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Vegetation Romance

<td class=\forests. A tall oak tree next to the students with a flower, purple flower petals wrapped in pink drooping to one side, two jade-like leaves in the petals around the circumference. Gust of wind, the oak leaves Baile Bai, showing little impact of sunlight shines on the broken petals, flowers, a move, quite a pretty stem, suddenly turned into a woman, wearing a purple shirt, long hair, face side the two networks with long hair pulled back rope, tied a pink bow.
  She sat on the floor, raised his sleepy eyes looked at the sun awakened from a dreamless, Duzhuoxiaozui, apparently in the strange daylight stirred her sleep.
  fierce swing oak leaves, numerous dew from heaven, Rise colorful flashing light under, girls cheer up, stretched out his hands in the air to draw two beautiful arc, all the dew has gathered in the hands of such Sea Ranch Two springs depression. She held up both hands, sprinkle the dew on the face, pink and crystal drops of water over the skin of her, reflected a more appealing fantasy glory. She jumped up from the ground and look with open hands toward the sun, took a deep Lin Zhongqing new air.
  Suddenly, two huge oak twigs down the stretch, holding her waist and lifted her high, over the top of the forest, she now is a green in the vast woodlands.
  a forceful voice said: \armpit, Ganoderma is heard laughing slightly, his hands held onto the twigs, said: \Oak slowly lowered his arms, her back into place.
  Rosie pulled a small branch said: \Next hung a sword. Smiling at her.
  Rosie made a face and said: \it! \a grimace: \Yuen-moving, during which seem to be mixed with Fengming Dragons. Ganoderma eyes wide open to the air, said: \from a hurricane, the wind after the flutter in the trees behind a tiger to jump out. The tiger has one foot high, Bianshen gold, dressed in a brown-black road pattern, red red eyes, a mouthful of sharp teeth flashing dense white light. Ganoderma screaming, hiding behind rubber Jun. Jun exploration rubber waist pull out the sword hand, a coldness across the blade, the tip into a point at the Silver Star, air-conditioning radiance. The tiger saw the sword, the body of a frustration, fear seems to have frightened some, but not willing to like, his eyes shining with pride ruthless light, tail straight in the ring behind the rejection of the flap, debris swirling ground. Suddenly a stone flying out from behind the tiger and hit the side door to the Oak king, king of a migraine rubber, stone rubbing his ears flying, winds blowing in the face raw so. The advantage of this gap,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the tiger will Yaokua a setback, roar loudly, rushed up from the side. Jun quick return block rubber sword, the tiger's mouth in the neck side, he is busy a turn, bend from the tiger through the fuselage, and grabbed Huwei, soon thundered, religious ties, is holding the tiger, so it continues Qianpu , hurt Rosie. Ganoderma has now eclipsed Huarong scared, stay local.
  four tiger claw grip, the body of a volt, fierce toss of tail, flat rubber flying monarch standing firm, is busy reaching out for a side branch of a tree, do not want to rattle is heard, branches broken, rubber Jun staggered a few steps, only a firm, underground passage: \Rubber Jun heart: \then cover and landed on the rubber king hands. At this point that Tiger has turned into a grasshopper the size of the turn round in the cage, although Fenti growl, the sound just like kittens in general, no more no power and influence.
  rubber Jun Rosie came around, the cage and handed her: \never seen such a big tiger. \Senior's good at catching the tiger. not quickly released. \, head of Health with a sharp corner, Minghuan Unicorn, above sat a middle-aged man wearing a bright yellow dress, ruddy, dark beard blowing in the chest on. Ma ago, a team of women, holding hands all manner of instruments, this time has stopped playing, stood quietly. Full Metal Jacket is the magic behind numerous, inserted one by one back bow arrows, an imposing appearance. Head wind whistling sound, two large wrap around hungry eagle circling, it seems always have to rush down.
  rubber king will hide behind the cage Grasshopper said: \worship, still here sophistry. \That middle-aged man said: \so big? This is my domesticated, and not grow it! \Ganoderma think this strange old man, but also straight at him, but gradually the inevitable shame of Health anger, halo Health and cheeks, white at him, turned away. East Huadi Jun said: \\Rubber Jun exclamation, Grasshopper cage in the hands of Emperor. Rubber Jun furious, shouted: \Emperor micro lead horse back, God came up to the shining armor, weapon play a grid, a choking sound of Barang,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], golden light, could not grasp the rubber king, sword hum is heard flying through the air, \, a hungry eagle Puxia, seize the sword of people flying into the bushes, took a magic, close up.
  Jun Youjingyounu rubber, ground leaps, single-handedly rushed to the Emperor. Emperor will be pointing to, shouted: \Emperor said: \
  Ganoderma have been scared to stay, at this time only to wake up and fly it a few magic said: \
  At this time, Emperor's voice sounded: \! \not? unless you promise to do my maid, I will let him! \rushed to the left and right Jiazhu Rosie, to the air.
  rubber Jun shouted: \the collapse of open, seeing to be broken. God Mangxiang Emperor: \frost here by air knife sword, the sun and rain, when repentance, and when you let go! \faint cry for help coming from Ganoderma pathos. Rubber Jun eyes to heaven,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], shouted and fainted away.
  it was midnight, the cold moonlight on the grass in the forest, a drop of dew from the leaves on the rolling, oak king fell on his face, rubber Jun Yi Chan,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and he felt as if some one gently stroking hands He, the distant ear had a vague call came Ganoderma sound. Rubber Jun splitting headache, body twisting struggling, suddenly cried out: \
  Rosie in front of him, hands on his face, cheeks hanging tears, his face as white as frost. Rubber Jun Hei said: \as long as you're around to tie a million years I was willing to. \Rubber Jun surprised: \willing! \behind a cloud, until they dare to come out so far away. let them put the flesh away! just this way, I will never become a wandering soul Wild Ghosts, and then into the body can not practice every day in the wind drift, by-water rafting, the heavens are not closed, and the land not been thousands of gods million ghosts bully, mortal spurned. night, according to people under the eaves, to weep month: Ling smoke up and down early in the morning, leaving no traces. \Wang's eyes filled with tears, the body floating in midair virtual fluttering hands holding the shoulder, it seems that very night that in the raw cold, howling the shaking.
  rubber Jun: \enviable Dryad, sooner or later, hard,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], promising, with me wandering why no traces, beyond redemption. \soul. Tell me! \
  East Huadi Jun Rosie back to Asgard, to see, the dead for a long time, the body is cold, and can not help but rage, cursing the two magic said: \distracted by the way you drag the dead, did not know I was the maid to bring her back to do it? What use to you! \, stand on both sides of the gate.
  Fushen shining armor of God will be cautious: \died. I went to the results of that monster, the Emperor outlet. \That God, if amnesty, driving clouds look to the forest.
  At this point, oak king had mastered the spirit of the law out of Ganoderma, silently mouth a few times decided, the body of a Song, that is only tied to the living flesh Yulong, how prohibition got soul, the soul, such as hit by rubber Jun Smoke usually overflow from the Ni Wan palace, came to the front of Rosie.
  Rosie a flutter in the rubber Jun arms, crying uncontrollably. Rubber Jun stroking her hair, in speaking comfort, fleet Ganoderma hair bow has turned into white. A sudden gust of wind, the leaves burst of sound crashed, involuntary body rubber Jun wind drift away, Rosie Chezhu a branch, only to stabilize the body. Jun rubber around busy to go back to Rosie, do not want to have the first gust, two gust was underway, the body and back journeyman, he was busy easily cling to a tree, only to stabilize the body. After the second gusts, the forest calm down, rubber-jun busy floating through the air back to Rosie the power side, laughed: \tears.
  suddenly emerged in the distance a mass of golden air, getting closer, the two busy hidden into the trees. That tied shining armor of God will come before the oak tree, Jun body to see when already dead. God will sneer: \Jun corpse rubber coming in a cloud away.
  rubber Jun and Rosie came out from behind a tree, staring at the fading golden light, a cloud covered the sky slowly, loud, a lightning down from the air, head to the oak king and Rosie Pilai, Ganoderma screaming, pull rubber Jun-place get out, taken refuge in a tree, and a lightning strike in the trees, the fire blazing into the sky, lit up half the sky. Two of the hot-resistant, Fu Zhao did not dare move. Rubber Jun said: \the risk of future more, and we are not in panic day, into the air, suffering day does not stop, our offense million catastrophe recovery. \lightning light the way, I do not thin to be carry on God. The most important thing is to have you by my side, I do not want to re absolutely robbed. \



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