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The initial sigh

<td class=\He has a pair of crystal-clear black eyes, dark skin. He is the captain of the school basketball team, low his two terms. This is a very strange feeling, she was a child to school earlier, so no older than he is long, but some experience is more abundant. The first time I saw him a specific time and situation, has hardly clear. They read the same junior high school high school, and then directly to our school's high school. Should be in her third, his first day, they've seen, as a school for a few people. But then, they have not noticed each other. Boys in her heart the first figure is a clear morning in a micro-light, when students in sports and specialty training in the playground every morning, he is the number of boys that the most outstanding one. I remember when she was assigned to the text of three classes, the classroom in the playground side of the position in a group of fit upstairs overlooking the TV drama appearance. He wore a dark green shirt, but is very outstanding. First time I saw the way he is running, very big presence. Did not think too much, every teenage girl will dream of Prince Charming did, she is also the case. At that time, she just wanted to enjoy, not thought the story would happen between them. I stood in the dark of the height of the enemy out, the feeling is relaxed, do not worry on their minds by others found that, after all, is a sensitive season.
� � second time to see him, or in that building. Because of the rain, the boys from the playground to the training site experiments on the first floor of the aisle. She was rushed to her class with another student, when he was playing with another group of boys together, saw her afar off over, exposing his innocent smile. She remembers that smile, so that 8 years have passed, that smile still hovering mind. She quietly walked over, could not help but look back, but that moment, he was still smiling at her. She quickened her pace, flying also like ran out of his sight. Since then, my heart is still some worry. Once more active and the other girls in her class to go out shopping, the boy who met him, she said the boy long as Max Mok, what his name to the force. Her indescribable joy, the understanding of the boys up more gradually. She knew his name, it is a very suited to his name - power. Third year of her career is in such spent under the watchful eye of eyes.
� � boy is a great basketball player, has a very rich but full of tragic family, which she learned in later. The boy's father was a nouveau riche, young families destitute. One day later, they rich. The boy's father and mother with two children, but he does not this meet. His aunt is also occupied by his father to do concubine, which is how tacky. It seems the girls, this is hard to imagine the family, she wanted to give the boy his life happy. Grew up in such families children can have is so innocent smile, which is always very hard to understand her. Freud said that a man's childhood experiences will affect the growth of a person's life. All subsequent results show, the boy is really a no sense of responsibility, at least on the emotional. Perhaps the boys final choice is understandable, after all, the barriers between them separated too much from time, from the family. Puppy love with itself under a bedtime sugar is sweet when eaten,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and wake up really bitter. Him in her heart, is such a sugar. Years later, she did not want to go recalled the past, this gave its Rouchang and turns of her past.
� � training every afternoon after the boy will go to the girl across the upstairs classroom overlooking his pretty child, regardless of wind and rain. The concern of silence, the girl is understanding the mind. But was reluctant to expose, and she knew he was watching her, always pretended not to know. Class has a boy next door is the captain of basketball team took office, the relationship between the girl and his bad. Boys often come back to find him, and then deliberately from her classroom door after class in which to create a casual encounter in a field. This initial love, often in retrospect, feel better, will feel childish. His eyes were black and very bright, when he saw a woman, she do not think the woman is able to reject that a pair of languishing eyes. After the morning exercises or calisthenics every time, he and she would dawdle in reluctant to disperse. High and one of the team and the high school senior team across great distances, he always watched it in the playground of the end of the line this side of the playground. She did not want to leave, knowing that there are appreciate her eyes. Boy sun tall figure, and the innocent smile of the day really, deeply etched in the minds of girls. That year 16-year-old girl, the boy is 16 years old. That year her birthday, her aunt's daughter with a play on the playground. She knew where to meet him that day was her birthday,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], she only knew that he would like to see him. He really did not let her down, he watched him far. And her team knew of another guy came and said to her, there is a boy wanted to meet you. This seemingly frivolous and provocative, even let her heart was beating fast. But she was sensible, she knew her situation. She refused him, and with a little sister to leave with regret.
� � That Christmas, the boy gave the girl a Christmas present. Is a very nice box, turn on the switch will then be filled in the snow. Exactly like she saw on TV was \All this came too suddenly, she did not expect, but she saved his pocket money, to the beautiful side of the mirror to send the boy she was trying to tell him who he likes, on the inside, let the boy go in person . But in the end, she could not say. This is a festival to bring a love game, the girls a lifetime.
� � boy still went every day across the far upstairs, silently watching her. Day was fast, arrived at about the time the college entrance examination. Two weeks before the college entrance examination one day, she can not remember the specific date, she is not sensitive to the number of people. That world is a lot of rain, he was at the school gate waiting for her, told her he did not carry an umbrella. She lent him his umbrella, then turned and walked with the students. The next day is a weekend night he found her self in the classroom, but also her umbrella, and invited her to walk on the playground. So they started their first date, girls walk in circles on the concrete playground, the boy took her hand to, then no two hands separated. The imagination of thousands back in the dream picture, finally appears in this dark night sky, she felt like that to happiness. They talked about many, many girls are always shy in front of the boys, she is open-minded nature of man, but gentle in front of him like water. He likes that he, she knew.
� � bulk to go with them step several times, each time all across the middle distance of one meter, the distance is a Sentimental, she was like. Some have said the boy had given her a good joke invented long ago, she knew he had heart, so is with a knowing smile. With them, I felt very sweet, not intimate act, but both sides feel affiliated to them other than they forget the whole world. They carried out to very low-key affair, the teacher did not notice it. But this is a high-profile romance, a lot of admiration for his junior sister, the girl had come to chat with someone special, the last but was impressed by the wisdom of the girl.
� � One day before the college entrance examination, they sat in the school playground the night, it was the first time a boy spent a night out alone. What they did not happen, in addition to a long kiss. That night after the college entrance examination, the boy was riding his motorbike riding school usually come to pick her up, they went very quiet on the road ride. This feeling is very comfortable, and they sing together, I remember that time is aci singing of \Less than 11 points, the boy put the girl back to live. They hurried to say goodbye to not have any intimate act. Watched him disappear in the night sky, the tall back, she opened the door inside. Endless and unlimited happiness miss linger in her mind, she never thought of love is so beautiful. Maybe then, she did not know what love is, but this endless feeling her heart beat.
� � entrance after the girl's achievements and disappointments, went to another province to a university-level city. They began a long correspondence, the girl in order to receive the first letter of the boy, volunteered to run for lives as members of the class on the day to take charge of the letter to the students. Gradually reduce the frequency of his letters, she had some inexplicable sadness and loss. After military training, she was very dark very dark tan, but it really miss him. Mid-Autumn National Day celebrations that year double, that night, a man in her dorm, I miss him. So the Internet to wait for him,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], returning to the picture that finally lit up, she told the boy, I really envy you with the family festival. Said the boy over there, I was your ocean outside the school cafe. She was in shock, immediately after paying off the assembly line to the sea 50 meters away red bars flew away. She saw the tall figure, and went over to hug him, the boy a bit shy,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], afraid to reach out to hold her. But then the boy said it regretted that time did not hold her.
� � that night, they did not bring identification, do not know where to go to rest. That night they go a long, long way, and finally dawn, the boy to leave, because his family waiting for him. He lied to the Hengshan and students to play, have a chance to slip out. In order to reach the city where the girl, the way he was removed several vehicles. He does not know where the terrain, thus suffered a lot. That evening, they had a warm and lasting kiss. It felt sweet, the boy accidentally bite the girl's lips swollen. The next day in the waiting room, said goodbye, she leaned forward to him, there is a very foreboding, and she was going to lose him. Iveco's door when the boy inside, after waving to her strong, she never saw him.
� � After his return, or written letters to the girl. Every weekend, the girls would go to a cafe to wait for the boy on the line. Increasing the frequency of the boy on the line is low, every time I see the girl, the always say you have a friend waiting for him next, he wants to leave. Is repeated several times, the girl finally said willful, then we break up! Soon after, the answer is there, all right! Day, the city where she was getting cold, the way in her dormitory, she was never cold. Back to the hostel, she wanted to do nothing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], very quiet hostel, one weekend, my roommates are out of dating. She lay in bed, I heard the phone ringing on the table. She hurried out of bed, can there have been ruthlessly closing the line. She remembers very clearly, the phone rang three times. She hated himself more than once, why not speed faster, maybe the phone is his calling. Later, she finally realized that, if that person really cares about her, would not only let the phone rang three times. Perhaps the young at heart are too fragile to withstand the torture that time and distance, so this relationship end this way.
� � girls who do not so easily forget him, she gets through the downstairs quarters, when the stadium will be to search for his shadow. Sometimes to see the back of his somewhat similar, and she always happy for a long time. See the list has a name like him, she could not suppress his excitement of the heart. She later boys who had no chance to get to know, but still remember his name on the list, the information system of the seniors. After the boy to the girl never written to, only later in a chat, she knew he already had a new girlfriend. The feelings of the moment, do not know what words to describe.
� � was once considered the girl to see him one last time, when she was bitten on the lip, and some black marks. She no longer had always regretted her more beautiful, so he will always remember. After graduation she enrolled as a graduate, that she has done part-time teacher summer, earning more than 4,000 pieces, it is fulfilling a long holiday, enough to her students spent the first semester. That day she and her sister went to the old cafe, he actually saw online, he asked for her phone number, concurrent information is to see her again. Think about her a long time in the heart, but not the final decision. That did not see him, she always felt a little unfair. But she knows the feelings of no fair at all. When a man love you, he really love you; when he say love you, he is also really love you anymore.
� � Later she heard he won a local modeling contest at the second, but unfortunately, did not witness his style, she always evaded mind that the initial pain. They also had several on-line opportunity to meet, chat each time not more than 10 minutes, were saying nothing more than call you? I am here ... ...
� � this relationship in the end, girls are no longer willing to touch lightly. Often talk about this relationship when the girl is always the third person, as if to tell the story of a friend. Who knows, it is first touched a woman.



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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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