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not dare orthoptic

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PostWysłany: Sob 9:19, 23 Paź 2010 Powrót do góry

Dołączył: 06 Paź 2010

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Afternoon, I went saving the mourning hall hold a memorial ceremony for that victim of courtyard of badge Beijing opera furnishs in the home. Before go, I am conscious the mobile telephone that p reaper dialed the person that die,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], do not have expect to return somebody to receive listen, it is his wife. Hoarse cry is transmitted in mike, saying to know me is she dies the husband's friend, know I and he has cooperative intention, hear this, I couldn't help weeping. Hit hastily then rub go coming in the dead's home. Step into area of dormitory of courtyard of badge Beijing opera, wreath pulls a large to be put all alone in mouth of the dead's door, as if the bad luck fetch that be persecuted to death is being recounted in breathed ground. . . . . . Consider must not a lot of, I am plunged into directly into mourning hall, look up to see the dead only before one's death the stage photo that heroic bearing ofs material bearing, the family member with the heartstricken on bended knees on the ground, my heart at a draught of hold tight very close, still have an acerbity sick at heart. The top class in a kindergarten that the colleague of the person that die is institute of the art I am 20 years ago learns to grow, bringing me to respect 3 wick sweet. Looking at the stage photo on clever case, I still cried, those who cry is very sad. I remembered the time that artistic institute is in 20 years ago, remembered the artistic elegant demeanour of his stagewise, thought of I cooperate with what fail to finish between him again. There are a lot of people in the courtyard outside house, familiar face is all round, it is these face are bringing grief only. Suddenly, I remember again whether to see with widow of the person that die. Then, his colleague was taking me to enter back room again. The paralysis on bed couch is lying an eye cries redly, cracked elegant woman. I know this is his wife, before going up hastily, console. Her deplorable eyes looks at me, it is next hysterical cry throatily sound. My body is quivering, not dare orthoptic, can say some of in form only comfort speech. She looks up suddenly to say to me, you see his son. I give house to be searched in the courtyard hastily. Far, a troupe family member is holding in the arms 3 years old big child comes over, it is good that the child sees I called acoustical uncle sweetly. I look the small cheek that touching the child up and down cannot refrain fromingly. A few troupe family members take on the side, saying to saying to cry to me. I cannot bear the heart looks again, lose one's head. Looking at the on clever stage portrait of the deceased in house, he still is in that way heroic bearing break out is taking smile to looking at me. Taking the advantage of the clearance that people recieves in business, my gumshoe. Walk out of theater gate, I still cannot help mop a tear. Little group learn to grow, you rest in heaven,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I can come with such mood only hold a memorial ceremony for you. Come back to receive friend incoming telegram to invite me to have a meal namely, then miscellaneous Chen De of acerbity the five flavors of my nose acid attends the banquet. Have a meal moment always is absent-minded think the move is little group of old elder brother,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], think eyeball of consider have sth in mind does not stop wet rise, fortunately the friend did not detect, be concealed to go by me. The deplorable cry of wife of run upon dead and child's fancy-free smiling face remains the same in brain, blast paroxysm is close. Those who remain only helpless and sentimental. . . . . . .
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