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TV drama \

TV drama \Of: wash it Qianhua [/i]
????????????????? Original starting in 2006-02-21?? Popularity: 12,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],249 twenty-episode TV series \feeling. Play through a typical doctor-patient disputes, our reality, the more common examples of moving the screen, through the actor's performance, objective and true representation of a number of scenes of life. Mixed with hospital management which made the difficult medical malpractice people, there are also some loss of the ugly face of medical ethics of doctors, who also form the shape of medical treatment in Taipei, and hospital experience in the reform of all obstacles.

in today's era of cross-flow of this material has little to lofty dislike and contempt of money mercenary . We are racking their brains in scheming how to make life more abundant material. Each of the ever experiencing a great moral challenges, particularly doctors and teachers, the two occupations. The question of conscience and the material cited, so that each of the behavior and thinking about swinging in the struggle in an attempt in this co-existence between the two can find a balance, I think this is a career in medicine and every person from the Education hope to achieve the ideal state, but the reality is often not do so smug. As described in the play, as I and the chosen two of the festival, we will be able to see how cruel it is a black humor. Let the silent laugh, cry without tears.

black on the doctor's income, I also have heard about, like the TV series as described in the medical Members of the company's push to make muddy the stops to push those high prices to the doctor, and promised to Chongchou, called the rebate Ye Hao, called worth mentioning, in short, are obtained from several doctors, and doctors do, just move pen to paper, open both sides to use some of the so-called new and special,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this is a tacit open secret, doctors and medical business what they need, have earned a bowl full of pots of surplus, but it is imposed on patients high medical costs.

people make this unhealthy habit of submissive and more blatantly evil, can not blame the incompetence of the people of the weak is because the medical profession is too strong, as an ordinary people, simply can not be argued to clear one of the half-truths, only for the chopping block, and any mercy of the.

\HCV infection was diagnosed, after investigation confirmed pathogen from his niece to the hospital care of a group of Simon pushed health care products. As head of the hospital building line Cao said: \;
is not open Leaving aside the international joke,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], at least they do not know that the hospital had purchased a problem, had wanted to take good care of the old leadership, it uses the kind of so-called The new special, and I did not realize would be suitable for obtaining the, this is the horse to himself away, and lifting a stone smashed his own feet. Shao Qingwei know the ins and outs of them, he did not make things difficult for the hospital,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but to find his niece to a sum of compensation, the hospital will push the boat along, half-hearted in general, exposing the matter of the past.

arrangements if this section is the abuse of privileges for some leadership, get what a wonderful irony in the words of , then vice president of Medical Laboratory Technician wrong fish, but Lan is a single laboratory, and delayed treatment of adenocarcinoma of the best time to loss of life, a bit too cruel, so beautiful, so talented a woman to that died in the hands of their colleagues in the hospital,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], God is really unfair!

vice president of the same name, and fish are also in the heart of Lan female, hey, as a female characteristic * room was removed, she lost her family and lost his job, all in all, are due to carelessness made laboratory technicians can be vice president of loss of these and compared to the fish, all seem not so terrible, At least she still have a chance ah!

more ironic is that at the heart of Lan that his \ecstatic, under the matter to the newspaper's reporters rebellion, and thus be a time of praise,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], such as when the split-day public opinion swept the earth, when the Hospital has a swallow CAO line,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], crushing teeth and was to swallow, but, conscience forced him to finally tell the truth, ugly though the hospital did its own access to WHO's loan, he has also been criticism of this, but eyes open, telling lies, ah more difficult to peace of mind! Particular phase of his confidante fish overnight heart Lan limited life, to be honest, tell the truth, is the face of the living, comfort the dead in the most rational choice, although this choice is so difficult, but the feeling of shame and then Yong ah!

the selection of this drama is a very acute social problems, so I a view, the play did not focus in depth on some, but a superficial, which may have a variety of factors in there, it will not go into details,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but I believe that ethics can no longer restrict certain behavior, laws and regulations at home will certainly play its role, and to a large extent, people also look forward to giving my family can interfere with the exercise of administrative means, which is closely related with each of the medical cause of this can be really done for the public service work sector, is the public hospitals instead of RMB hospital.


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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