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Country Doctor

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  The story of this doctor, that is really great, fully versed in veterinary medicine Western medicine, acupuncture and cupping feel the pulse of the line everything, surgery, surgical techniques do nothing, in short, you just sick, he Almighty to do. Because I did not before the village clinic, a few miles to go to medical treatment outside, so he started doing well when the clinic. At first, I have a few pretty girls Village, a sick, he always give them an injection, it is said that you can touch the way the girl in the ass. Later, these girls are reluctant to treat him, and is the county seat to go very far, I heard the doctors there do not touch the bottom of the injection. No way, he was to keep the tourists, let his wife and agent to a woman shot in the transaction.
  Speaking of the doctor, the greatest ability, or wealth, the road he has the recipe for prosperity.
  first one, to cure, to not give you a good drug,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], you mess dispensing, or of little significance to you hanging bottles of glucose, and then charge you high medical expenses, such as a period of time to give you good treatment. The second measure is actively sourcing, down purchase price, shop around to find where to sell cheaper drugs, he is pretty true ability, he spent 100 yuan for 10,000 yuan worth of medicines, Zhennai Wizards also. The third measure is to solve customer problems,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he will inform the villagers Gesanchaiwu year-old child to Dafangyizhen,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and five years old children in the vaccine, and seven of the children had the vaccination. Hepatitis A hepatitis B hepatitis C, HIV cancer psoriasis. As long as he can remember the name, all want to make shots. Which beast if the injection is not willing to spend money, he will be very patient, said: \
  on the three measures, a few years, the doctors make a fortune, but also commentary on the county's model workers. The first buildings built in my village, lived a rich life the envy of everyone.
  after the rich people will have higher requirements, he is, he decided politics.
  ten dollars a ticket he bought on the duties of mayor, but also with a special way when on the village committee secretary, and with Charlie means and on the village accountant and the public security officer, government, and military set of financial Daquan in one, overnight, reputation and status of noble.
  saying goes, the new broom sweeps clean, his first the burning mountain, a mountain behind the village, bare nobody has managed the development could have been developed. He announced a decree: \moment there is no trees, kind of vision he's sold to the villagers themselves a few days ago to buy seedlings. The second is the fire of family planning, he provides the village if there want two or more children, you must first register to him to ensure the safety of a child process, otherwise the consequences. Of course, every child should receive 5,000 yuan management fee, money, and will be bought by the village,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], according to the monthly interest charge of 5% profit. The third is to fire his backyard, he and his wife divorced, he intends to marry his sister the door. Or you can not divorce, but the door must allow his sister to marry. The results, after a secret agreement, discussed many times, after several twists and turns, his talents, he finally got his wish Wineur married two wives, he intends to first wife was upstairs, downstairs concubine, dinner table, to sleep two.
  his wedding day turned out, my village, everyone drink his wedding, that scene is really magnificent, eloquent banquet rafts miles, lavish ah.
  Unfortunately, his marriage destroyed by the accident and was about to come to a few weddings aside when people wave of public security, said to be for him to marry Fannie and Freddie, the wave of the Health Bureau, said come for his fake, a group of township government, is said to come for his corruption.
  just created to a new regime in the near disappearance of a rush in my village,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and it all originated from his first wife of the informant, he had not promised the family property and give the wife half of the requirements of large, big wife discovered him.
  an excellent model workers gone.

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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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