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,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
Knowledge of the modern mold making

, Which can effectively guarantee the quality of the mold. ■ quick arrest of advanced technology Nang ■ t 1, the laser rapid prototyping technology (RPM) has developed rapidly to meet international standards of Pat, and the progressive realization of commercialization. The rapid commercialization of the world forming process has been the main SLA (stereo lithography), LOM (layered split manufacturing), SLS (selective laser sintering), 3D-P (three-dimensional printing). 2, multi-point forming technology is highly adjustable punch instead of the traditional groups forming the mold surface of another sheet of advanced manufacturing technology, multi-point forming system to CAD / CAM / CAT technology as the main means of rapid economic to achieve the automatic three-dimensional surface shape. Jilin Industry University assumes no mold forming on the national key scientific and technological projects have been independently designed and manufactured with international advanced level of multi-point forming equipment. The technology of China and the U.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tokyo University, Tokyo Institute of Technology compared to the theoretical research and practical applications are a leader, is now moving to promote application development. 3, resin stamping dies for the first time in the trial of domestic cars has been successfully applied. Its main feature is the mold surface to CAD / CAM processing of the primary model as a benchmark, using the Swiss Ciba's high-strength resin casting forming, punch and die tooling clearance of imported special engineering MOULD & DIEPROJECT2o07 36 No. 5 overall section f 74) accurate control of wax, mold dimensional accuracy, manufacturing cycle can be shortened one-half to two thirds of the manufacturing cost greatly reduced. For the testing and small batch production of cars has opened up a new way, a national initiative. Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Switzerland experts believe that up to 9O's international standards. City Run Deep cicada or precision parts are snapped up by the company of business ■: Precision guides AGATHoN Switzerland, Italy SPECIALSPRINGS nitrogen gas springs and other products Address: Shenzhen Sungang Road, Parkway Building, 3019 North Block, 802-803 Tel :0755 -25,938,160 Fax :0755 -25936126 Website: WWWrusuncom the development of precision molds, increasing demands on the measurement. Precision coordinate measuring machines, has long been subject to environmental constraints, rarely used in the production site. Basically,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a new generation of coordinate measuring machine has a temperature compensation and the use of seismic materials, to improve the dust control measures to improve the environmental adaptability and the use of reliability, so that it can be easily installed in the workshop use,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to achieve the measurement of the characteristics of the scene. With sickle ■ ■ capsule polishing techniques for a mold polishing work Xinjiang mold surface engineering technology is an important part of the mold manufacturing process is an important process in the final deal. At present, polished to Ra0.05122 mold polishing equipment, grinding and abrasive processes, can basically meet the need, but to throw to Ra0.025u122 mirror polishing equipment, abrasives and abrasive technology is still in the exploratory stage. With the mirror in the production of injection mold of large-scale applications, die mold polishing technology has become a key issue. As the domestic polishing technology and materials, there are still some problems, so the camera lens as a fool injection mold, CD, VCD disc and tools for high transparency, a large part of the injection mold is still dependent on imports. It is noteworthy that the mold surface by polishing equipment and polishing not only the impact of technology, but also by the degree of mold material mirror, it has not attracted enough attention, that is,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], polishing itself constrained by the mold material. For example, do 45 # carbon steel injection mold, polished to Ra0.2122, the obvious visible defects, to continue throwing to only increase the brightness, while the roughness has no hope of improvement, it is present, often in the mirror mold imported mold material. Mirror mold material is not only a problem of chemical composition, but the main thing is when you require the use of vacuum degassing refining, ingot argon atmosphere, vertical continuous casting and rolling, soft forging a series of advanced technology, tool steel with a mirror inside so that few defects, impurities in fine grain size, high dispersion of metal fine grain size, size distribution and a series of advantages, in order to achieve polished to mirror requirements. State 2007 5 (total No. 74) MOULD & DIEPROJECT Die Engineering 37 City Run Deep archery or precision parts are snapped up by the company of business ■: Switzerland - ~ AGATHON precision oriented pieces, Italian SPECIALSPRINGS nitrogen gas springs and other products Address: Shenzhen City No. 3019 Sun Gang East Road,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Parkway Building, Room 802-803, North Tower, Tel :0755 -25938160 Fax :0755 -25936126 Website: [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] rusun. com


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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