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Fame <ul id=\All times and do not want to name few. Death, such as lights off. If their names while alive, maybe one day the lights are out between the mortal, the the will of the. \Therefore, Seoul, before the arrival of the old before the first set the name, the cover name a few lived and the immortal. Poem \You do not bother, \That broken, but that is no more a name the pigs were not strong acid Jiji excuse. They can not name, said inclined to educate the sophistry, bad intentions are. Cross-eye view, which afraid of becoming famous, which of pig fat fear it? , Out of the name to be rich and powerful are entitled to have sent a prestige, or even three of four woman. As for the family line, it does. Xiang Yu understand this rule, the Qing Zhao Xiang Yu to understand, therefore, \Said Zhang Ling, known to be early. Famous late, happiness is not so strong. However, the Tao that can be, very Avenue, names can be named very name. Fame, but also a profound knowledge, not Ezhu Agou can be learned easily. Do not you see how many of the world, for the sake of name How many have to twist off, how many wrinkles added to the still unknown; how many were made for the sake of intrigues, infighting, but coming off a ruined man; how many vibration and reputation is not the first death, were unsuccessful and discredited reputation, fame without the first prisoners. The above activities are the name of tactics do not know the reason. Cui CCTV name the name of today's society has way to go off for a name, a, a and other types of infamy. I take the liberty here, but also offer humble trick is, made public enthusiasts, or for the sake of a few names were nowhere to provide a shortcut.
(A) see the dragon to climb
\Can be attached to the emperor, naturally on the winner. Yang Xiong in the \So cling, it is not simple, not only soul, but rather aesthetic. Looking through history, relying on \Qin Shi Huang's \The wealthy Zhai, called the lofty vision: When Qingong Zi Chu as a sub-nature, to treat all life in Handan, \\He offered to help sub-Chu and Qin and bribery, lobbying waffles, and finally as the Prince of Chu Li Si-sub. He also offered a pregnancy's favorite concubine, Chu handle comfortably take care of. Concubines are satisfied both for the sub-Chu, which is trained a \Lu Pu-wei really calculating Panlongfufeng, double-edged sword, made a big deal. After the child has ascended the throne in the Chu and Ying Zheng, Lu Pu-wei as are any phase, sealing one hundred thousand, Xiao Yue letters designate, fame. In this regard, Li Zhi in the \\Dragon and Phoenix can not climb can be attached to reduce a level \Confucius traveled out, by Panlong the name, Yen Hui, Confucius to climb this expensive, thanks to Confucius as a teacher, and because of the recognition of Confucius, the Diligent was able to spread the reputation through the ages. The fact that the world far more than Yen Hui, a diligent? The name became widely known by geometry? Shixian Bai, know better \His masterpiece, \As for the order of Jingmu one! \
In the literary world, the entertainment, the best dragon and phoenix is a father. His son, the Dragon, Zhang's son, Zhang Mo, Kelly's brother, Victor Chen, but the relationship is totally dependent on natural conditions, not everyone can dream of. They are able to climb famous, the real dragon will hear of a real phoenix. Take a look at some of the popular stars of today, that is not guided by a certain name, \Never believed the authority, as long as names that you can, you on the line, no will do. As for how acting in the end, no to the rivalry. Plus some news media boasted, then a star on the \As for the new book, but also looking for the sequence famous writers, famous writers, if not to order, let him engage in a public recommendation also, with famous attention, naturally promising, quite a lot, not only the book will become smooth up name will follow up. The twenties and thirties of the century, many artists take the initiative to guide and support is new, so that a new generation of artists. In contrast, the wind is really the world, the heart does not ancient ah! Therefore, we must learn the art.
However, \In ancient times, man,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], \\Now flourishing because of road repair relations, these lines in zigzag, such as Mountains, and if the lane mountain city of Chongqing, is crossing get their money. Maybe you have not touched the dragon and phoenix to mountain exhausted, utterly destitute of.
I said Panlongfufeng is and dead, alive, dead lift points are now a popular name, I need to thing is the nephew relationship, Yao Majiu companion relationship, it is not, in public scolded a few also. For example, he likes to write poetry you surnamed Li, said that the thirty-third generation descendants of Li Bai, who will check your family tree? Your last name is Kong and he likes to do St., said that the seventy-eighth generation of descendants of Confucius, who never acknowledged it after the hole you home. Do you want to be a good carpenter, carried out of Lu Ban; you want for tea at home, carried out of Lu Yu; you want to be a good officer, when one among the children. \Who would find out, you boldly speak!
This method are, to be thick skinned, missing only a small virtue. Because in today, the honest, decent, have the ability has to die. But also because the community has floating in the air, right, the money, you can get everything. Those who want to earn Panlongfufeng name, first lost dignity, lost soul, lost virginity, losing myself, this is the first step. Then climbing knot power, seeking refuge wealthy, buy the media, to create a momentum, or do direct ancestors recognized the name alive, do do, do godfather, or even to recognize Qindie pull no non-biological mother. In order to register the name of the steps slowly. By that time, if they like the red-hot as 8, then you will only like 6 less the same trip. Avoid disease,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but this method is: honest, decent, and the money were hanged. The former Needless to say, honest, decent, bright he has not the ability; the latter, more Needless to say, because money makes the mare go too!
(B) see celebrities scolded
This move is a great rarity in those names are popular performing arts media network star, culture name, network name abusive attacks, Jieduan prick, nothing good, vexatious, unwarranted charges, even if empty to the wind , but also to seize and hold. And quote the classics, eight generations of his ancestors out of the scandal to the expense of the final step in the name of his feet. Complain, we should note that with the nickname, cut the first exposure to trace. General does not allow the reputation damage is bound to respond. Yelled the name of anger straight into the sky, jumping like thunder, pull your court date. Wait until the situation calmed down, you go the shadows of Chang Lu, from the available one.
For example, both inside and outside the famous Yu Qiuyu prose is, after all, accused by some of the new Yu Qiuyu has gained high reputation, to the fore. Last year, Mr. Yu Jie cutting-edge essays, I do not know where to turn the popular writer Yu Qiuyu file, know more than the old in the \fuss, wrote \. In fact, engage in outposted, check history, Zhuabian Zi, labels, is the \Younger to name this small I have to attack the remnants of vestiges, the idea is very effective.
Also, transit is not as easy to transit up, touch him, to say the dog is easy as the three transit goods, whether it be rational not reasonable, then slightly sentence mess he made, then Most of the things also. Although you do not honor ended in failure violated the right to sin, but you can therefore legendary. If the house its own way, not quiet a care, you can after another, the pen gun bombardment fried, not too good to believe him guilty of gross spleen. In reality, were often drawn to an unknown curse of the name thing, a lot. They are often the pirate ship's name sake, the key is that you will not be as a thief.
Abuse celebrities, not only names, but also fame, is already famous reputation more as transit. Such symbols are the Zude. RMB Song Da is standing on the steps, saying that all over the world can say it. He has always been literary, television and film entertainment circle slugger, both politics and business; both a director and an actor, or a poem. But he still likes to name fire, like to do Do not be afraid to do, after all he was banished under the name, does not stink or hurt, disgrace the face, broke his heart. Hidden deep by him for a while shelling, then it completely, see the seam will be drilled. Suffer is the latest star Gong Li, are said to be Zhang Yimou's bedding roll. He does, but therefore more popular in the north and south, among the best hits in the network, really do not know for a no, no nobody knows the superstar. Sung by a \
(C) see the horse
Modern fame law, the horse is first learning. Because of the point of view, if no one is willing to listen to a beautiful, pleasing to the ear, then; no one is willing to look at other Nuyan humble knee, a dwarf himself. Stiff you do, even though some big skills, but also make you put up dry, can not name. But the horse will be, but have subtly different. Clever horse horse experts, often to the channel, off out of the horse reveals a deep \Poor horse, out of the horse, not only are not accustomed to sit, that is, the parties will be out from the eyes of the hemp, but suspicions were making fun of him, or was that the \Ma was the right way, which is seen through a horse, or a sense of proportion too, so unhappy, indispensable to the small touch will mold, made a fool of myself on the spot, which make \Therefore, the horse is by no means an easy task, not empty Han Jisheng \
Therefore, Seoul, Ma Qiao first tactic is to talk to, to put it mildly, soft, submissive, cuddly looks to Ju. A few years ago, racing season there is a comic, tell a horse will be fine to see the first words are \Eye Well, a glance there. \This horse, shows one of the pro-bone, coated honey, Jiaodimayou, his eyes open can also say that fragrant smell, obviously looks in general, have to say Maoruo angel; obviously a bald, non-entry is never wise; plan looks like a star, do not say you look just like a star, and say you look just like a star; there are such comments to the leadership: the I we put a child views it, you're a workaholic, you so at their own body, your body is it you were to do, no, is home,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], yes, is everyone's. Look, this horse, so that one sick. Because such fine horses, \
Wisest horse is \Your eyes from the leadership can make a note of their preferences, every word, everything can match up, for example, that the cult leader's son to a concert of a singer, bought at high prices to dig at Grade A vote to send two, but is pretending to look like random gift from a friend. This \It's like martial arts in the state described by the two martial arts, boxing pediatric use is that you brute force my feet, take the hint is the internal forces who rely on practice, \Such a high Daoxing, there is a chapter of history it's: There was once a horse, the emperor, he had Baiguan have been round and round. Hades heard, the devil sent him to the palace of hell to catch, ready to sentence him under the pan. This is a turn eyes Gu Lulu, Ma \no matter how horse, no use ah! \Look, from guilt to innocence, escape \Still rely on horse! Yama lord who originally wanted to rule the crime of horse, but unknowingly, also to those who like to drink wine, horses, four-body Winton,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], into the trap of those facilities and put him back to the room.
However, not just the spirit of equestrian bribery, in addition you will glimpse the intention, but also a concrete manifestation of flattery, even at the expense of their bones, and the grid, too. Without sacrificing these, not really a horse, it may not really be fame. Children to the masters of history Yiya steaming food, Lu Pu-wei Shi U.S. dollars with the ladies of the house, \married husband made to do National Taiwan University. These will not say what horse it. Wrote a contemporary example, the original county party secretary of Henan Lushi stepfather died at hands of several Xiangguan run hundreds of miles to his home to attend funerals, kneeling in the hall before they Pimadaixiao, burst into tears than the biological mother died, I still hurt, how to persuade the public could not discouraged, and later was the secretary in person, say \Later, the several Xiangguan County Construction Committee were appointed as Director, County Standing Committee, and Publicity Minister and Deputy Mayor. Of these, do you not know the preciousness of cells? To show consideration for the helpless, not to the government to do, to fame and fortune. To name names, it had to the case.
(D) See Dictionary for
One cartoonist had done an \Biographical Centre \Ming eyes see at a glance, this is the irony nowadays is the popular \Ironically go satire, this method is indeed money to those too poor to only those who were no shortcuts to fame.
\\You are the nameless doctors can \Better Business Leadership Yingcai ceremony. \Now the dictionary, part of everyday there any excuse, there is what kind of dictionary. You can demand submission, sent to the editorial board of a child eight hundred thousand dollars, in the \If your title, degree exemption does not shine, when the diploma is no standard promotion also does not matter, to spend ten thousand yuan for a graduate, register today, tomorrow kind graduate. If you want more simple name in the literary poetry, and now all been around the various race, class and money are linked to the hook, and you want to send a few to a few other awards prize money to, have to worry that you may be out of the nameless.
In short, as long as the \Age is pale and there are no heroes, no name is also a sad society. Name appears, from a sense, represents the direction of the times, reflecting the degree of social civilization. The world, popular name, do not buy top \Is written here, actually there is a \500 words were a creative resume and a color photograph, the book will be launched at the end of a grand,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then held a grand launching ceremony in Beijing. Ho ho! I do not want to name, also taking out the trash basket dig it out!
(E) not to blow
Do not blow this subject does not mean, but not before blowing himself. After the modest name, name flourished; were unsuccessful and modest, is an idiot. Fame must be self-reliant, boastfulness, Every potter praises his own pot. If you say if your melon, and who buy it? TV advertising to pay, to pay Dictionary name, buy a fake diploma, fake diplomas to pay, then decorum skin, and plump cheek arm blown it.
For example, you are a little-known singer, do not want to work hard in the arts, and wants to be a star, you say you are a famous singer, the late great hand-seedling cultivation, you will find a third-rate reporter to interview you, say you are scared every day since the name did not dare to go home after a home was unreasonable separate ways flock of reporters had to vent, find the relationship you say or send in a well-known publications chunks article, a statement to the millions of listeners enthusiasts: This letter is not received every day thousands of listeners at home and abroad, it is unable to respond one by one, this particular answer in this uniform, please forgive me. Although you have not received one year a fan letter. You can even say that you have a woman play out makeup of fear of being surrounded by fans that pass. Is that these non-existent things, they do not bother to investigate, but not bragging tax, you just blow it safely!
\\salmon on behalf of the company in Xinjiang. Xinjiang in 1953, more than 100 homes held more than 200 riders participated in the Third World Competition Gold Award hundred sheep, and author of \century - the years of poverty sheep cells, \See, so do not waste the experience of church audit passed, what not pass the test it! Have a nominated \... \
In addition to blowing his own experience, talent, skill, and also blowing event. Network is not blowing McCain is not evil, and rely on your martial arts and short-sighted that house divided against itself can only view you'll never survive in the other foot. What is organ transplantation, the high school aid, Phil Tower tilt, * Lang *, see beautiful street in Europe, the World Cup AC Milan, Macau market, Las Vegas St., be sure to pick fanfare professional and sensitive areas, and be sure to also make your own for the presence of important objects, these things are you involved in the production. OK, get your article, do not shock you to be spent, ready to wear suits name it! Blowing down for as long as a drum,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], your reputation will be more like a ball of blow, the more float higher.
(F) engage in their own cheap
Our times, this society, it is \Can not be home with no name, first name, wrist, star, child. You talk too little of the name, to be self-degrades, further consolidating and improving expand their visibility. Cheap to do is their own self-abuse your own. Stinky, I mean this explanation does not explain. Cao Cao's horse frightened by a bird, bad people riding crop, is taken to beheading the punishment of their own, even though the first was to issue on behalf of, the purpose is to his reputation. You think they are not curse, is not famous wrist are. No tricks will only do not curse, so he will never get home, not waiting. Wang Shuo dared to complacent to say \The real hooligan with only touch the curse is not rogue. Fall themselves by doing cheap. Wang Lixiong in the \, while they and Wang Shuo described by riffraff, there has been an increasing number of similarities, this is for the \In today's literary world, has fallen fashion, culture have fallen in many different ways and show off their fall, because fall is a name of the shortcut.
As the saying goes, business poet is born; do women is difficult, more difficult for women to do; were difficult, more difficult to keep name. Want to name and to keep the name of entertainment, you have to learn to constantly improve the value of self-preservation, to learn to surgery, to the confusion away from the pure can be, and always play according to the angle to convert to look like, spoil yourself. You see, Fan Bingbing from the pure to the confusion, was driven mad Dai, Huang compliance elegance to the confusion, Jiang Qinqin from the known to the flu, Zhang Ziyi, from light to leave, Zhou Xun from the can to the confusion, Zhao Wei from the noble to the decadence, they as What, is not the name, but keep name. No doubt that is the name of cheap to do a magic weapon, but also keep the name of clever tactics. Women that did so, a text from the spirit of Chen Kaige's big-time director, degenerated into an extreme love of the maker of visual illusion, that is unrealistic, and he has been \
The general wanted to name, to do more is the first choice cheap. Muzi Mei to make their own things to tell a lot, and she went out; Lu Buxuan Diploma in Chang'an Avenue, Beijing University carries his name the sale of pigs; Tang Jiali off the bare lots of photos, she also names the. Muzi Mei popular, because her own base, writing in mind; rogue Yan name, because she came cheap to do yourself, fruit body of writing; Lotus also names, and just because she made so disgusting that the \Constantly changing world, technological advancements, but also with the idea of cultural diversity and open a lot, it embodies the kind of social progress, but also led to some fierce competition in the society were eliminated after the loss and anger. These often have a more intense than the performance look, they also hope the name of the shortcut, but hope soon to be social understanding and acceptance. So, you learn to do it cheap, as long as this you can draw their own face exclusion, Huochu half, to gossip about their own, private life, and some not, the real unreal, all with their sharp invented the pen to the network, when the network under the haze in your gossip, you are the most light, the most famous and most cohesive. If you do not write it does not matter, use body language writing, if one is feeling fine pick their own beauty, to strip; if you feel the beauty of ugly body, you only expose your body. I guarantee you will be able to fire half a day not like \Even if you are ugly does not matter, please contribute to heart are out of it, put the worst shape, describing the most superfluous of going to the toilet big belly, but also to install pure, can, bright, fantasy world that he is the most perfect woman , said he is angel down to earth, there will be many fans blowing on you, this music is not he. In short, the time when you're red, you're a name.
I am bewildered, I fall, this is the only name of the Beijing Film Studio Girls star road. For college art students, the well-known is the need for greater price. A man, can be considered the campus name, and often joked that you want to become famous? You can do a scandal and tell us what art students, art students may lack professional art atmosphere, but you must not say that they are not professional, and sometimes their ability to speculation in no way inferior \, compared with the general public, more hi gossip this group of college students, there are communicators, have the audience, but also feed information, this mode of transmission of natural power, including you famous. Of course, this may make you lose face, because after all, is a scandal. However, the fish and can not have both,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in order to be more red, you have to rely on the network, exposing their dirty, sun themselves in the light of the pain, according to boldly put their own fruit, marking the headline, sent to the most well-known major site forums, message boards and beautiful fall gallery.
For those who do not purple half is red, how to name it? You can come to one kind of infighting in the hype, the two discuss the good, in the newspapers attacking one another, mutual visibility. Maybe ask: can not try to compete with it? Are the 21st century, with Zhao's words, the train is speed, the name also needs a shortcut attack each other, trouble point of scandal, this faster. Of course, there are really scandal, whether true or false, as long as there is the stage name on the parties to help on the line. You said, you do not name, how to do it? \However, you can choose to be \Been accused of is not the same, just to do a major event, scandal, so do not feel exaggerated, think this is a fool, is to do cheap, on the line. There will always be doing a lot of nothing like these gossip. They both are curious about the psychological, with students saying that curiosity alive for pointing out! With this curious soil, will not you afraid of a name?
Off for most reluctant writers who do not want to reveal the network, then you do base it in the article title. Do not use regular and eight by the subject, with a subject. Such as: \a, \Because they \Although this content will often make most of the \Injustice! Than Dou also \But the \CTR is life, is the name of it!
(G) brought the matter to imitate
Nobel Prize for Literature in Sweden only thirteen of the world view of literature as a stream, and can enter the \Of course, each of the world can not into the \The sea is not there a \Unfortunately, it would have to have real skills. For those of us who do not want to suffer want known, how should we do? I grind up another from the name of the shortcut: This is imitation.
In reality, whether it is art, literature or business, for example, mimic the names abound. This spicy golden couple David and is the world's most well-known trademark brands, \Two imitation not less spicy and Becks, and is known for negative news. Why pocketed the state's money, because the state imitate, copy, copy home products. Imitating foreign brands mobile phone shape, is already producing for many small black cell phone handsets and the road to make a fortune. So, if you do not own the art features, do not bother, Peisi famous, not that shaved his bare you. Cho not to imitate the forest, waiting Po Lam, Ma Ji, Peisi, Zhao something, that is not creating new work, and do not need to play a style, like to imitate. Imitation will be one or two,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], those who can not find the second-rate celebrity wrist Secretary evening performance, is your stage, then a TV or something, you are beautiful enough lifetime.
For writing, you do not lock children see very mysterious code word, in fact, a butterfly dishes. As the old saying goes: the world a great copy paper and see you will not copy copy, that is imitated. Li Bai wrote quatrains, not to write seven words seven words you; a very popular dean of the express poetry, not that the fourth line of a do; modeled on the seven words seven words you write, fourth row fourth lines to code it wants. If this is hard, then imitation fur, specifically looking for those who are subject of imitation of popular works. A few years ago, \Although this method allows children to use bad literature, but still enduring. Numerous things we can not have all the solutions by themselves, encountered difficulties, may wish to look at other actions, to gain experience, to imitate him, maybe one to name it!
But some things, some can not imitate, such as music, such as Jay. He's turned out, along with a unique style of singing: Alto express slightly higher cavity, and the fluency is difficult to discern even say singing, have attracted countless Zhuixingyizu. This unprecedented new singing is undoubtedly successful. But increasingly there are other singers imitate the style of Jay Chou. For example after the string (a singer). Although painted to imitate the sound they are painted, and even the false true, but the market conditions for sale of view, he did not meritorious. Why? Objects of imitation it is also wrong. Music, only those who sing the music of self in order to obtain greater success. This is in fact obvious. There is a fable, an eagle caught a sheep, was seen a crow, crow want to learn eagle catching sheep, as lack of capacity, the results are captured sheep. In ancient times that there are \Typical of these is seen as the failure, are due to imitation of the object caused the wrong. East facilities is not something to make their own beauty, but not doorway, only knew the beauty without knowing the reason why the United States U.S., this is her biggest failure. A name, the public phase imitation, but the outcome is often still the first name, such as transit, while trying to copy those who have had little effect. So, have to have aimed at imitating the object do it again, the Guinness Book of World Records, the goal is to eat some (really eat) a car, you can do to imitate the eating glass, eating bar, eating mud, it is different They do, his life's ordinary afford.
(Viii) his own Funny
Huizong, the court held a \Some of the picture painted mountains, during which stands a temple; some in the mountains between the \, then again a candidate volumes, the Huizong launched a look, said absolutely not the case! I saw the screen: between mountains, a clear stream plunging down, an old monk was bent over the fountain, with a ladle to pour the bucket. Why Huizong appreciated this painting it? On account of this painting rich in content, but not a temple temple wins.


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