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mulberry københavn when flattened tube width boun

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Motorcycle frame and die support tube processing technology

Figure 2 shows the tube part 1 front right support around parts of Figure 2 to reverse the A-twisted Received: September 12, 1997, as against these problems, from the flattened part of the processing technology and how to prevent mold parts in the process distorted to be discussed. 2 processing space the size of pipe can be decomposed into two plane size. Figure 1. With mold, 1 can only process a plane the size, so part 2 is subject to bending. If using CNC bending machine, you can bend out of the part 1. Wei stay for the right structure and management requirements, there are several options to choose from (only bending and flattening the discussion): ① a flattened tube bending; ② a bend of a curve flattening; ③ Bending of a curved flattened; ④ a flattening curve of a bend. Parts for tube bending, spring back is the key issue of quality parts. Tube bending resilience is affected by many factors, each batch of material spring back after bending are not the same, There is no perfect formula for calculating the theoretical basis for rebound, rebound values ​​to be determined based on experience. ① using CNC bending machine program can be amended at any time input parameters, to achieve satisfactory results. The use of curved mold, mold well after the amendment is more difficult to rebound. So this program as the best solution. However, considering the actual production factory, the workshop is only a pipe bending machine, can not meet production needs, it must also consider the use of die bending program. Program is the processing of such parts ② the traditional method, but in the bend, the position is not good control, easy to flatten part of the relative surface appears to reverse the phenomenon. No. 4 Total 20 615 solutions ③ crushed when the bending procedure has been used on the curved surface to locate and pre-compaction,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and can effectively overcome the reverse phenomenon,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but the program is complex and relatively large mold structure, and height to meet the flattening 32.5ram, the mold must be in place at work,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so can not be closed by adjusting the height to control the press bending, may make the size 32.5mm ultra-poor, or bent frame size is not Taiwan. Program ④, by the first bend, the next two processes are the first curved surface formed to locate and pre-compressed. This program not only to overcome the reverse phenomenon, two punch bending process can be closed by adjusting the bending angle and height to control the rebound after the meet size requirements, and squash and NC pipe bending die can be crushed after the shared a mold. In summary, for the right support tube parts before the preferred solution r ①,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], followed by the program ④. !:::/. L] L; l Kam 3 die design for the bending modulus value is mainly to solve the problem of springback, the design value of the mold can be made larger rebound more, by adjusting the height of the closed press meet size requirements. Bending modulus of the concrete structure of this paper is not for discussion focused on crushing mode _ white g design. Squash squash meet to consider the width of the main module 28 ± lmm and prevent flattening part of the reverse. The width of the pipe after flattening in the free state of the same principles can be obtained under the surface, by calculating the part in the free state with a width of 32mm, and the part the practical requirements for the 28 ± lmm, so when you take the width of the flattened limit. At the same time to prevent the parts in the reverse process, the need to design pre-press equipment. Die structure shown in Figure 3. Die Features: with parts 3, 6 pieces of the width limit | . ! / F, ll: / l one by one I ● I,. . . ; Il Factory L} J] l23222120 mold Results regret I. Figure 3 Screw 2. Mandril 3. Left limit block 4. The following template 5. Pillar 6. Limit the right block 7. Die 8. Pad 9. Spring 10. Screw l1. Guide sleeve 12 plate l3. Rubber l4. Punch 15. Fixed plate 16. On the template l7. Die handle 18. Briquette 19. Top block 2o. Mandril 21 floor 22. Rubber 23. Transfer plate 24. Plate 28 ± 1mn, when flattened tube width bound, pipe fittings will be squeezed in between 3 and 6 pieces, inconvenience unloaded, then, the side pieces 3 and 6 pieces designed to slope, die After recovery, use of small buffers and springs 9 will limit around the top of the block along the slope, so that the distance between the two is greater than 28 ± 1Inrn,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], parts can be easily removed. Press itself through the use of a buffer piece 18 and piece 19 will be pressed against the parts reversed. Die in practice to achieve better results. Stack torch: = injection Zhen Ju custodial 9 '; Nang smilingly system HSc dizzy. O injection holding pressure cooling flow analysis HScD2. O touch with the majority of structural design calculations checked for mold designers to improve the training Die and Mould Technology, Huazhong University of the State Key Laboratory Phone: (o2v) 754445v Fax: (027) 7547935 Postal Code: 430074


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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