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Mitsubishi auto parts production base in Dalian globalization settled

Secretary for the main production base of cemented carbide tools, is now working in the factory to build a new recycling scrap shop tool. It will work with the relevant original shop in Osaka formed by the merger Hitachi reuse the old center of the tool. Tool re-grinding is an effective form of reuse of resources, re-grinding industry has been growing scale. According to statistics, Japan's companies engaged in cutting tool regrinding 500 ~ 600, including tool manufacturing plant, machinery plants, a variety of commercial re-grinding bodies. Although the exact size of the market re-grinding is not yet clear, but the economic downturn, the user calls to lower the high tool costs, therefore, the tool re-grinding the general trend of the market is expanding, a rough estimate, the market size roughly 200 billion to between 30 billion yen. Mould & dieproject2005. No. 3 Total 48 I ... China's largest heavy-duty horizontal lathe installed and put into use in China Dongfang Electric Group core business - Dongfang Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. today the acquisition of the largest heavy-duty CNC horizontal lathe, Deyang, in Sichuan Province has recently put into use. This sets manufactured by the French heavy duty horizontal lathe, called the current largest horizontal lathes. The maximum loading capacity of 350 tons of machine, the largest processing diameter of 4900 mm, Max length of 17,000 mm, equipped with advanced hydraulic clamping chuck and Newholm CNC, machining accuracy up to 0.01 mm, to complete the conventional bipolar 301O00MW four-pole generator rotor and generator rotor 1001700MW turning nuclear. Meanwhile, Dongfang Electrical Machinery from Italy can be used for the purchase nuclear power generator rotor slot milling rotor 250 tons of heavy-duty CNC milling machines, also recently put into formal production. As stand-alone nuclear power generating capacity, the rated speed is low, and thus the stator and rotor sizes are much larger than the conventional generator, the world's leading power equipment manufacturers are investing heavily in the acquisition of large CNC horizontal lathe and milling equipment rotor only after the nuclear power generation equipment in the field in the open supply situation. Therefore, the rotor has a very large CNC horizontal lathe and milling equipment, power generation equipment manufacturers in China to enter the manufacture of nuclear power generation equipment must cross the Sumitomo Electric has developed a new type of high-speed cutting tool material tool, you must use high hardness and excellent wear resistance material, in such materials, ceramic is the most desirable varieties. Ceramic cutting tools in high temperature conditions, high hardness, resistance to plastic deformation performance, easy to oxidative wear. But its shortcomings are obvious, namely, brittle texture, easy to damage. Has recently developed new varieties of ceramics,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], its shortcomings have been greatly reduced, such as ceramic coating, add the SiC ceramic reinforcing fibers of the FRC, etc., have successively on the market, new ceramic cutting tools can be used now on the Ni-based superalloys for high-speed cutting processing. Sumitomo Electric has developed a new type of tool material,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], that is, in the company CBN200/CBN80 (cubic boron nitride sintered body) to fulfill a special performance of coated ceramic coating,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this special coating so that wear resistance increased by 30% , tool life can be greatly extended. This new tool is mainly used to the automotive industry commonly used high-speed machining hardened steel and cast iron of high hardness. The company plans to make the product within two years, sales of 1.2 billion yen. Mitsubishi auto parts production base in Dalian globalization settled January 21, 2005, Ling Star Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Dalian in Dalian Free Trade Zone at the completion ceremony. The company is Japan's Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will be the only parts of the global production base, will in the coming years to become Mitsubishi Cable Group has highly qualified technical personnel in R & D centers and automobile parts components supporting enterprises. Dalian Free Trade Zone Export Processing Zone in Dalian Ling Star Auto Parts Co., Ltd. covers an area of ​​78,000 square meters, total investment of $ 28,000,000, the total number of projects put into operation more than 2,000 employees, mainly for automotive parts and products with high added value and technological content of the J. B. Automotive electronic components. Products in the year 2005 will achieve all exported to Japan,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Europe and America and other countries, will gradually develop the domestic market, the total amount of its investment will reach from 8000 to 100,000,000 U.S. dollars. Mitsubishi set up auto parts production base in Dalian, Dalian and the value of Japan's geographical proximity,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], urban infrastructure, complete, very suitable for the establishment of global production and R & D base. And Dalian has rich human resources, Japanese education is very good advantages. British study of diamond carbon mold surface treatment process of the UK's Brunel University is of the mold surface of diamond (Piamod-carbon) treatment process, the aim is to improve the forming die ■


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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