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GHD Pure   with him farewell

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A ring Setaria

<td class=\That season, the school magnolias in full bloom with the flowers perfume the entire campus. She really like the boy before the tables. Sunny, cool. Yes, she was infatuated with his handsome face goes. He scolded her like protein, because she is really an idiot.
  they occasionally run into a place in the school, the sun mottled with two awkward shadow on the ground. . She was always shy and careful with him to the classroom, dormitory, but also sly look around and see if there is a strange vision.
  day, she will bite a rustling sound in the powder to do Apple, He always bother to leave one sentence: Only an idiot would you like to eat the meal that Apple! will have turned around to see his \Night. \She was angry and showed the whites of his eyes, and she hates him to do so lofty. But she really liked him this face, dream a dream I do not know how many times.
  she will never be regarded as very beautiful, sometimes too general, like a Setaria, standing quietly in the wind, she laughed, like a gust of wind, like a string of bells, to such an extent.
  like, wanted to have, she is overbearing in love before, and sometimes too brave.
  her confession so simple:
  Hey! I chased you well?
  He felt her forehead, \ hey, come on, or wait for you to chase me someday forget.
  but did not think he even took her hand and said, he waited a long time such as this sentence.
  Ha, no wonder today's weather is so nice!
  He asked what she wants?
  Setaria ring! her as long as this.
  He ran fast on the lawn after the teaching building picked Setaria made a ring on her middle finger.
  grass but the grass is, after all, leave the roots, they lost their lives, more withered, like this period of their feelings, too fast, soon gone.
  holiday period, they did not contact two months, school, the relationship is general. With adjustment of the seat, they range farther, and he front table for a boy, she sometimes put this person as he, she remembered the ring.
  high school is strictly forbidden love, and their germination has been so suffocated in the one environment. He sometimes thought that such an idiot after the tables. But they less words,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], less communication, sometimes to escape, in the silence of love froze.
  05 years, they graduate, admitted she did not dream of Nanchang University, Hunan aunt went to the opening of a chain of florist flower arrangement school. Because she was deeply in love with Setaria grass is spent. And he admitted the point, where he asked her not the school, find out more or not.
  07, her flower technology has reached a very high level. At this time, he is much more quiet than the original,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but little boys talk. Two years, she has been successfully in charge of a flower shop for the aunt,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the business even sub-fire, because her technique is unusual flower arrangement.
  May 7 that year, the store is busy busy. Her flowers will be scheduled all customers ready and write the address, Yiyi clerk to send flowers. Including lilies, roses, tulips ... well ... these long indifferent to her,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but the last bunch, left her nearly to tears. Setaria with as much man-to Magnolia! The two rarely shop there, she could go out and get. This time, in May, magnolia is blooming, she seemed to return to the past ... ...
  will be spent in a very beautiful, very elegant pink wrapping paper wrap, she looked at the names and income to spend Address: Yin Xue. South China University. She envied her, she thought of the rocket leave the ring for several years of Setaria.
  a college student who is also the order, the clerk told her that he will be 5 pm to the store to take flowers personally, do not send people. She is looking forward, what would be a kind of person, it is also a handsome face, Why?
  finally, here he comes. She plugged in and holding their own well-wrapped bouquet facing this out. This moment, she had almost collapsed, that was him! This coming year is still cool, just say goodbye to so many years, no longer be as familiar as before, they looked at each other, the fragrance filled the air condenses at the moment, almost makes suffocation. They almost cry out, but tears ah, he did as the years have generally frozen.
  them to a nearby cafe to sit down in the face of such a person once, they could not say a word. Magnolia has just release the fragrance in the raging, those Setaria stand still quietly.
  Later, he told her that he paid a girlfriend, met a year ago, today is her birthday, she will like the Setaria and Mulan ... ... he was silent, her only in the side of silence. Liu blocked her downcast eyes blurred, perhaps silence is the highest level of the thinks of the past.
  half an hour later, they called his girlfriend his past in traversing this route, she vaguely heard the girls voice is crisp, like lark-like. So, she should also be a quiet, clean girls! Because she did like the Setaria and magnolia. She finally shallow smile.
  with him farewell,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], she quickly stepped into the noisy crowd. In May the tears hit the dust, no one will see.
  years, and they also live in the same city, but have not seen a face. This time, she was with him how to say goodbye? They are top students, and she, but a flower girl.
  Therefore, all end up, scattered the strike!



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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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