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Talk about how we educate our children

Talk about how we educate our children Case a: a relative at home, children a year old, son, it is naughty, rummaging in the house all day, made seven or eight bad. Parent classes, many children with its grandparents. Early pro-children once funny fun, suddenly to children Shuaqi spleen, and its suddenly a force pushing the child,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], turn to, but also could not help but blame a few complaints. Non-stop crying child fell to the ground, propped up quickly grandmother, but also to coax another hold, this hold the little guy, its a little distressed, but not see the heart and Huijiu. All life in the face of pressure from work, the young father who did not know a few have patience and leisurely To share with children, and both multi- is the heart of a child, when there is good to play tease hold to meet their father for the pride and vanity. Behaved when terribly upset, and anxious to hurry away, which will also psychological. Only the old for the young patient will have this clean up this mess, and only in their eyes will be important the next generation than our own. Now the young father feel very selfish to do, (the child is not fully sensible of the time) could even be said to be excessive, just like the child as their own fun tools in general, when used one with good heart, good mind to throw aside to the children virtually to order a dispensable item. Examples of two: a friend, husband, classes, every weekend was a rare back together , usually is at home with children over her own child. That occasionally her to witness how she treated her children take care of the whole process. Little guy is a daughter, can absolutely not worse than children, even children jumped even more than mischief skin. More than two years old, and fed her a meal but also pro-chasing Lillian ran a bell have not yet finished eating, the meal has long been cool. Things in the room to see what action is what, just pick up a good thing all of a sudden she \Take her out to eat even more trouble sitting still, in the hotel restaurant to run, get something, see fear. Walk outside the spirit of a high degree of tension was, always beware of getting lost. Do not say she was too naughty this child, friend was very upset, naturally not much good spleen. In the day time that I saw her many times to scold and beat children (of course not really hard to play), children naturally crying, but still followed her, pestering her. I can not see past a little, they said a child Well, not sensible quite normal, which a child is not so lively that is a good thing ah. Friends gave me about another thing, once a child she really hit her students will take the hanger, only to discover after the article was actually from a scar. May start with a point of emphasis, and since then the real thing she no longer dared to play her. She must have a little regret, after all, their children,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], playing in the children, the pain in your mother heart. Friends, in fact, not easy, not edge, jealously guarding their availability, the daughter is the only sustenance. Heart is not good, sometimes it is inevitable the children will send, which is the parent most likely to commit many mistakes. This makes me think of a friend once said a word, when talking about reproductive problems in his spare time, I could not given trouble with children is also quite good with a heavy heart, a friend has said, children do not have any naughty sensible when inevitable, normal, not a child the same way we came, he said, although sometimes children will make you hurt upset, but because of adding a lot of fun for my family. Friends are married, have two children more than three years old, he said this time, unlike some of the young parent with children would only complain about the trouble, the responsibility to try to push their children, but filled with a pale face satisfaction and happiness. I do not know how many young children causing trouble in the face of the father will have him so open when pregnant, can be said to condone such an attitude and proud, never too cumbersome a burden had been pretty good . Some are even worse, their lives at work or by a sense of a problem, not to vent the heart in children. How innocent children, no reason for a scapegoat. That much better word, we are not the same way a child came to be? We want to be easier said than done with the Father? And now we face our next generation, the face of their own \In saying \Moreover, children's innocence and the juvenile and the most interesting value is the most valuable treasure, why not try for a different perspective and attitude to treatment? Perhaps the problem with children much easier. And if you really do not have the patience, the fertility problem should be carefully considered, and any thing is definitely necessary price. Children not our fun tool, but not our vent alternatives. Three examples: bus, a very noble and fashionable dressed middle-aged women , seems to be a family of money. While sitting around a year-old girl is her daughter, also a noble and decent dress, gave a glance of a bright feeling. I sat opposite them, heard the girl often asked various questions to her parents, she was like a pro did not hear, and a look indifferent God, Li Buli look. Girls face showed rather disappointing disappointed God,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but did not dare to open up, usually about her fear of her parents are kind of feeling. Then I thought, as a pro, in the face of the child's curiosity should be the best solution and satisfaction is, so as not to lose their frustration knowledge, and how could so not cold not? Dress from their point of view and should be home in a rich life, should not need to worry about life, how could she so did not mind? At that time, my heart is,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], of doubt, until long after the accident to find out. Always thought that women had a child, you can replace everything, including, in fact, is wrong. Although the life of a child in a woman occupies an important position, but in the eyes of a woman or a really the most important find, a really care. Children can be diluted from the women a sense of hope in this respect, it does not mean there will be no, but on the bottom of my heart. So, at some point, when the female is too empty in the sense of time, and the boy has no effect in the role of angle; So that woman can act previously been understood. When she received flowers and applause and endless wealth and status, can not be that she is a woman looking for happiness where the real and the guardian of a rich family far more than run a poor family is more difficult, you have to make the appropriate sacrifices, for all out for non-closure is only an eye, one eye, ask how many hearts this time, proud of woman and satisfaction. Career in the women's life, a sense of anything is absolutely irreplaceable, including money, including children. Four examples: rental neighbor just gave birth to a child, was more than six months of , often let her teenage daughter was holding cajole, but hold back when hungry, feed about milk, just like breast-feeding tools. She do? Every day and do not soak in the mahjong table, money. A strange melancholy, what our children? Parent that many of the children born on it, or simply the desire is to meet the father of grandchildren, is not very much care after birth, or simply to older children throw themselves to the sanction or diffuse, and happy for a relaxed, so that indeed a validation of the \Look at the parent of a young side with a few things by hand with a child is growing up, teach him to walk, talk, literacy and learning. Of course to make a living, and that conditions may not have the time to do so, but even in conditions of families are rare. Young suffered multiple heart never want to tie him down, the children will not be admitted to their hearts as the best reason. The child to the old and in fact there are many drawbacks, the first of the old do not pay attention,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in health diet Calif; Secondly, the old body is not good, with children very difficult and many things did not comprehensive enough; Furthermore, the old the child when the treasure of the heart out of a female will make it keep a lot of bad habits, the latter is difficult to change; there, the old old , and inevitably screwed anyway, a negligence may cause irreparable fault there; and the old level of knowledge is limited, you want the boy to learn long basic education is impossible. That these are not intended to belittle and reject the old, but it is true, I believe they also have experience. Remember at home, they hear a child speaking in such and such is always interested in studying in primary school truancy, but also to the things he often complained to the school, the teacher has taught many times can that is useless, young age of the A small thing such as social mix. May all strange children? Both his father go out to work, no discipline, grandparents are old, not care too busy. Warm in a lack of parenting and teaching children the family grew up, there will be no surprise that situation. Look at the little old left \Today, on this brilliant? If you want your child is not too general, grow up to be out of place, something, the best is to personally take him and educate him, effect would certainly be much better. Of course, this is the need to work to pay, a long time and hard work,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not just one day semi-evening thing. And you are willing to return after a short lifetime of toil to enjoy, or are willing to return after being better than the hard to see the will of your own mind. I remember in a book read, the most important thing is to teach children in 1 - 3 years old at this stage, because the child's thinking is gradually shaped and naive, and this time you impart some of their right to do the reason is very easy for his monasteries, and raised Some good learning, or one of his students played a decisive role. Unfortunately, during this most difficult time with a child when the parent is often to avoid the view, so that seniors care to miss the best opportunity of education is to never be able to make up for it. Fact, easy to raise children is difficult baby, born to a life of its responsibility. We are not to continue the family line and the birth, nor to a sense of security and growth, but for this life a better life had let him come to this world. If we can not give him a good living conditions, not well educated him, that and keep an animal What is the difference, in addition to food and drink grew up. Look at the rich side, busy life is not open every day, a few will be time to raise the children, care for your child's long. Some of the conditions on the outside with the family relied on learning from the bad, to go astray, deceive the father also, the other discovered too late. These can be said to ultimately have a parent's fault, because of busy lives to children's long-neglected in the critical period could not be correct guidance and education, it is easy for society into the minds of some bad practices, and take the road of no return. This is a bit like, always wanted to get more money to fill, so you can earn money when they lose some of the more valuable things, and never retrieved. Fact, the reason why we work so hard without complaint, in addition to his father, not just to our children, to make their future better life that the parent would prefer to do their own suffering involved, but also do not want their children to be hurt a little bit aggrieved, if we can not pay them to achieve the desired results even in obtaining the appropriate at this time what would you think? Do all come to naught! Education is important to find the child on the way, a correct way of education. The use of the wrong way a lot more outrageous only wrong, farther and farther away from the intent. Or not the child in question, the parent also many benefits from their own point of view to think the problem, the feeling is a bit selfish. We forget that it is a life, there will be thinking of his own feeling and ideas, can never be attached to us. Father is at best give some advice and insights,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but they can not completely replace the child to choose, not to the arrangements and decisions from our hands the way their students, it is inevitable. In, the parent of the child's education is almost always going to extremes, or spoil their children too much attention to female, or is too much neglected and indulgence, so that children the kind of fend for themselves. Some even a despotic power, shouted \ General, they too are mostly for children of various kinds of pets and a source of distress, like the examples I and II are in fact examples of their hosts , and if at first you do not let kids keep these bad habits, you will not have the back so hard. Great to see kids crying they saw on a very, very nervous, and quickly is the last lap. Do not think that children are not naive, in fact, thinking of the subconscious under the bud would allow him to understand many things, he would like to hold a crying there, looking out of a kid was great feeling of closeness, the total will always want to hold to cry in exchange for this \Especially what he wants you not to cry you give him, he would think if one can cry to what you want to, you'll longitudinal him, so the next time a little more powerful but also much noise . When he was vexatious, you do not give him a little, \Of course, thinking the child will probably also do not want to be so comprehensive and complex, but he can definitely be perceived. As soon as you start to \And if once allowed as customary, in order to change over is a very difficult task. Habits, like the terrible thing is so, so hard to get rid of, which as we have a habit for some will be difficult to stay away from the same. How will the children cry about the fact, so anxious parent to worry about? Children crying tired enough trouble sleeping naturally, as large as the total can not sing a long monologue, unless you're contributing to the side, \the wind stir the ignition. \ Remember studying in school when the teacher heard a student comes to class status of the child's education, said she fell to the ground even if the child kept crying and will not go help look, and let her cry her enough to get up. You will say that this pro-hearted it? This is a real pro and most great. Needless to say, as parents are definitely feel bad, no one is cold animals, why are not Qufu it? Children long for the sake of the future, let childhood habit of raising an independent self-reliance, after the society to adapt and survive it. Father does not know how many there will be some kind of \Shique side is more powerful wrestling fall, or even never recovered. Read in a magazine article said the first time a female university students leave home to enter the gate is not even wash clothes, because at home I usually wash the parent, it is absurd and pathetic. There are many children waited at home is the parent to leave the embrace of feminine arm could not survive with examples, which are reflected what is harmful and sometimes the father. Remember a newspaper said in a kiss of a book on how to teach congenitally blind daughter of his story, book was published, it is a sensation. Speaking of such a fragment which, because low self-esteem, when her daughter after getting sensible, the difficulties in life, all kinds of trouble when her daughter often thought of countless times back, or even thought about taking the road to ruin children of their parents to break the hearts of this study, tightly covered with a pillow intentionally nose of their daughter, but to let it breathe, suffer more and more unbearable as the pain of life, the daughter of desperate resistance, struggle, the pro-Bu Songshou still,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the two are out of a sweat, until The key moment of the last two are collapsed to the ground, is let go. Daughter in tears, pro also in tears. Daughter is in tears after suffering the death of that call on the issue of life and treasure and the heartfelt desire was quite understanding of the pro-pro is a distressed tears, guilt, sadness and helplessness, that there is a kind of pro- enrichment. Since then, her daughter and never giving up of life. I do not know who do not see this kind of attitude will, I think this is the best method, because only in the pro-death experience had resolutely put an end only after the fear out of this concept, never before or never tried in the Yueyue test will have a heart, never again repeat the same mistakes are likely to inadvertently. How many parents have racked his mind came up with such a method to encourage children to survive to fight ah, it is commendable of all Praise. If the actions of the pro side are already hard-hearted can not do that, then the pro-world behavior is not a must have. Have something right, accused of playing a pro, and sometimes cruel to the child must point, in fact, most children the most. In the treatment of the parent if the child's education can learn about the two parents, the child must have Bucai immune. Unfortunately, they mostly fall into the error of a female child, and bear more children the long wrong. I admire the way the education of their children that focuses on training the purpose of independence, the ability to self-improvement, more emphasis is practical, rather than more emphasis on education in some of the written content. When the children are very young they will spontaneously organize the children to outside activities, expedition, accompanied by parents are not allowed, on their own hands to survive. Children learn in a variety of practice has been long in the society they grow up into a valuable wealth of experience. Everyone knows, this is the military doctrine of a strong family, is the kind of life and death do not hesitate to Zuli Yi can throw without any complaints that species, and this is inseparable from their home education. Give children an early age such as instilling a strong Ka Shing, the vicissitudes of family concepts are closely related with their own so that children can feel the sacred mission of deep and willing to give everything to achieve this desire, and they for the kids to to large temper more on the other hand promoting the progress in this area, which has always been based around the world can be strong in one of the reasons the international reputation of the bar. Indeed, children are flowers of the motherland, the motherland's future, a home for the next generation can be another example of the degree of concern reflected on the future development of a home how. In these respects, I feel we can not do bit far, but now they belittle the education and exclusion, but also lead to a vicious circle of education. Although we have been advocating nine-year compulsory education, the fact had not been put in place, not the parent can not afford for the time, but the children made a society \kinds of yearning of the heart, but the pressure from the school family so that they want to escape from the sea of books out. There are now many children are in primary school is not yet finished and some even gone to work abroad after graduating from school, the level capacity is limited, and ultimately, some broken flow naturally Competition, which also led to some irregularities in order to live appears. Today's wage earners are getting younger age of favor, out of society before the seventh-year-old also said that small, even thirteen-year-old is now fifteen-year-old to have been common not strange, this is where a potential crisis. How many generations did not enter school, when they parent, the culture does not have a certain level, quality and training, imagine how good can teach children to. Father does not necessarily accurate, certainly not more emphasis on education, resulting in the number of the next generation did not read the book, when the father again when the next generation, this history repeat itself right again. Thus, generation after generation, they created not related to the education forever. I remember once read a text, a village has never had the book for ten dollars a child took home the child was actually a Palestinian with a pin to the seam. You can imagine an idea that ignorance of the pro, but also how best to teach a child to? Miracle! The \When we, the child's parent is not in the blame, complaining that the child's Fucai, hate the iron is not steel, it should first review our own? Our children that should be the responsibility of educating to do it? Our educational method is correct? We have no more interest from the perspective of the child from thinking over problems, or just for their own desires? We did not give their children a better space for development? There did not stop and listened to their views, or the strength of the hard blindly? We are busy at the same time for life is ever cared about the child's long and can have concerns over their inner world? Did not have time not to mention the conditions, everything is borrowed, the time is come out to see you willing to do it. In fact, as our children have the same need is not too much material things, more of a spiritual concern. Look at the edge of the parent is not far away from children, no more than biased in favor of cells within, together with virtually the same age have a relative gap. Father to send out all kinds of things will always go back to compensate, in fact, regards and concern for the parent is most important, more than anything else, there are effective, and these, we have given it? Very strange, always elusive eyes and stared at some of the things waiting, can be readily available in the side but disdain given to pick up and to give. There is a saying \Reference to education, any event can not be born, although there are the so-called gift of the points, but at best only a foundation, as a martial arts has a strong physique, as if no effort acquired the transformation and , can not turn out to be a good martial arts, the same reason. Father, no one longing look female child dragon phoenix, not impossible, as long as you make yourself as good a qualified teacher, it must be a dream come true. Wonderful thing a parent would like to be able to speak a little heart for the children, the children can make a difference under the sun, a Lao Yun a harvest, Yun Lao day of sowing and harvest in the fall will be fruitful. Melt really really feeling good students always go, Mo sigh students who have pain and trouble.


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