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Autumn, autumn species, no income fall

<td class=\do not get the amount down. \No one answer, obviously, when just out on my own is still the main room to see Po Yan Mody.
  \walked past, Po Yan ass pushed high in the whole body probe into the pile of straw in the corner, it is ready for the chicken eggs used. Neighbor old cat is always hiding in the hen house, one did see the chicken eggs to flutter down over the past Sanxialiangxia swallowed,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], rats do not catch so much as raising as its owner, is a woman do not know tends the Lord,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so that the flower was. Po Yan did not speak, do not short out from the dozens of hay, walnut skin, the skin had become dark green walnuts, fold. Can see that has been placed for a long time, the flower pointing Po Yan Ding scolded post pursed;
  \, do the few small home that is not your kind of ancestors, and which Could you also had a few not a bitch? \Floral scared receded back involuntarily, since he did not see married Po Yan sent a such a big fire, face distorted, flower or even not sure whether Po Yan punched her, Po Yan Xi lips moved a few Next, he found what looked last Yeguo a worn shoes, looked at the flower, but also looked at the ground scattered walnut, alas, a cry to sit in a corner situation.
  \a few on here, thinking about the faded leather rot clean, Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for tomorrow, let junjun to send. \out, Po Yan seized the opportunity to stand up and pointing to a floral nose and scolded;
  \You did not see the old well house wife that the second boy, said there are seven or eight years now, stick with the old well is milled to the people Ding field, received wheat, houses, drowned yesterday pit chicken bastard, hot sent it to the hot bar, I do not curry favor with the point, when the time junjun remain a bachelor to What, \You therefore unethical to me with a basket of carrot Amoy to this worthless wretch, not work in the fields, on the bed not working, but many people will know something before the humiliation of gossips, a lifetime ago my digging the graves or stealing someone who family guy? \the wife to the Flower family stopping by, accidentally about her family has seven sisters, she was the third of four sister still did not say to the people. Flower took the opportunity to show off a lot how the home is the smart son,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], said that every time Po Yan piece of land even if it is to pick a few worry in pig manure, which hung a few pear fruit trees, insects bite off by a few teeth were knocked neighbor a few days to kill the child is still a few left, theoretically speaking, can mature in fall are a few junjun register, record; This is the home have a reader's benefit, there is will not be any waste, life is getting prosperous. Selected one auspicious day to say really beg people become, the fourth eldest among the Yaomei betrothed to the Junjun, the way was fifteen years old, one year younger than junjun.
  Yaomei a few miles radius of the earth is known Nvwa Zi, opera singing is good, people do not look small, to the stage,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and that graceful movements, the vivid handsome appearance work and won a lot of people's praise, village in one of the few music classes from the renowned Shaanxi Opera. Junjun and therefore worth a lot to improve every year on August 15, Yaomei the village for three days and three nights to sing opera, Yaomei off in almost every scene plays out the role, such as \Lee late spring, cabinet edge in the Xucui Lian, Yu Hu Fenglian in Kameyama, etc., is the most adept of a cut off Britain's Princess of Qin, Qin said to be through the County Theater in the hands of retired master Banhu words and deeds, but there must have performed This repertoire. This is also the most vernal equinox Po Yan proud day this time of year, people are generally farmers sow winter wheat season, Po Yan mobilization of flower, seed manure middle of the night, before dawn began to species but also plant a PM back for a few days before planting in the Mid-Autumn own, and then the other end to catch up with the energetic Jiaolv, shoulder carrying plow ass back to catch a walnut, pumpkin-laws where they are going to help her daughter more relatives to come fawn to many people, to the late, meaning there is a snack is not sincere.
  relatives who pay attention is like, whenever someone has a weddings and funerals, Toutengnaore of things like get together,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the daughter of opera singing is good, in front of the first natural Yang was also high, with talk that the county has been Qin Qin Xianglian complain troupe sang Kang Lingling's how good a \two guides, I sing the phrase women's songs directly from the second board, than the two guides and more pleasant to the ear. \Song of the Second Board of the farmers did fifty years, but they rarely put themselves into this industry, often of some of the State Council, radio, etc. on top of things, summer afternoon, the villagers gathered in the shade, Song of the Second Board Chairman Deng gave them something about which countries to visit in recent days to discuss what the national event, next year, what policy changes should be; the winter, people sitting in the sun drum set under the sun surface slope, Second Board put songs on the radio last night listening to the Anti-Gang Xue Tang to tell you the times, although sometimes can pull into the tile to Zhao Gang Village, Taoyuan wander into the three Qin Qiong, ignorant people are still very impressed song to the second board. Some people have not had time to have a good paper adhesion by saliva respectfully, handing me a good cigarette, the second board is not impressed with the song elbows pushed out from the inner side of the jacket pulled out a pack of cigarettes ingot, when the sale Price seems to be Ermao eight, which is second only to the grade of cigarettes a prairie fire, and the second board, said Song, the last time I gave the clerk of the village when the father Zhang Luo Taishou given. Secretary of the home crowd was said that the smoke is not a lift home in the prosperous wealth when cattle smoked it? Second Board song that you know a OVA, which is dedicated secretary was sent, saying that I still smoked at any time to say hello to him on the line. People would shake his head, there are several epigenetic Xipixiaolian to Couguo song for Uncle board is able to, I'm afraid we have to endure this life without cigarettes on the home secretary, second-hand akimbo song sheet in one hand and separate the index and middle fingers clamped cigarettes, it is a great smoke ring style to spit the mouth, he pulled over a few pieces of ingot delivery, what a few people happy wildly, carefully pinch behind your ears. Also the handle on the barrel.
  Po Yan a door called out to the relatives, a stoop in front of the donkey tied to a tree, two songs from the main room of the board in the window looking out for the sound do not patronize the donkey, and you quickly to the inside the house, and her head drew back, Po-yan not enter the main room to the kitchen door and asked the sound warm mother's relatives, Yaomei out? After receiving a positive reply from behind the house carrying a bag of walnuts too, and from ten dollars to work out who gave the mother's relatives: to sell her roots Yaomei Tousheng, too little, not too few, the name of the mother's relatives Hey Yeung said Shucks, got up and helped the church house to go to the Po Yan Po Yan only shrink back, Yueqin my mother front, the front, so for a long time, or go to the main room in front of Ben.
  meal would help two songs come down to earth grow wheat board, the evening sitting in a chair near the stage to move the place, very proud to see Yaomei singing, and someone from the front through, regardless of knowledge do not know Po Yan all say hello: ah, come, watch a movie, play good, good show.
  planting, harvesting, building houses, digging wells, in short, everything takes a great effort of manual labor Po Yan always a few days earlier than other relatives to the second board to the song at home, knew the junior high school to junjun graduate, has not admitted to high school, they spend time with Po Yan and Yaomei married to Junjun. Basically, bride price, said the rules are pretty close, even the happy event of the swine and sheep have been ready. Mid-October, from the son's marriage is a two-month period, the village in Shaanxi to the team singing, and at night the butterflies Cup, the first out is the bridal chamber, that women play even better than on the sort of Yaomei, Junjun to After a wall to urinate suddenly heard a whisper: out of curiosity, listened carefully: is Yaomei and a long-haired youth, to discuss the other two people in the play over, and the matter went to Lanzhou workers, Junjun not dare to say anything, quietly told his father.
  Po Yan said that you sit here and do not move, I look to come.
  when passing the sidelines of the cooked meat stall, grabbed the dagger board case, as the wall behind the door.
  \
  dark, Po Yan seen wearing a princess dress Yaomei said: I say this small bile than the big live for a carp to people and wounded children ... ...


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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