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6. climbing boot Christian Boots

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Peony of Shang Hucheng world, asinine friend is admired in all,Use environment: - 5-20 is spent, winter is inactive, january activity, every time 1 - 2 days of journeys. Give attention to two or morethings now and then bivouac of summertime outskirts,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], park. 1. Tent: Settle on LUXE(Luo Ersi) Habitat live away from home person two-men exceeds light tent house to say cent 1 generation and 2 generation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], what difference does both have? 2. Fill air cushion oneself: Magic square of Airwaves sea sound 120 suit are full-length 180cm, thick 2.5cm (belt aerate pillow) Airwaves goes alone series of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct fills air cushion 180cm automatically, 2cm is thick. Buy gas block again even? Above 2 which a few more convenient? Fill air cushion and moistureproof mat oneself which convenient, practical? 3. Knapsack: Preliminary settle on VAUDE Ward 65+10 4. Sleeping bag: Velveteen of S203107 M/L of day stone spring is combined. Cite:Fund name: Spring fund size: Inside S203107 M/L in dimension: M date 76cm*203cm, series of L date 81cm*213cm: Bivouac series is comfortable temperature: - 8 �� fill: Go up a 90/10 entrance duck's down is fleeciness spend 650; to issue a weight of fill of of INVISTA4 Kong Mian: On M date piece 410g, issue a date of 200g/ �O; L to go up a 440g, issue a 200g/ �O gross weight: M date 1370 grams, l date 1500 grams fabrics: Polyester fibber grid expects in cloth 290T: Slide fastener of 300T of polyester fibber taffeta: Locks of 5 belt of Shuang Kaishuang Pan buckle YKK �� : ITW structure: On piece echelon establishs line, leave a specification of the bag outside crisscross of double deck parallel: 22cm*46cm,Habitat live away from home person very classical! ,Airwaves the distinction that one manufacturer is ply and length only sees oneself need do manual work same,Knapsack and price of sleeping bag sex are compared pretty good,Furnace head Camp4,6. climbing boot: VASQUE CALDERA GTX 7444 appears this a bit some lighter. 7. Assault garment: Blackyak 1JK99 0706 is dismountable catch the bravery inside cloth with soft nap 8. Headlight: Headlight of double illuminant of bright Explor-201 of homebred SUNREE Shan Ruichao is pretty good,Buy equipment to search small new QQ286218626,Yuan Tie by D0od at 2008-3-30 16:06 publish 8. Headlight: What I buy headlight of double illuminant of bright Explor-201 of homebred SUNREE Shan Ruichao is this one, shuang Guangyuan, feel him use is not big, it is to use dipped beam when road taking night, and dipped beam has 2 bulb only, what still do not know as the L50 that buys his home oneself say is right incorrect,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the brick that gathers bit is patted,What code does sleeping bag size use? 7 buildings: Is your net inn in? Wait for me to search good value to be contacted with you again.

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