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Speaking on behalf of a meeting to listen to the fun of it

Listen to the meeting on behalf of the pleasure of speaking that we have supposedly <ul id=\This \As a small people, on behalf of their \This knowledge is conveyed through the sole representative of the past.
That was years ago when a certain organ. That era, the importance of their lack of knowledge on behalf of the election turns Zuozhuang most, or when a tour of the care. So wrong, let the representatives of the provincial bureau of Uncle Wang. Since the \Then in the solemn halls of the king uncle to the podium. Other lights lit up, Mike sounded uncle's face almost to the red and lung, and recently exposed as a steamer pot. Therefore, the written manuscript can not see the ambiguity, and Taiwan, the audience burst * move. Down leadership repeatedly encouraged us to read the newspaper said the documents on the line, you give the story we tell more about the venue on it. So uncle heard about some fun outside the venue:
first praise that it is the white one hotel, then those services is that it is pretty small smile and the third is that the food has fish meal , the taste is really beautiful. Fourth,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the family is that the service is attentive. Inverted drink, sit down there to help you pull the stool, and sent out did not help you intrafamilial transmission. In short the last sentence, which half is really living in the paradise of communism. Grandpa useless
This script's remarks, telling the truth,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], won long applause from the audience, saying that it really envious of us,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], that the venue of the effects are particularly prominent.
, of course, his uncle when the representatives of all twenty years ago. Now she has developed, people happy, and represent the advanced, and this should also be followed off the fun with a lot when a Progressive. Would like the opportunity to hear the truth not many rare today to see a post \
participants of the article claimed to have two years, said there nose eyes, that should not be invented, so good I read a lot. Grandpa said that although there is no image,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], can be considered more of a number of papers did not understand the content.
article is divided into three parts: flexible seating, the secrecy of the vote, and a single room housing.
first seating. \Turned out to be \This year's seat is not fixed, but \Then take the trouble of praising \sat 20 rows ten years. If surname surnamed Fu Pu, the seat is also easy to find, last rows must have. \\can see a ballpark. Of course, representatives, members are to meet,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not the theater, but also into the Town Hall, and very limited opportunities, and who are willing to sit in the front. Therefore, the occasional non-voting,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], voting the agenda of the General Assembly, the representatives have to swap seats with each other to share the pleasure of sitting front row. and then there is sitting up front can easily be recorded TV, broadcast to go home to see, but also happiness. sit back, again,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the clothing did not feature, carry Multi-camera is sweeping across, sub not clear who is who. This time round the front and rear seat is certainly welcomed by the representatives. Another fine show at the idea of equality and harmony. \The second is on how to draw votes. The original proxy is the \In this way, \Now \respectively, on the consent of, waiver keys, move which, next to the simply do not see. and a show of hands before I feel completely different. \\only hundred more representative, your hands on the report of the Court on the spot right, abstained, equivalent to yourself first. touch a heart narrow president, when he was that you hoped that would not win the lawsuit. \. The original \Appear to have \Then know that this does not have a single room of the conditions. Because \And examples of \leave it \Because then the writer says, \
Finally, the representative's recommendations very seriously, \As for the duration of the food, not to mention just say on behalf of \Thus it seems difficult to judge the representative of today is satisfied or not satisfied with the food.
The representative read the article, seems to feel that they understand something, just like on behalf of himself as \process all these years has been a great change and development. \
first know that the highest-level meeting is also worthy of improvement. Leader said, \Standard room as single rooms, single rooms as suites. Representative \If we have a suite or study,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], will certainly be more \The resulting funds to improve the quality and effectiveness on behalf of the motion than can be ignored by some.
As for the media or photographers who are also areas for improvement. Representatives, too, came to Beijing to participate in such a rare high-level meeting, you can not have the right to a fair bit, will give leaders time to even out some of the mirror, to each representative to a close, so that \home to see, is even more welcome, certainly welcomed by the representatives. \on behalf of a mask. So that regardless of where the speech or a show of hands, can be completely hidden. Maybe so, are representative of those of us, there will be more opportunities to hear some common words can not say.
the wooden fish house


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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