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MAC False Eyelashes   do not know wh

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In that field of hope

<td class=\were driving with his father went back nearly two decades of rural home.
  father from the age of seventeen began teaching six-year-old retirement leave on the education front, in the teaching career,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he traveled almost every corner of our county half of the primary, secondary, and his students from the provincial party secretary to the common people, and also the fragrance of peaches and plums, this back home, he was the most happy, all the way to a village in each, he would stop to look at my school beyond recognition, then one side, alas, while excitedly told me about some of his The story in the school and honor. From the county to a total of 35 km journey home, with more than 3 hours, nearly 12 o'clock noon, we finally returned to his home village.
  When I parked my car in my primary school from kindergarten to the alma mater of the door, my heart is so thrilled and excited, the county was once a famous school, then here for school for the community nurtured many talents. Here are my childhood fantasy, footprints, sounds, see it, I was back at that carefree, innocent and romantic years, quietly reading in the classroom to learn, enjoy the game in the playground to play, leading Awards stage again proudly holding certificate, that really is my life's most memorable day.
  was I thinking all the time, come out from the school gate and stooped figure of a Heishou, that familiar face so I can not remember who, fortunately he recognized us, shouting excitedly the sound: \\But he was my age how would this look like it? Dry hair mess tent canopy, his face haggard, sunken eyes, faded clothes, a pair of servants servant's home Naboo gray shoes, when he shook my hand and together, as if holding a pool of rain bark, my heart could not help trembling a bit, how is this going on?
  To show my enthusiasm, I quickly took out a pack of \Then I fire, and inhaled deeply, and asked us: do not eat ah? This I feel really empty stomach in the morning departure from the county to eat a little earlier to now, how can you not hungry? He quickly said, I live in the school, and you Wait, I buy a few packs of instant noodle. This time about 30 meters away from the concession stand out of a few people, and saw my father have come all the way to hellos, one look at me say \it \
  playground is so big, but the years from lack of repair, the walls tattered, overgrown with weeds and the edge of the playground unknown flowers, where two goats are enjoying the sun bath and grass nutrition, a few chickens in the grass back and forth leisurely feed. The first row of the Office of the cave turned out to be teachers or so twelve holes, the second and third row is the original room, the original wall on the red Zi has faded, but revealing still Nengren Chu \When we came to the first row with Hongwei the first hole cave, the Hongwei quickly lift the cloth curtain was full of patches, let us into his home and this is a home office, a door, A moist nostrils of the musty odor, which also lie on the kang elderly people, ah, I know that this is Hongwei asked his father was paralyzed in a stroke last year, has been relying on Hongwei maintenance and sight of the old man now look, reminds me of the old labor model is known,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], really mulberry sea ah! Elderly people to hear, difficult to ask: \moved.
  Hongwei busy cooking for us to go outside, as I doubt the ladies with the uncle who came wiped tears, choking back tears, opened the Round Table: Oh! Look how wonderful you are now living, Hongwei more to the poor. Mother died early, middle school graduation to go home, when the private school teachers in ten years. Although the ratio of students to teach village students score better on the school, but I could not regularized. As the tide of migrant workers a large city, in the village of fewer and fewer students, the town four years ago we decided to withdraw the village primary school. Hongwei poor because the children will in the seven-year-old more than 20 primary schools in the rural center residential school, some will simply not on the adults can not do without, so he insisted to stay and continue to run from the kindergarten and first grade. The first year a total of 8 students enrolled, because teaching is good, the second bit to 15 years, the recognition by the township government and village committee to pay 150 yuan from a month long to 250. Around the village last year, enrollment increased to 25, watched his confidence, and can be difficult for God and his side, his father even got a nap woke up paralyzed, injections, medication ran out of houses, and his wife led the 8-year-old The son left him, the 25 students 13 and went halfway, but he still did not pull their teeth with children's programs around the house are safe in the school. This year, an increase of 3 students, but because teaching to take care of his father, but also farming, he gave the body a hard bar bar completely tired out. Are talking about, Hongwei holding two bowls of hot noodles come in, we will immediately solve the problem of food and clothing.
  had dinner, my dad suggested a walk outside to see his father who went out with the ladies stroll uncle and I came to the playground alone Hongwei Laohuai a tree, and feel the difference two decades are still strong of the trunk, so really can not talk about my heart, I put a box of \
  him straight Zhi Yao, the sky a long way sigh of relief, asked after a moment I thought: You say how can I do? No matter who I'm not a father; the two village schools then we suddenly completely without Wal-Mart, I go out as a student here, and my heart can not stand; third of the 15 students now attend school, only 7 to 8 are only nominal If I do not school, they will not go more than 20 primary schools in the village go to school, they are very clever, we can not let them lose at the starting line of the future, right? After listening to his words, I felt my incompetence, selfishness, my pain with his head down, silent answer.
  After a while, I propose to look to the classroom, Hongwei silently stood up, straightened clothes, took me to the only one classroom. Wiping the mud on the walls of several pairs of celebrity portraits and hung famous, old tables and stools Page venues tend to separate the sides in the classroom, sat quietly in 15 sweet and innocent children, is hard at doing the job, greatly The clearly written neatly on the blackboard the new words today, and arithmetic. See a stranger, the students look uniform to me, bright and amiable as the night the stars, but the same as the one to stab my sword, my eyes could not help the moist, quickly out of the classroom.
  Hongwei once again came to the office, I saw the window station neatly on the table with the operation of the emissions, ink, pencil cases, books, pressing a piece of white paper under glass with the words \, math, ideas, art, sports, music, \fourth grade daughter wrote, \
  Hongwei in Bata, Bata to pipe down the volume adsorbed volume of his own, quietly squatting stool, he saw me checking over his teaching, he asked me to move out of his father, the sun . Settled the old man, he blushed with embarrassment to me: \how it took the children to study music. I am a little stronger than he was to bite the bullet now. Hongwei listen to me agreed, happy to stand up and pulling I go classroom.
  kids listening to the teacher's introduction, happily clapped her hands, looked at me happily. In my mind turning quickly, what is the song to teach it? I am also a music blind ah, then, a ray of sunshine with laughter, with hope came from a shot in the window, it seems to have come to this course in a spectacular, bright sunshine, it is like the 15 children eyes full of hope, I suddenly remembered a song of my childhood \I immediately wrote the lyrics on the blackboard, and full of deep feeling, loudly singing together.
 
  our home in the field of hope
  smoke in the new housing on the river floating
  village in the beautiful flowing
  next to a winter wheat (that) a sorghum
  miles (yo) Hawthorn fruit
  miles cough! our generations to live in this field
  off for her for her thriving
  ... ...
  singing songs over and over again, watching the smiling faces of innocent children, listening to their crisp voice, as if my thoughts have been floating in a field in a verdant, where Huaxiangniaoyu, where vibrant .
  do not know when, I suddenly found a lot of the classroom door stood a great people, they are engrossed in listening to children's songs, filled with surprise on the face. Father's kindness and gentleness of eyes looking at me closely, he found it?
  afternoon on the way back to town, my father and I have not say, maybe we have their own thoughts, thinking about solutions to problems,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to the county hotel stay, we grabbed some dinner, do not even watch TV to rest,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], his father sometimes sighing, sometimes thought, I finally asked him: \\
  my return to the workplace for a long time, during which I frequently called home and asked his father Hongwei situation, I heard in my instigation, the home folks away from home even more than 10 million fund-raising, the school properly fitting a bit, with a lot of learning equipment and supplies, and hired a female teacher to understand the music, nearly 40 children into a kindergarten class and a first grade class, a lot of progress over the previous academic performance by the County Board of Education recognition. Whenever I hear these good news, I always could not help tears, my lovely hometown ah, you finally entered the field of hope.
 
  Postscript: finish the short stories have been early morning, but my heart is not quiet, in the Teacher's Day approaching, my son as a teacher should write something to congratulate the But the city's elite schools, private schools in rural areas, advanced backward, far cry, I sing then? Some people just want to give encouragement to some people to spur the other to some caring people to pay tribute to the noble, do not put in writing this article.
  2007 年 8 Friday,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 31 January morning



[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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