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The loss of Chinese culture [independent · Life] Author: Mu Yunfei Yang

The loss of Chinese culture [independent · life]
??????????????????Of: Mu Yunfei Yang,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],

????????????????? Original starting in 2007-03-25?? Popularity: 3799
The Chinese nation as one of the world's oldest, it has a splendid history and culture, the world will not deny any degree of Chinese civilization springs from a long, not to deny thousands of years to the impact of culture on the whole world. However, after thousands of years of vicissitudes in the washing, the culture has been neglected in the stream lost its original features, bit by bit lost.
History tells us that the birth of any culture, are the ideological basis of class in a certain shape. The same as building blocks for children, first of all to have a solid framework, so take up is a solid building blocks. Similarly, the birth of a democratic culture, also needs a strong conceptual framework, the only way it will not collapse with the loss of years.
However, the loss of a cultural collapse of a building is not as simple and visible. Or, they gradually faded in certain things, but in a culture gradually depressed, while we did not even notice. Indeed, in two thousand years of Confucian thought is valuable relics, it irreplaceable in my history of the positive far-reaching impact, or even that it cast a certain extent, to the Chinese mode of thinking two thousand and cell characteristics. But to start off outside the high Confucianism *, take it as a moral guidelines, but in a little bit of it away, so this can not be regarded as a shame. Perhaps this is more than two thousand years ago, Confucius not want to see the sad scene.
Confucian ethics is the ideological center, the core is a \\To be pushed to do anything themselves and the humanitarian. Can be such a lofty moral realm, how will such a complex society of its survival?
Remember reading a story: a middle-aged career outside, from outside back in his father's funeral, because he came too late to be brothers and splitting the family property, leaving him the only is their only pro. Will not help young people think of weeping together. His career abroad, he certainly was not crying for the property, but as brothers without the sad. The fact that I had to be shocked: not a living parent, but because there is no life, money, and lost the world's most precious possession. Little do they know the pro's, it is priceless and irreplaceable ah! Of the Chinese nation for thousands of years of \A can not be understood deplore the loss of a family culture.
A few days ago, I passed through the outskirts, we saw that I was worried the scene: a gang of uniformed city management, to a wrecked smashes fruit stalls, a nearly seventy years old woman is squatting , the silent tears. Several young to buy fruit, good fruit is also picked up the scales have slipped. After smashing fruit stands,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], several urban management will walk away, leaving only the old woman crying in pain ... ...
Here, I would like to ask: \to future generations just some shell it? \Be the free society, but it is not even a chance for her charity.
Here, I also thought of another tragedy. That is, people generally low quality of this phenomenon.
In the medium to the next traffic light many of the police, I think it is absolutely necessary. Without the police, I think this road is like as there is no traffic light, will be crowded mess. Unilateral humility may not return for his humility, moral constraints this is very fragile. However, some developed in the United States or other family, their compliance with the rules of communication can be done even to this point: clearly there is no vehicle in half, a waiting line will change the way bars indicate lights. In our family, it will certainly be positive uncommon.
I recently \out of the window - is not outside the cars, and the translation are brothers. However,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he ignored the question,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], that is, the driver of car in Australia is authentic! \A car looked at each other. Translation shrugged and said: \This is indeed the fact that laugh. But when we think about it, maybe it will cry. Although it is a very small thing, but this demonstrated the quality difference between the two, but it can cause them to think about: this is called the civilization it? When we initiated this outward when in doubt, we often speechless, dumb speechless. We may only have nothing to say.
In the West, in some restaurant waiters tend to be contemptuous, even if you are a very elegant gentleman speaking apparatus. Because they are not sitting in front of them laugh at you, but after you on behalf of the entire Chinese nation. Of like spitting,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], shouting out loud in public like this has been a symbol of the mark the occasion. I am ashamed, as descendants of the Chinese nation, I am deeply heavy, which not only represents a heavy call on the people,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is also gradually lost in the culture of their grief.
Home course to develop, because the world has been moving forward. But we must always to clear: we are facing, not only is a home economic development, military development, but also to pay attention to the progress of civilization of a home. Culture, as the soul of a home, it represents the dignity of a home, it would mean the loss of loss of the ideological pillars of all, any other form of development is pale. In modern highly civilized society, we do not want to see their ancestor in fierce competition to lose their dignity flow, more willing to see thousands of years of cultural heritage and the world in this depression.
Today,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], today, to the rapid development of Chiang Kai-shek to revive themselves. Construction in urban areas, we seem to be a home than any modern, have to quickly, it can not but wonder. However, in our own to be proud of, we have neglected a lot, and have lost a lot. In Europe,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], any of a beautiful city has a commendable place. Let them envy the most is that all they have a history of the splendid culture of giving. In Fa Bali, London, United Kingdom, Italy, Rome, Vienna, Austria, etc., who see not only a highly developed modern civilization, there is a dazzling historical and cultural buildings, have lamented for modern civilization, it is also the past cultural heritage and praise. Vicissitudes of history appears in front of thousands in your scenes to play in their heads, so cut to feel the charm of history. In our family, many of the city, in addition to high-rise group, but you may not find the building has a history and culture, it is to feel helpless and sad.
The world still move forward, you should also develop. We are also slowly waking up the flow development, because we do not want to see a number of years, we have the disappearance of the great Chinese civilization. Gradual increase in the quality of the people today, we can not abandon our past, but it should be carried forward to the bright ancestral culture shine forever.
2007-3-25 Revising the West Big


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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