </FONT></P><P><B>2008-2-29 17:12 upload download accessory (267.68 KB) </B></P><P><B>2008-2-29 17:12 upload download accessory (299.54 KB) </B></P><P><B>2008-2-29 17:12 upload download accessory (130.51 KB) </B></P><P><B>2008-2-29 17:12 upload download accessory (139.57 KB) </B></P><P><B>2008-2-29 17:12 upload download accessory (152.91 KB) </B></P><P><B>2008-2-29 17:12 upload download accessory (143.31 KB) </B></P><P><B></B> </P><P><B>2008-2-29 17:12 upload download accessory (152.34 KB) 2007 is in the ascend brief </B></P of course of southwest ridge of Miao Feng of mother-in-law of ・ of mountain range of Lai of Sichuan ・ Qiong><P> preface-----</P>The aiguille that <P> hard granite forms, beautiful, the cone-shaped hill system that makes a person awe-stricken, the child of nature magnificent, the mountain peak with Supra Women Style and with Qiong Lai the most high-spirited mountain range. 1400 meters climb rope climbing to be apart from, labyrinthian the course like, do not have camping site without water, phantasmagoric hail rain. Mother-in-law Miao peak, Supra Skytop shoes and big wall are concerned, the delegate of course of perfect technology of rock of high height above sea level, world of classical granite high mountain. </P><P> scaler: Civilian free scaler, come from Chengdu sand </P of the Xiaolong with Supra Women Style and with Mu Ni expeditionary high mountain, Gu Gu><P> ascend time: 7 years on August 1, ascend last a period of time 4 days, go up among Supra Skytop shoes uk climb 3 days, 1 day next removing, camp 3 evening, among Supra Skytop shoes uk 2 days are broken water [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], spend dehydration gently. Because heavy rain is disturbed, unfinished climbs all ropes paragraph, two-men group finished 18 ropes of this course to be apart from. </P><P> ascend course: Wall of southwest of peak rude and unreasonable Miao " free staircase " course. </P><P> course length: 1400 meters of </P><P> course difficulty: VI 5.10B<B></B></P><P> ascend means: Alpine Style<B> , </B>18 the rope is apart from free ascend, 8. 3 diameters 60 meters of ropes 2, used plug and a few piton, stringy apply mechanically will protect. Carried only camp bag and finite food, fuel. </P><P> ascend circumstance is recorded-------</P>The material of the course is concerned before <P> ascend, the picture is very few still, the to us ascend help that place already had looked is very limited also. Two-men group is arrived at on August 1 afternoon south the altitude below mural foot 4200 meters camping ground, rest a little begin ascend. Lie personally in real ascend environment, discover the lacing film among fokelore apparent far from actual, the route that chose a likelihood according to the experience previously begins to climb climb, what after two ropes are apart from, the line runs is very difficult, the protection that cannot set trust letting a person is nodded, our rope falls to remove abandoned Supra Skytop shoes . Decided one thinks after detailed observation very feasible course, although the course is very abrupt,have running water [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a paragraph of person that course open up discovered after 70 degrees of interstitial ropes are apart from makes the first lacing film below, climbing the 2nd rope to be apart from fixed good rope already was in the evening at 10 o'clock. The faint light of headlight of have the aid of returns camping ground to rest. </P><P> ▲ on August 2, in the morning 6 when be waked up by mobile phone alarm clock, 8 when we already were climbed in rope before last, during transit again essence of life decreased the equipment that carry. Weather is good, of climb very fast, dry granite course is abrupt between seemed to open wide the good complexion that makes a person close, admit our exploration gladly, what all changing is fluent rise, probably this is petrosal is inspired, we found the way that communicates coexist with Supra Women Style and with Supra Skytop shoes . Those who passed 6 ropes to be apart from is pleased climb climb, afternoon 4 when we reached mother-in-law peak 4400 meters southwest backbone bottom. Weather mutation, the occurrence of black clouds is accompanied and reach an intense hail, Supra Skytop shoes is rain later, such go round and round is worn. The plan that continues to climb is cut off, we hit a few nails on the cliff face of nearby, to already had done oneself ensure, dress safety belt is gotten into camp bag, confused in the cold air with Supra Women Style and with rare high mountain go off. </P><P> ▲ on August 3, punctual be waked up, breakfast each a cup of coffee, cornmeal of one packet fruit. The course in the morning is relatively simple, cliff face pattern the break of each different is very clean, the quality that plug places is very high, still have more Supra Skytop shoes is to be mixed evenly rub of sassafras face climb climb. Already did not have fountainhead to be able to be searched today, we are only odd a few water, thirst lacks water now is the most anxious also be to disturb our biggest question. Afternoon 5 when after crossing eave of a small platform, we saw whole line is medium most the part of elite, the ridge of mother-in-law peak southwest with Supra Women Style and with the general backbone that be like dragon unplugs from our crural go into business upper part spread out opens 4700 meters of Xiang Nabi, bo of giant pound of hill body imposing manner, resemble one of myth great castle, did not compare this more moving hour again! Supra Skytop shoes is an uncomfortable night, also lost without water appetite, we are close in rock crack be next to one night was spent in be expected to the happiness of water. </P><P> ▲ on August 4, in the morning 5 when we are depending on headlight light to begin up [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], today is the day that attack a top, do not have water to be able to attack a top from 4700 meters only, go completing a course. From here above is abrupt and interstitial landform almost, be full of intense exposure to feel, also make alone feeling aggravate of the heart. Dehydration is affecting us, absentminded in a wheeze that is like closely a sensory purely imaginary, the body is taken an examination of as broil is being endured in blaze. The rope is blocked more and more easily, one place fluctuates 3 times to climb repeatedly on 20 meters included angle landform climb processing to block a rope to let us almost collapse. The period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. is divided in, our ascend position reachs a point on the right side of Supra Skytop shoes is perpendicular outside rice partly the wall austral the mother-in-law peak that be down, endure closely left Supra Skytop shoes is the bluff in, in 2 form that wriggle up hard on backbone of tremendous and long and narrow cliff, resemble the Huang Xie that turns around to be able to be blown at any time in branch in fresh gale. Really exciting ascend, yao Meifeng towers aloft clearly in the eye shot in us, be like tentacle to be able to be reached, below the sky of distance, horizon and day group are mixed Supra Skytop an organic whole, show fully only light blue, be in with Supra Women Style and with companion body absolutely, admire such beautiful scenery, release the heart that flutter, at the moment the meaning of ascend not Yan Ziyu. Normally happiness is before half part only, afternoon 4 when in altitude peak of 5200 meters of our distances already very close, arrive nearly Supra Skytop shoes is OK to Supra Skytop feel get on the acme that already sent a mother-in-law the peak with Supra Women Style and with dreamy bona fide oneself, at this moment heavy rain comes unexpectedly, rapid flow is on cliff face, those who climb cliff shoe is good rub sassafras force is lost completely, bitter in the wanton heavy rain on cliff backbone get close to we abandoned a half hour hind ascend, not overblown chilly wind cold rain drowned last hope. All over drenched, taking the string with Supra Women Style and with gloomy and dim long mood to fall, again the rope falls, the card rope, dew camping ground that 4700 meters returned after blocking a rope again, already was at night much at 10 o'clock, that one night we are OK without much dry clothing and other articles of daily use keep out is cold, the torment with Supra Women Style and with chill and Supra Society endless like a century thirst is worn we [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], there never is what had expected the sun euqally overnight like that to appear among half a lifetime advent. </P><P> Po Feng Pan Deng Shuang Ren Zu </P><P> Zhuan Wen :&Amp;nbsp; Xiaolong </P><P>2008-2-29 17:12 upload download accessory (354.43 KB) </P><P>2008-2-29 17:12 upload download accessory (366.53 KB) </P><P>2008-2-29 17:12 upload download accessory (408.61 KB) </P><P></P><P>2008-2-29 17:12 upload download accessory (311.58 KB) </P>[This card is final by Climbniu at 2008-2-29 17:17 editors],Again congratulate,Also congratulate violet flute, thank you,Entertain guests have a meal oh,,Ha, carry dragon teaching on the head to award prize very handsome ah, , gu Gu's face does not have be marred by a scar fortunately,Congratulation congratulation! ,Supported, very handsome A,Admire two! ! [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ,Strong, congratulation! ! !
supra shoes,Each cliff is friendly everybody is good: Acknowledgment is opposite since authority is long-term the support of field of center of dragon pool lake, as a result of weather gradually cold, cliff field this year external business hours will stop on November 12, the practice time of the coming year looks weather situation, inform everybody separately! ! ! All plan the cliff friend that second card did not give out is OK the time postpone according to close down is used to next year. ,Be. . . The weather is cold. .

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