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ed hardy schuhe the Taiwan reasonable layout map

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Motor stator, rotor plate and core layers Progressive Die

To work at all with the top step of appropriate marketing materials to make some progressive die strip into the correct position of the start,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], beginning with the block off with the initial block material to complete the task. 5. Correcting pin stamping, pilot hole must be designed to give top priority to consider it all the time in the press section Division positioning base station. Be the first station out of the pilot hole, this hole after the station with the pilots to prevail is to ensure that each step away from the station and the accuracy of the relative position of the workpiece, which is to ensure a continuous strip stamping accuracy of the final size of the workpiece. Guide pin structure is shown in Figure 14, in order to guide pins are easy to reach into the hole, made a small pilot hole tip, pilot hole bigger in order to transition to the diameter of the arc, only the diameter of extension work into the pilot hole before allowing start punching action. Pilot hole in the median number of workers in general should not be less than half the guide is installed on the pins in the mold should be removable, and that it does not impede the punch grinding. Because in some cases, the feed strip is not in place by chance, will lead cutting strips are sold, so the hole should be the next model seat to marketing materials to correcting the gap with the pilot hole is usually D. O1 ~ 0.03ram, the specific size of the feed should be based on accuracy and precision of work piece size selection. In addition to progressive die each lead is sold, but also a safety test marketing, especially in high-speed press, the protection of the mold must be installed miscarriage safety testing are eliminated. Figure 15 is a common security, determining】 Figure l6. Lead 2. Proximity switches with industrial】 989 8SG22316 hibiscus. No. 1 of 95. Maggots. Detection pin structure, mounted on the mold guide pin hole position is, when the strip to make safety testing miscarriage retractable pin micro switch contacts to change position, send a signal to stop the press stamping action. Structural safety testing of a pin near the switch (Fig. l6) and the security barrier relative position to pick off a test changes to the letter close to Kua just press a switch action ,,/,/////// l prince Yu 16. In order to sub-thrust superimposed buckle sets the number of pieces given by Kui buckle out of the stack, there must be control panel to change the punch, the next location, a control board, cut from the cylinder or the mobile home I drive magnet. When the red button when the stacked position on the left panel, when the sub-station to control pull in the right position. 7. Core layers to make a continuous punching out the relative position of the separation will not be misplaced, lamination core layers have sufficient adhesion between the next model down the bottom of the hole with elastic Division 'sets up its Die hole diameter ratio of small O. 1ram so. In order to adjust the binding force,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], set up to adjust the size. Luxury in diameter with adjustable up cards turn (Fig. l7). In the cast are stacked buckle punching, blanking with this device will not be disturbed after the punching, easy management chip to improve the efficiency of core layers. 8. Other progressive die tooling for multi-position pressure center of the mold length is very accurate and consistent pressure center punch, but I must be allowed in the red range. General introduction to the book value of such sub-pressure center eccentric one-sixth the length of the lower die, which is not correct. Because, according to this deduction, the longer the mold,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], stamping tonnage, the higher the eccentricity allows the more so, it obviously does not station management. In fact, the greater the pressure impulse, allowing the eccentricity is smaller. Progressive die design, the center of pressure and the punch to make the deviation of center of pressure limit to ensure the accuracy of punch movement within the center of pressure under the punch to allow the eccentric load curve to select. To design a good progressive die, other than the main components, there are many other agencies, designers should choose different depending on the circumstances knot dig. A progressive die design of complex parts Luxury Division fixture of Chengdu Institute of Aviation Instrument Chen Liya refrigerator thermostat mounting plate is an important part,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as shown in Figure l complex shape of the part on which both the core hole and Flanging hole, forming part of another and bending parts. According to the traditional processing methods, were in the red shield should die, forming die bending die and several sets of molds on the processing to complete. Thus, parts are not repeated because of instrument positioning and deformation, resulting in the accumulation of larger plan is poor, and the operation very convenient. Is - &, change in the multi-bit processing on a continuous mode. According to this design philosophy, design jJ =; the Taiwan reasonable layout map, and set juice out of multi-station progressive die. Succeeded in efficient production of l 『qualified parts. Second,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the design of graph layout diagram in a row while Arab Spring pry Rin Quebec, in seeking to make forming, punching, flanging, bending, punching and other processes will be reasonable shape at the same time, minimize the number of working steps. Figure 2. I. The first step t work positioning hole punch and cut. Distance fixed by pins to ensure the feeding place, and guided by guide pins are three E to improve the accuracy of fixed pitch. Cool in the insertion process, the material should contain each other in the strip on the deep drawing, material positioning holes will be led by Pina term deformation. The strength of pins has also been a serious threat, given its population from a big disadvantage. To this end trim hibiscus on the strip and Tools 1989. N0l total 957


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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