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mulberry københavn when asked more than 10 minute

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Motor Stator body outside the die casting process

To core as the base, aligning the marks on the floor, each piece offset 60. , Loaded into a fan, to tighten the nut, remove the plastic overall, after thousands in the incubator 12CC baking a half hours, the viscosity of volatile axillary gasification. (3) one by one by baking silicon steel laminated insert bore diameter expanded by the l5.8 16: g and rely on smell to insert a screw fastening hang together, supporting fixture with LY12 aluminum copper proud diameter +1 o together with the auxiliary fixture into the electric oven preheated to 2OO ℃ over the role of the insert fixture will not spread by the pick and then the components by the preheated by the preheating of the mold into the casting, die within a +1 oo.. 3mm of the core, the component to set its top, the role of the fixture in advance, in the pressure-chou during the high temperature and pressure of liquid metal by the impact of silicon does not occur to disperse. die forming, the body and outside the stator auxiliary fixture with a mold, remove the auxiliary fixture after machining. casting mix and feed system shown in Figure 7, 71 scoop. Positioning hoe up soil around plants 3. bright with 2. lack of Cang 4.ZL102 (4) to insert in the mold by the oak external force on the pad with the core will produce horizontal movement, scheduled to die in the die-casting rod equipped with three blind hole positioning. positioning ZLlO2 aluminum rod material, location bar diameter 3mm, length 20ram, within its l0mm knurled, when the positioning rod in the pre-casting on the fixed mold blind hole, so that inserts fixed to ensure that the appropriate size, die-cast production of stop pieces of positioning rods are embedded in chi, the left pole position in the casting part out Current out of machining, tooling and even industrial 1991.No.9 Tuen 127 capsule positioning rod and casting materials because, like, do not affect product performance, machine castings, after the appearance does not affect the quality (5) at the Design width pouring 2gram,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], thick 1.5mHi, into fan-shaped structure. In the wide-32ram, inch, 43mm OD at the open gate, inside the gate in order to avoid direct impact on this insert, the premises of the original 3mHi to 4Him, to set the direction of thickness mode , again when the car hit machining extra 1mm. (6) the heat balance of the mold is also very important, we had gasoline blowtorch heating, mold temperature is uneven. To this end, including the direction of pouring Ⅱ set up a large enough profit Otaki Lu, except accommodate the gas and the cold metal, but more important is for the rejection from the heat balance and improve the quality of the casting. (7) strict compliance with Taijin melting process and alloy melting furnace for melting in the 45 lap, in addition to its duties to ensure that chemical prestige, but also In addition to the gas refining, in addition to gas refining in the 720 ~ C ~ 740 ℃ range,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], using non-toxic scouring strong, when asked more than 10 minutes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then still slag, so that rejection of the old charge more melting, it is necessary for secondary refined. lampshade shell mold and low pressure casting technology industry Engineering University Beijing Du Fei Liu Jingyun Zhang Honglian low pressure die casting is the use of gas into the hydraulic pressure to the metal mold, and to a certain pressure casting of a special casting solidification method. and j with This approach not only can get better quality than the casting gravity casting, and can be made poetry out of ordinary gravity is difficult to fault the large thin-walled complex shaped castings. while the low-pressure casting gating system is very simple to use, the metal can greatly benefit rejection rates increase, usually above the gO% due to low pressure casting technology investment in equipment wooden steps, launched quickly, and can get higher quality casting, it is getting widely used in casting production. GNLD French lamp shell-type low-pressure casting mold test successful model, is an example. l 1.1 points of the mold structure and design of shade cover part mold structure shown in Figure l, the larger the projected area of ​​the part, for the 1030 × 412mm, the thickness of only 4mm, there are four internal were studs, and 12 columns. lampshade low pressure die casting shell mold structure shown in Figure 2, the mold by the punch l, 2 die, putting 3,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], reset the rod 4,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], guide posts 6, 6, and the exhaust gate casement System 7 casting and other components due to the large volume, punch and die materials used QT6O-2, gate kits and putting the set with $ Cr2W8V, to improve die life. 1.2 lens cover design points in Figure 1 Figure 2 Low Part Chou removal mold casting 1.2.1 Results chair back in the order of very low pressure casting, the solidification of the casting conditions of the order is more prominent than the normal gravity casting, in order to prevent the casting porosity and solidification shrinkage is the key. during process design should be considered part of the casting away from the gate before solidification, so that the gate finally solidified, so that in the solidification process of casting to feeding through the gate. in order to meet the solidification of the casting to Li, armed soldiers casting industry 1991 · No · 9; ~ 127


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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