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Sometimes human nature is really not as good as animal

 
 
  last Friday afternoon to open Yuanban will, because I am dealing with medical disputes, two minutes late. My breath went to the meeting room. A door, then secretary said sternly: \Heard the secretary of the stern voice, \Will be open for almost a half hour, I stood a whole hour and a half. Back pain, leg pain, heartache. In the mid-level cadres, no one sat back looking at. Sitting on the podium seven division-level leadership turned a blind eye. In their eyes, standing behind is a length of cement or steel. After the meeting, and no notice of you. Who was going to a length of steel or cement is not life it? ! I feel like I became a god of plague, people are staying away. Alas, Alas!
  After the meeting, I had to reluctantly go to the hospital's Office to explain the reasons for being late,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to give the President in charge to explain the reasons for being late and gave the secretary to explain the reasons for being late. Secretary said: \nearly four-year-old has been the most embarrassing one laugh. My mind suddenly common scene in the Qing Dynasty TV show. Da Banzai fined a eunuch, is finished, this poor miserable eunuch has tears crawl to kowtow to the boss fight Shane. Which I do eunuchs What is the difference?
  I know that I hurt. And it also needs its own to treat pain. Who are you doctors? Who you are Section Officers?
  secretary of the new arrivals this summer, is transferred from the Drilling Department, and a new style of work. Meeting left standing is his new ideas, very creative. A late reward and punishment in accordance with the provisions of the hospital is fined 20 yuan. Late to a meeting of corporal punishment with the spirit of those who insult, according to secretary said that with good results, in the time-tested production units. Such a new idea, the hospital should be happy, I feel the new ideas is the first good results of the people.
  who does not say that this new idea is good! Super-powerful Yeah! Originally knife can be solved, so you Mito try. That results across the board more than the quasi-natural! Than across the board and knife too deep, really powerful. Penalty is the first knife, left standing is the second knife, an insult to the spirit and personality is the third knife, knife really see blood ah! Arrow is not vain! Powerful, powerful, really powerful. I sing for this powerful new tactics, I'm going to applaud this new tactics, I led our hospital to have such a proud, really proud!
  back home, I am tired of lying on the sofa.
  back after my husband asked me how the. I described my life exactly the embarrassing experience this time.
  very angry after he heard. He said: \If you will be open 10 hours, 10 hours Do you stand it? how your illness has committed to do? your president is really in charge of turning a blind eye? You work hard for the hospital, you are ready to sacrifice his life for the patient and family,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Is Just for two minutes, to be punished so heavy that a man can not afford to stand so long time, let alone a Choice between Love!! I'm going to talk about your secretary. \Water flooded my soul, I struggling in the water.
  After listening to my son, but also very angry that he really wanted to kill the leadership of these heartless, \I am a state cadres, and I do not even like the students, the teacher is still unable to corporal punishment of students at fault, but the doctor has to be cadres of corporal punishment. Sad when look back and think, look at the way I walk, I'm sorry everyone. I'm sorry my parents care because the hospital was busy with work and rarely go home, even when the holidays, can not go home, need to post teaching, because you are leading. Seven-year-old father, and ill a few days before transfusion, the family told me I did not go back to visit, I am very sorry he was old. Her in-laws house even more sorry, mother hospitalized for surgery, I did not leave, had to wait on her after Xiaye Ban elderly. Annual Spring Festival, the husband can not go back and elderly Chinese New Year, he finished with me over New Year's Day, to go back to the old New Year. Husband and son, and I've let them, the hospital was lack of time to eat, no time to sleep time are many. Too busy, and often eat in the cafeteria. Evening a phone call, her husband up to take the initiative to send me, know I'm going to the hospital or emergency surgery patients, his son has also used the day at home, I often do not learn to take care of himself. Corey's medical staff, work with mistakes, I have always criticized, shall be punished according to the hospital, I am sorry they are. As for my patients, I think I should not let them, but they a bit small discontent, just I am busy, I have to give their explanation and an abject apology. Leadership, it may be more dissatisfied with me. Punishment so heavy, turn a blind eye to your pain, a heart of stone the same about the people! Since I'm sorry everyone, I suddenly wanted to climb up the hospital's sixth floor, flying down from that, one can not afford to sleep!
  I am really very deep feeling. I do not blame the leadership of my punishment, I do not blame their pain on turning a blind eye,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not blame my colleagues to ignore. They can not help themselves. Sometimes human nature is really as brutal!
  In this country, in this world, people sometimes really selfish. Have exceeded their own selfish instincts,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], beyond humanity. Men are born this good. Later, secular love you good to give up secular soul abandon you. For temporary interests, disowned, can be reversed black and white, can be a heart of stone can be hypocrites, can people not the Elephant Man, ghosts do not like the ghost of the living!
  I was suddenly very eager to lose the humanity. The human psyche constantly moaning, calling humanity. People too need human services and managed. Who stole our humanity? I feel that the murderer is a secular, was an evil devil.
  Currently, doctors are living in the rock crevice in the grass. This is what I became a doctor 10 years of deep experience. Side a variety of pressures, including from the hospital management, the other side is a bad doctor-patient relationship. No one understands you, no one care about you, no one trust you,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], no one respects you. Even someone yells at you, hit you, you are vital. In such a gap, you have to play the role of an angel, really hard! We can only struggling in the gap. Sometimes human nature is really as brutal. My soul in the gap in immobile. My heart is tired, tired! !


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