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Injection mold design motor pulley

. Ball pulling rod 10. Gate set of l1. Location pour 12. {I} Bag 13. Fixed pitch 1d. Guide post 15. Wedge l6. Spacer bar 17. Measures to block forming collar piece 18. Plate -19. Activity Templates 2O. 21 bottom plate 22. Putting the fixed plate 23. Floor 24. Putting 25. Guide column 26. Guide sleeve z7. Reset lever 28. Rectangular return spring -. 29. Quiet surface oriented briquetting 3O. Type the heart H. Casement 'stork. Scheduled to die collar molds industrial 1991. No. 6 Total 1241 is not perpendicular to the parting of the work surface and set the shunt feed port transmission parts are generally vertical type mold structure, the concentricity, runout and other geometric tolerance for high, and mostly more than one mode cases, therefore, in the mold design and the gate shunt towel set should not cause the surface of the vertical type injection under pressure due to excess material produced flash, direct impact on the quality of plastic parts, especially in the design of choice when the side gate should be the main, split meet unexpectedly set in the fixed mold section, feed port or a dynamic simulation set in the side of the slider. 2 long-term work to ensure that the slider positioning accuracy and stiffness requirements of work as a transmission type injection mold plastic parts forming the major pieces of work ... a slider, the positioning accuracy and working lock on the size and geometric tolerance of accuracy of the great used in the design and manufacture of the slider in the middle of the side of the slide surface, and oriented to minimize surface contact area, instead of the usual side to slide the lower part of the structure-oriented form of sliding,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], E Wang enhance the stability of sliding movement of the slider on the side of the installation of a side A wedge, injection mold to ensure the positioning accuracy of the slider to increase the injection process of the work of the slider slider slider stiffness o453 work as part of a base molding from each of the Vice-forming mold cavity need to be broken down into a single shape as a whole number, symmetry group of units to slide up, it is a good split mold cavity after the repair process and subsequent replacement. 4 improve the injection molding touch with the precision and stability of the parts of the general plastic mold move, scheduled to die between the orientation and position are based on the straight guide post structure, in particular, do not use lead in a number of die sets, with the number of die work increase, due to the processing of the original error and wear with Taiwan, the positioning error is relatively increased in precision injection mold plastic parts in the IT-based mining Pulling straight pillar with the sauce for general orientation and rough location, and to the move, scheduled to die guide post between the set of cone 2,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], cone 3 for the fine positioning guide sleeve to ensure that the work piece between the molding accuracy, then it will prevent the form of a result in two positioning easily lead to over-positioning, but also improves the mold cavity and positioning accuracy between the stability of the work. In addition, in order to ensure the putter injection mold stability-oriented, generally set in the putter guide post mounting plate, but often the result of putting more than one mode more, putting hole and pillar positioning interferometer which had holes the difficulties caused by mold disassembly, using the height and contour the middle plate (generally a high degree of cooperation for the H7/n6) the guide column 25,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the first after the installation of guide posts on the plunger assembly 25, guide posts connected with the base plate screws, so that not only simplifies the structure, but also facilitate the process and putting the entry. Introduction of two new core pulling mold factory in Nantong City, Jiangsu prince Yu Xiaoyang l spine used for advanced keyboard standard keys, the mold core pulling method using T-, T-core set of pumping in one direction and the wedge tight, with small size, compact structure, distribution of quantity, movement and reliability. Open before the system is the use of such mold core pulling angle pin, large size molds, a mold or two of the four pumping garlic, a set of keys (7 ~ Cool the need to open four-cut system of the mold. After using T-core pulling, do not increase die size, can be a model four, eight core pulling, just three molds, improve economic efficiency. Pulling a standard key ring as shown in Figure 2, the principle, when the mold, T-6 to promote T-slot wedge slider 8 forward, in place, the wedge slider wedge die, when a model, T-T-hooks to wedge T-slot pull the slider to enable the slider back, Xiao Jian is pumping. In order to wedge in the second repeat and the slider action will not be misplaced, set the slider in a reset spring 7, while the top of the slide, set a limit of 17 briquettes in order to achieve the objectives. T-wedge against the side of the mold when lO possible in less rigid, so adding a wedge tight block 11.2 curve Pulling in some mold,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the core requirement is that the curve drawn. To this end, core-pulling method using curve, as shown in Figure 3, the action principle as follows: table mode, the rack 5 Daqu wheel drive linear motion u and pinion 9 engaging movement. Pulling pinion drive curve and curve 8, the Ministry of rack movement, the curve Pulling Pulling 8 Department of the Ministry and the rack are the same radius, so the rack Pulling trajectory is the trajectory. Pulling the curve in order to track accurately in accordance with established sports,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in addition to 46 modules County Industrial 1991. No. 6 total l24


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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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