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[Year of the Pig Xinyu] agitation will be Year of the Pig

[Year of the Pig Xinyu] Year of the Pig will coming in 2007, is the great year we have pigs in order to be able to short-term part of our pigs The glorious year, the better prosperity and development of our pigs, so that more younger Pig Pig Pig brother had a good son, a decent and there's live pig cells. Today, we invited representatives of all parts of the pig, gathered together to discuss, to find the best solution, the best solution. Pigs is the kind we most close friends, this closeness can be so described is not an exaggeration: no pigs, no class . All along, we have to have a close relationship with the class so proud of pride, so we have strong disdain for the direct management of animals in the other animals, such as the Panda - Panda in addition to the class to shun the outside good for the Mid-Autumn is damaged bamboo forests. Less than that, though, we offer classes at the expense of life, but class still get the total time to time we scold, our equivalent to those lazy, equivalent to immorality. Of course, we're not strive to have our dignity, but little information, and in some places even worse. In 2007, we have to fight for similar conduct equal dialogue, we want class know that they are class of cells, we pigs have pig cells; their class has a great philosophy of life values, our pigs also have a great pig philosophy of life values, so that the lower class to change our view of the vulgar, to respect our pigs, pig cells respect. Fact, pigs are not the contribution of the class brother less than cattle, even more than, but why, the class celebrated cattle brother, The curse us as a synonym for it? The reason why cattle brother praised by the class, in addition to nutrition of milk out for class, the most important thing is, they eat grass. Relative to our pigs eat the food, the grass to all, as long as there is a land where grass can grow to, do not type to put labor. We can not say that class is extremely vulgar and selfish animals, refused to flow with the class, but should seek similar opportunities to engage in dialogue, make the class a new awareness, we are pigs eat the food though so kind to put labor, the surface is a disadvantage of the class , but the substance, as opposed to cattle grazing, our pigs eat feed, leftovers, the biggest gainers or class of beneficiaries. If not we are pigs, a lot of leftovers in restaurants and hotels will be moldy lettuce, pollution of rivers, threatening the drinking classes, but also easy to breed mosquitoes, flies, have a direct threat to the health category, compared with investment in class financial strength, the class only win no loss. Moreover, those leftovers after the absorption of pigs after us, into nutrient-rich fresh pork to improve the lives of the class, prompting class material can be improved. We should firmly believe that although the self-righteous kind, but after all,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], more civilized thought would be reasonable to pass is not for the immediate drive to identify the animal, through dialogue,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they will realize the value of our pigs to pigs not change objective view of injustice and instead celebrated as a tribute to our bovine brothers as pigs, that we are Ruzi pig: eat soil, is to contribute, rather than among those classes were all included in our swine residue class. Course, we have learned the lessons of cattle brother can not eat anything, especially those moldy carcinogenic food waste. Although pigs service from our class so far, have not found too mad pig disease, but we should remember that more than ten years ago, \\does not make sense). Therefore, it is similar to mad cow disease in order to avoid the emergence of mad pig disease to the health category, we simply let the class know that pigs with the close relationship between classes, is welded with electrodes, is indivisible, the health of our pigs, that is, the health class. For health class, the class should be concerned about the health of pigs, can not let the pigs eat the carcinogenicity of deterioration of the food waste. If the class can understand with our pigs between classes is the close relationship between lip and teeth, not just the use of relationships, they will improve our food, so we do not eat moldy food is not bad, we should also pigs to improve our living conditions, as much as possible so that we live in a clean,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], comfortable pen. Of course, we are fighting for all of this, not to the interests of our pigs, our ultimate goal is to offer as much as possible in class, for class and healthy, too rich son. Class has made it clear that such a classic: strong fear of famous pigs afraid. We did not hold true sentence made it clear that the sub - and which do not want to become famous? - The situation from our pigs for the truth, we really do not want pigs strong so fast, of course, one can not eat is not long. Light to eat not long grow faster with the same fate, being prematurely end their lives. So we just hope that class can be treated based on our pig pigs, of course, is to reduce the burden of the class, your class from our pigs the maximum profit,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the greatest benefits. Of course, we also hope that our class of pigs through the genes to change, so that we can only eat soil, and also can grow strong. Cattle in addition to lessons learned brother, we should also be the fate of this year saw the dog brother, all is not conducive to kind of behavior,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], just can not do is to not think of. Year of the Dog, the dog's fate is not the beginning, the class first with all the dog to pay homage to ancestors, and then died of rabies cases in the class increased, resulting in class has set off a dog team, dog siege. Therefore, we strive to obtain the dignity of pigs and pig cells, must not be due to a moment to reveal the beast of my fathers, to take quite a behavior (although you can kill each other between classes) violations of class, the final persecution or our pigs class. We should respond to the call type, positive for the type of service, and only under this premise, the class would give pigs to provide the most generous, most comfortable treatment. Anyone who wants to seek a confrontation with the class interests of our pigs, are not feasible. Of course, the Year of the Pig, the class will use the whole pig to pay homage to ancestors, it is the highest honor our pigs, our pigs a lifetime pursuit. Below are invited on behalf of Chang said. A representative of: class to sit down and dialogue with us that pigs are the best, Pa Zhipa, class between them busy interests of the dispute, where there is thought to sit down and listen to the voices of our pigs, not to mention, they have always been our lowest cheap as pigs, and could kill the animal. B Representative: We should Province, our pigs, why the panda is the class protected animals,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], if we pigs, but also the same with the Panda The on the verge of extinction, the class must have the same protection as the protection of our Panda pigs. So, I think, even death, but also die of value, the value of the so-called, not to transfer a class consciousness. C Representative: scarcity, such as B representative said that if we pigs heading for extinction, the class will also protect our pigs class. So, I think we pigs should be on birth control, can no longer litter the Health ah life, it is best to have only one life of a pig. D Representative: I think we are too cowardly pigs. Think about it, rats are stronger than we do, but do nothing class Quedui rampant rats. So an allegorical type: Laoshuguojie, shouting. From twisters, we understand what - in fact, the class bully is afraid of hard, as long as you dare to board with them, they are afraid of you. Fact, we all know, the class who stood up to fight mice? Some Pazang his own hands, some do not beat,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and some chanting, purely Cou trouble. ... ... This agitation will open very successful, delegates can use the brain to think independently, to play to their wisdom, though, the implementation of the different views, even contrary to co-operate with our meeting, but our common aim is to strengthen our pigs, so that pigs away from the dirty, stupid, let pigs a comfortable and stable child. Believe that our pigs together in the future of the earth, ruled by our pigs. In 2007,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is our pigs glorious era. ; 2006/12/17 modify the current horizon
article has been edited [ Chiba Red ] in the modified 2006-12-17 13:16:02


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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