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ed hardy nederland . The calculated

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Based on Pro / E's elbow injection mold design

Point. Hydraulic, pneumatic and hydraulic core pulling is oil, compressed air for pumping the core driving force of the piston through the cylinder or cylinder reciprocating movement to achieve core pulling, typing and reset action. The advantage is that the size and strength Pulling Pulling time may need to decide, Pulling force, smooth transmission, but it requires special hydraulic or pneumatic structure, high cost. Pulling the main motor body core pulling angle pin type, rotary screw ring, rack and pinion. It Pulling force, with a flexible, convenient, high efficiency, easy to implement fully automatic operation, and does not require additional equipment, etc.,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], therefore,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it is widely used in core-pulling mechanism to set the injection mold. No body can thread Pulling Pulling angle pin type. To simplify the mold structure, core pulling thread rack and pinion can be used core pulling mechanism. 3.3.1 core pulling angle pin design considerations of travel of the mold core pulling large tilt angle pin angle a is taken as 258, non-threaded part of the core pulling away from the S1 to 42.29ram. Angle pin length: L = d3tga / 2 + h/c0sa + S1/sina + (10 ~ 15). Where, d an angle pin diameter; h for a fixed angle pin plate thickness, whichever is 60ram. Working segment angle pin diameter: d = qF ~ L10.1 【a] COSOt. Where, LW bending angle pin of a lever L = 28mm;】 - Allowable bending stress (take 137MPa). The look-up table calculated: F = 3267.95N; d = 26mm; L: 187 ~ 192mm. Finally completed the basic size of angle pin shown in Figure 4: 3.3.2 rack and pinion core pulling one end of the plastic parts for the screw holes, set screw core. Thread core size is calculated as follows: Do = [d. (1 + s) +3 J0_6; D: [df (1 + s) + c】; 2009: ~ 11 (Total 103) MOULD & DIEPROJECT Die Engineering 83 laps 4 angle pin basic size P = P (I + S) 6d. Where, D. Core diameter of a thread; D core of the diameter of a thread; do ~ thread diameter; dr a thread diameter; 6 an error; P 'core pitch of a thread; P Plastic Screw Thread; Ⅱ a plastic thread OD tolerance; c a plastic thread diameter tolerance; S, the average plastic mold shrinkage. The calculated: d1 = 26.730 【l7I; d2 = 24.6001ol35; P. = 1.99560.1; Lj = 34.724; L22. Il3: L = 20.246o ~ designed threaded core shown in Figure 5, rack and pinion threaded core pulling mechanism shown in Figure 6 -F---/l1 『=] a, on: l ~ 1 Figure s core structure threaded rack and pinion is a core pulling thread rack, gear components, which rely on a model power promoting the halogen work wheel drive mechanism. Rack fixed to the fixed mold, it is not the upper part of the tooth, only the lower half of gear. In order to improve core pulling speed, an increase of 84 Die Engineering MOULD & DIEPROJECT2009 ~ E 11 (Total 103 a bunch of gear transmission. To avoid interference and non-threaded core, non-threaded core out only after 23cm. The installation In the dynamic simulation on the rack on a gear shaft I I teeth meshing with the rack to drive the gear shaft rotation, rotation along the shaft gear 2, this time, screw-type shaft gear 2 and the long gear Ⅱ 3 engagement, to turn gears and exit out to achieve core pulling thread. 3.4 introduced the design of institutions putting in diameter shall meet: d ≥ in the [(LQ) / (nE)】 plant 4. Among them, a safety factor (taken as 1.5); L of a push rod length (72mm); n number of roots of a plunger (take 6); Q a mold release.) 1 (9997.76N); E elastic modulus of a plunger (take 2.1x10Mpa). The calculated: d = 3. 8mm, take mandrel diameter of 4mm. 4 Conclusion The use of Pro / E software, changed the traditional concept of die design, allows for quick product design and mold design, but also allows designers to quickly modify the design of the mold, so that not only saves time and reduces costs,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also improve the quality of the product for the enterprise market and the upper hand to respond quickly to provide a reliable guarantee. a project reference agency 【1】 Jia Yun, Cheng Zhiyuan with. Practical Injection Molding Design Manual [M]. Beijing: China Light Industry Press, 2000 [2] Woo, WORKER,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], eds. Pro/EN6INEER3.0 mold design technology and practice. Electronics Industry Press,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 2007.2 [3] Fu Hongsheng ed. Plastic mold [M]. Beijing: Chemical Industry Press. 2006. 】


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

mulberry norge

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